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Quarantined: Virtual Beer Pong Championships –> OGP Qualifier Tournament Recap

Ocean Grown Pong (OGP) hosted a Virtual Beer Pong Championship’s qualifier tournament this past Saturday, July 18th.

The tournament was capped at 25 players and sold out with player representation from 9 U.S. States and 6 Countries from around the world!

This OGP qualifier introduced the X-Factor tournament format to the professional beer pong community and it did not disappoint. After a bit of a scramble to start from having to transfer the tournament over to the Zoom platform because of technical difficulties with using Facebook Rooms, the pods were underway!

IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: Due to the technical issues experienced, the Main Event of the Quarantined: Virtual Beer Pong Championships will now take place on Zoom instead of Facebook Rooms.

Round 1

Round 1 produced pod winners from Japan, Las Vegas, Indonesia and two players from California. 

Round 2

As the tournament progressed into Round 2, it seeded all players into new pods based on each players pod 1 standing. Though, the seeding is different than a traditional seeding structure. In this format, all players who placed 1st in their Round 1 pod were grouped together for their Round 2 pod. All players who got 2nd in Round 1 were grouped together for Round 2 and so forth through 5th place. This levels the playing field a bit for those players who may not have as much experience as others that are participating, thus allowing them a greater opportunity to advance deeper into a tournament than they may have otherwise done.

Round 2 produced pod winners from California, Chicago, Louisiana and two players from Washington state. 

These would be the players who would battle it out in the Final Pod of the tournament for rights to a qualified entry into the Q:VBPC.

The Final Pod

After a bit of controversy in Game 3 of the Final Pod, Daniel Osborne from Tacoma, Washington emerged victorious after a Game 5 win over Jacob D’Andrea! Jacob took 2nd place in the tournament.

Daniel’s cumulative record through all three Rounds was an outstanding 10-2, having beat his opponents by a combined 25 cups during that stretch. 

OGP Qualifier Winner: Daniel Osborne
Daniel Osborne wins qualified entry for BPONG.COM’s Quarantined: Virtual Beer Pong Championships.

Play in OGP’s Next Qualifier

Ocean Grown Pong will be hosting another qualifier on July 23rd at 6:00pm PDT to give players one last chance to earn a qualified entry into this weekend’s Quarantined: Virtual Beer Pong Championships

If you’d like to participate, please make sure you join the Facebook group (Beer) Pong Players of the World, follow Ocean Grown Pong and make sure you have created a Zoom account for yourself. 

This qualifier will also be capped at 25 players so REGISTER NOW to secure your spot!

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Virtual Beer Pong Championships: Registration Deadline Extended and Last Chance Bids!

The largest Virtual Beer Pong Tournament to date is just around the corner and we’ve extended the deadline to register! The new registration deadline for the Virtual Beer Pong Championships is July 23rd, 2020 at 12:00pm (NOON) CST

In light of the sold out Ocean Grown Pong (OGP) Qualifier that will take place this Saturday, July 18th, we’ve decided to give everyone a couple more shots at winning their way into the Q:VBPC!

OGP will be hosting their second Qualifier on July 22, 2020! On top of that, our generous sponsors at Throwing Chips Poker Club will also be hosting a game through the Poker Bro’s App (Club ID: 102534) and awarding a bid to the Q:VBPC to the winner! 

Qualifier Dates:
* Throwing Chips Poker Game – July 21st, 2020 @ 9pm EST
* OGP’s VBPC Qualifier – July 22nd, 2020 @ 6pm PST

Registration Deadline: VBPC – July 23rd, 2020 @ 12:00pm CST

Any questions about these qualifiers, the VBPC and/or anything beer pong related can be sent to [email protected]

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Quarantined: Welcome to Fantasy Beer Pong!

Want a piece of the action but are not able to play? We’ve got you cover! Fantasy Beer Pong is here! 
Fantasy Beer Pong? What the front door is that?

Quarantined: Fantasy Beer Pong

It’s essentially the same thing you’ve been doing for years with football, baseball, basketball and every other big league organization with one slight payout twist. The actual players on the winning owner’s roster will get paid too! 

To register, you simply need to go to BPONG.COM and purchase a ticket that will provide you ownership of a team. 

The Draft

Once all teams are accounted for, each of the 20 team owners will be invited to a virtual draft. A snake style draft will take place. The draft order will be randomized. Owners will fill their rosters with players participating in the Quarantined: Virtual Beer Pong Championships. A LIVE thread will be created on a BPONG.COM social media platform where each pick will be announced.


Each roster will consist of 5 players. All owners will earn 1-point for each win their players get throughout the tournament. All owners will earn 3-points for each pod win any of their players get throughout the tournament. One owner will earn 3-points from the final pod winner. One owner will earn 3-points for having the player with the best overall (cumulative) record. One owner will earn 3-points for having the Female player with the best overall (cumulative) record. Each team will have a total cumulative cup differential kept for tie-breaker purposes.

The owner with the most points wins! Not only will that owner receive a $500 prize, the players on his Fantasy Beer Pong roster will share a $250 prize too! The owner who finishes 2nd in the standings will receive a $250 prize. 

Become a Quarantined: Fantasy Beer Pong Owner

To compete for your share of the $1,000 Fantasy Beer Pong prize pool, it will run you $50 via BPONG.COM
Players who are participating in the Virtual Beer Pong Championships are welcome to become Fantasy Beer Pong owners too! 

For more details about Fantasy Beer Pong, Quarantined: Virtual Beer Pong Championships, The World Series of Beer Pong or anything beer  pong related, please visit us at BPONG.COM and our Facebook page or group!


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Virtual Beer Pong Championships: Platform, Setup and Requirements

Virtual Beer Pong Championships

If you plan on playing in BPONG’s Virtual Beer Pong Championships, below is what you need to know for the platform, setup and requirements.  Please read thoroughly and be ready to play!

Some of you may be more familiar with playing a game of beer pong online than others. However, we’ll be switching things up just a bit from what you may be use to!

Please make sure to familiarize yourself with what you’ll need to do to participate! 

Platform: Facebook Rooms

Initially, online play was primarily ran through the Skype platform but has more recently transitioned to the Zoom platform. Though both are viable options, there are some things that we can’t accomplish using Zoom or Skype – not being able to record each game being the most notable.

Utilizing Facebook’s new “Room” feature we will be able to not only record each game but live stream every game for all to view!

Here’s how it will work:

1) During each round of the Virtual Beer Pong Championships all players will enter into a group chat via Facebook Messenger with a tournament organizer and the other players in their pod. 

2) A random player, appointed by the organizer in each group chat, will create a “Room” in the (Beer) Pong Players of the World group. 

3) They will then invite and/or all of the other players in the pod to join the room to play all pod games. (Anyone can join unless settings are changed to restrict people from joining.) 

Players in each pod may decide whether they want to limit their room to just their pod players or allow others to actually join the room.

Having each game recorded will enable our ability to monitor everyone more closely. If something is called into question, we’ll be able to go back and look at what caused the dispute to better assess the situation.


  • All players must have their own connection. If you are in a location where multiple players are participating, each player will need to have a device and equipment of their own. 
  • All players must find a recording angle that includes their entire playing area. The entire playing area can be defined as your full table and the immediate area around it. (1 foot to all sides) 

The goal is to provide a view for your teammates and opponents that does not obstruct the flight of the ball and eliminates blind spots where someone could be dropping the balls in from above, out of view from the camera. 

The angle should also provide a view slightly above the rim of the cups. (Your camera should not be cup height or below.) Your teammates and opponents should be able to see the ball go in the cup. 

  • After each made shot, you must pull your own cup prior to the next shot being taken. You must show the ball in the cup, upon pulling the cup, prior to reaching into the cup to remove the ball. 
  • Prior to playing in this tournament, please find an angle that will pass a camera setup inspection if someone requests one.

If you have questions about whether your camera setup is acceptable, please feel free to reach out to [email protected] to have it verified at least 2 days prior to the tournament.


All players must have an Official BPONG table or a generic table of equal dimensions.

All players must have Official BPONG cups. The older clear BPONG cups will not be accepted. White BPONG cups must be used. 

All players must have Official BPONG racks.

If you do not have the needed equipment to participate in this tournament, you may order everything from BPONG.COM/SHOP to get yourself ready! Please order any needed items as soon as possible to ensure it arrives in time.

If you have any questions about these set up requirements, please feel free to reach out to [email protected]!


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Quarantined: Virtual Beer Pong Championships’ $10K prize pool increased!

Thanks to a generous sponsorship from Throwing Chips Poker Club, we are excited to announce an addition to the Quarantined: Virtual Beer Pong Championships prize pool! 

Founded by a group of first generation beer pong players, Throwing Chips Poker Club was excited to see the new tournament format (and a large prize pool) during a time when we’ve all been deprived of any major beer pong tournaments. With 48 paid spots, there’s a substantial amount of opportunity to cash in this event, but none of those spots were exclusive to our female players. 

Throwing Chips Poker Club has changed that! With their contributions to the event, we will be adding a $250 prize to our payouts, which will go to the female with the best overall (cumulative) tournament record, pushing our paid spots to 49! That’s nearly half of the field, as registrations are capped at 100 players.

Show your appreciation to our sponsor by downloading the Poker Bro’s App and using Club ID: 102534. All new players get a 20% deposit bonus.

Throwing Chips Poker Club


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PONGDEMIC: A Virtual Beer Pong Experience

June 24th, 2020. It’s currently 5:00pm in Las Vegas, Nevada – Home of The World Series of Beer Pong, an event that has taken place annually since 2006. Right at this very moment is when the first Side Event for The WSOBP XV was originally scheduled to start.

In an alternate universe, those of you who earned the opportunity to be appointed a Captain for The WSOBP 6v6 Draft had just spent your day in the owner’s poolside cabanas drafting your squads alongside some of your best friends from around the world that you don’t get to see very often. There was endless sunshine, bottomless beer buckets and frozen drinks with the little umbrella.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to have that day together as planned this year and we are not about to call your squad to its tables for your first 6v6 match-up.

While we are still uncertain as to the new dates when we will be able to host The World Series of Beer Pong, we have put together a first-of-its-kind virtual event to help hold everyone over!

BPONG.COM is proud to announce the largest virtual beer pong tournament to date!

The Quarantined: Virtual Beer Pong Championships will pay out $10,000 in prizes!

Tournament Details: 

  • Dates – July 24th – 26th, 2020

  • Prize Pool – $10,000
  • Paid Prize Spots – 48
  • Registration Fee – $150 per player
  • Registration Cap – 100 Players
  • Registration Deadline – July 17th, 2020 8:00pm CST 
  • Rules – Official WSOBP 
  • Rules Link –
  • Equipment requirements: BPONG table, BPONG (white) cups and racks. (Approved table of same dimensions is ok.)
  • Organizer Incentives – (See Below)

  • Set up and Connection requirements: (See Below) 
  • Minimum Tournament Games – 8 per player
  • Maximum Tournament Games – 16 per player
  • Format: X-Factor (Doubles)

X-Factor Explained: 

X-Factor is a format that not only balances the playing field but also isolates the player who is making the biggest impact on games. Making the biggest impact does not always equate to who is putting the ball in the cup the most. X-Factor rewards the player who finds a way to win regardless of who they are playing with or against!

For this specific tournament, pods of 5 are formed throughout 4-rounds of competition. All players will participate in Round 1 and Round 2. (8 guaranteed games)

In every round, players will play 4 games. Players will rotate teammates and play one game with each player in their pod. Players will play against each player in their pod twice. Game records (W/L/CD) are kept individually. After all games are completed, the player in each pod with the best overall record and cup differential is considered the “X-Factor” and the winner of the pod. 

Structure & Advancement Explained: 

  • Round 1: (Friday, July 24th – 8:00pm PST)

    The first round will consist of 20 pods. 

    Each pod will consist of 5 players.

    Each player will play 4 games.

    Pod assignments will be randomly generated.

    All players will advance to Round (2) and be seeded based on their Round (1) pod standing.

    All players who take 1st Place within their pod will receive $150. (20 Players)
  • Round 2: (Saturday, July 25th – 8:00pm PST)

    The second round will consist of 20 pods.

    Each pod will consist of 5 players.

    Each player will play 4 games.

    Pods will be seeded based on where each player finished in their Round 1 pod.

    All 1st Place finishers will be in four 5-player pods.

    All 2nd Place finishers will be in four 5-player pods.

    All 3rd Place finishers will be in four 5-player pods.

    All 4th Place finishers will be in four 5-player pods.

    All 5th Place finishers will be in four 5-player pods.

    The winners of each pod advance to Round 3. 

    Round (2) pod 1, 2, 3 and 4 winners receive $250. (4 Players.)

    Round (2) pod 5, 6, 7 and 8 winners receive $200. (4 Players.)

    Round (2) pod 1, 2, 3 and 4 second place finishers receive $50. (4 Players.)
  • Round 3: (Sunday, July 26th – 6:00pm PST)

    The third round will consist of 5 pods.

    Each pod will consist of 5 players.

    Each player will play 4 games.

    4 of the 5 pods will be seeded with one winner from each tier of pods.

    Meaning, a winner from each of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place pods will compose each pod.

    1 of the 5 pods will be a redemption pod. It will consist of all the four second place finishers from the top tier pods. It will also include ONE second place finisher with the best overall record from the second tier of pods.

    Round (3) pod winners advance and receive $350. (5 players)
    Round (3) second place finishers receive $50 upon their elimination. (5 players)

  • Round 4: (Sunday, July 26th – 9:00pm PST)

    The fourth and final round will consist of 1 pod.

    The pod will consist of 5 players

    Each player will play 4 games.

    Pod winner receives $1,250.

    Pod second place finisher receives $500.

    Pod third place finisher receives $350.

    Pod fourth place finisher receives $250.

    Pod fifth place finisher receives $150.

    Best Cumulative Individual Record/CD – $500.

Set up and Connection Requirements:

  • Must have Official BPONG table, (white) BPONG cups and BPONG racks. (A generic table of the same size and dimensions of a BPONG table is ok upon approval.)
  • Entire table and playing area must be visible at all times. (Table, player and the area behind the table showing it’s clear from all people.)
  • No shared connections unless your partner is playing in the same game.
  • Must show all cups being empty prior to starting.
  • Players must pull their own made shots.
  • Players must show made shots prior to removal.
  • Must join our Facebook Group – (Beer) Pong Players of the World 


  • Each pod will enter into a Facebook Messenger group chat with an organizer.
  • After each game is completed, the winners will report the score in the group chat.
  • If there is a score discrepancy it must be addressed at the time the score is submitted to the group chat.
  • Players will individually accumulate a Win/Loss record with a cup differential that will determine their placement within their pod.


  • The player with the higher head-to-head win/loss/cd receives the higher placement. 

Rule Adjustments:

  • Bouncing is worth 1.
  • Stalling distractions are not permitted.
  • All other rules should be interpreted, played and enforced as they would be during a live event.

Organizer Incentives:

  • 5 spots are available to establish organizers who might be interested in becoming more involved in this event!
  • Apply to receive discounts on tournament entry to host qualifiers.
  • Receive a cash bonus if the tournament sells out!
  • Interested organizers should reach out to [email protected] ASAP, as this opportunity will go fast!

Prizes: ($10,000):

  • Round 1: ($3,000 Total)
    • 1st Place Pod 1 – $150
    • 1st Place Pod 2 – $150
    • 1st Place Pod 3 – $150
    • 1st Place Pod 4 – $150
    • 1st Place Pod 5 – $150
    • 1st Place Pod 6 – $150
    • 1st Place Pod 7 – $150
    • 1st Place Pod 8 – $150
    • 1st Place Pod 9 – $150
    • 1st Place Pod 10 – $150
    • 1st Place Pod 11 – $150
    • 1st Place Pod 12 – $150
    • 1st Place Pod 13 – $150
    • 1st Place Pod 14 – $150
    • 1st Place Pod 15 – $150
    • 1st Place Pod 16 – $150
    • 1st Place Pod 17 – $150
    • 1st Place Pod 18 – $150
    • 1st Place Pod 19 – $150
    • 1st Place Pod 20 – $150
  • Round 2: ($2,000 Total)
    • 1st Place Pod 1 – $250
    • 1st Place Pod 2 – $250
    • 1st Place Pod 3 – $250
    • 1st Place Pod 4 – $250
    • 1st Place Pod 5 – $200
    • 1st Place Pod 6 – $200
    • 1st Place Pod 7 – $200
    • 1st Place Pod 8 – $200
    • 2nd Place Pod 1 – $50
    • 2nd Place Pod 2 – $50
    • 2nd Place Pod 3 – $50
    • 2nd Place Pod 4 – $50
  • Round 3: ($2,000 Total)
    • 1st Place Pod 1 – $350
    • 1st Place Pod 2 – $350
    • 1st Place Pod 3 – $350
    • 1st Place Pod 4 – $350
    • 1st Place Pod 5 – $350
    • 2nd Place Pod 1 – $50
    • 2nd Place Pod 2 – $50
    • 2nd Place Pod 3 – $50
    • 2nd Place Pod 4 – $50
    • 2nd Place Pod 5 – $50
  • Round 4: ($2,500 Total)
    • 1st Place Pod 1 – $1,250
    • 2nd Place Pod 1 – $500
    • 3rd Place Pod 1 – $350
    • 4th Place Pod 1 – $250
    • 5th Place Pod 1 – $150

  • Tournament Bonus: ($500)
    • Best Cumulative Individual Record/CD – $500

Tickets will go on sale on June 26th, 2020 at 11:00AM PST in honor of when Day 1 of The World Series of Beer Pong Main Event would have started!

More details about this tournament can be found on its event pages via BPONG.COM and social media.

Any questions about this event or anything relating to BPONG.COM or The World Series of Beer Pong can be directed to [email protected]!

– The BPONG Team

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The World Series of Beer Pong® XIII Recap & Final Standings

The World Series of Beer Pong® XIII


The World Series of Beer Pong® XIII stormed through Las Vegas this past July (2018), and will be coming back for more this summer (July 2019). There were more than enough fireworks on the 4th of July, when BPONG.COM® kicked off the tournament festivities by hosting the first-ever WSOBP® Draft Tournament inside Topgolf Las Vegas!

Throughout the following days, 10s of thousands of dollars were awarded through various tournaments beyond just The WSOBP® Main Event, including: Men’s & Women’s Randoms, Men’s & Women’s East vs. West, Men’s & Women’s Singles, as well as, a Co-ed Tournament, International Tournament, House Rules Tournament, and a Main Event Consolation Tournament.


Read on to see how each event played out!

July 4th, 2018 – 6v6 Draft Tournament

Location: Topgolf Las Vegas

6v6 Draft:

Players from around the world gathered at one of the premier sports venues in sin city. Captains were appointed by BPONG.COM® and the top players on the planet selected their squads, LIVE for the very first time in the history of The World Series of Beer Pong®.

An all-star panel of players and organizers hosted a Live Streaming Draft Show from the VIP level at Topgolf. Each selection was analyzed by some of the games brightest. Guests of the show included Captains, Drafted Players and BPONG/WSOBP Management.

The first overall pick came out of Crowley, Louisiana, in way of Seth Beglis, who was selected by Captain Steven Tremblay of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Captain TJ Rhone, of Bryans Road, Maryland, had the 8th overall pick in the draft and was able to assemble a team that he led to The WSOBP®’s first-ever 6v6 Draft Championship!

TJ’s team consisted of the following players (in drafted order):

1. Jason Mushinski – Westampton, New Jersey
2. Justin Redfield – Laurel, Maryland
3. Kurt Shores – La Plata, Maryland
4. Carlos Avila – Fishers, Indiana
5. Andressa Wainwright – Alexandria, Virginia


July 5th, 2018 – Men’s & Women’s Randoms,
Men’s & Women’s East vs. West, International Tournament

Location: Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino – Paradise Event Center



A Random Tournament consists of all participants not knowing who their partner will be upon entering the tournament. Player names are all thrown into a hat and partners are generated randomly through the luck of the draw.

On the Men’s side Cody Atherton of Lake Charles, Louisiana, and Cory Eggleston of Las Vegas, Nevada, topped Ethan Wald of Pahrump, Nevada, and David Feichter of Innsbruck, Tirol, Austria, for the Men’s Random Tournament Championship.

Jason Hershfield of San Jose, California, and Ross Hampton of St. Louis, Missouri, rounded out the cash spots in the Men’s bracket with a 3rd place finish.

Candi Squartsoff of Port Lions, Alaska, and Meagan Neary of Mesa, Arizona, defeated Sara Schauman of Livonia, Michigan, and Mo Weckner of St. Petersburg, Florida, to finish with an unblemished record and claim the Women’s Random Tournament Championship.

Priscilla Kusmierz of Phoenix, Arizona, and Heather Giardina of Langhorne, Pennsylvania, scooped up the rest of the cash in the Women’s bracket by securing 3rd place.


East vs. West:


The Men’s and Women’s East vs. West Tournaments place a restriction on partner pairings by limiting players to their choice of teammate based on which side of the Mississippi River they live on. Players may only team up if they live on the same side of the Mississippi River.


Greg Johnson of Federal Heights, Colorado, and Kevin Vaughn of Littleton, Colorado, fell just short of an East vs. West Title.  This year, a West Coast team, consisting of David Diaz of Los Angeles, California, and Casey Costa of San Jose, California, took home the win!


Team MAVA locked up the third place finish in the Men’s Bracket.


In the Women’s East v. West Tournament the tides rolled in favor of the East Coast as Melissa Perkins of Colorado Springs, Colorado, and Breanna Cordova of Aurora, Colorado, caught the short-end of the stick when they were beat in the Championship game of the Women’s East vs. West Tournament by Valerie Lasko of Bound Brook, New Jersey, and Cristal Lara of Hawthorne, New Jersey.


Candi Squartsoff of Port Lions, Alaska and Mariah O’Brien of Renton, Washington took home a 3rd place finish.




With the game of beer pong booming overseas, The WSOBP® has players from all over the world. Over 20 countries participated this year in The WSOBP® XIII Main Event!


The International Tournament allows players to participate only if they live outside of the United States.

This year, Nico Bose and Marcel Hasler of Germany were victorious over defending International Tournament Champions Manual Senfter and David Feichter of Austria.


Justin Swain and Mike Frank of Canada finished 3rd.


July 6th, 2018 – Main Event/Day 1 Prelims,
Co-Ed Tournament

Location: Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino – Paradise Event Center


Main Event/Day 1 Prelims:


The Main Event provides players with a guaranteed 12-prelim games. The preliminary play advances and seeds the teams into the Day 3 Playoff Brackets. The top 160 teams at The WSOBP® advance to the final day of Main Event competition.

On the first day of preliminary play at The WSOBP® XIII, 4 of each teams 12 prelim games are played. The following day, the remaining 8 prelim games are played for each team.




The Co-Ed Tournament at The WSOBP® is a crowd favorite. Each team must consist of one male and one female player!


Candi Squartsoff of Port Lions, Alaska, once again found herself in the money, and this time it was with Justin Spurrier of Henderson, Nevada. The pair was able to knock off another familiar face, David Diaz of San Jose, California, and his partner Charvel Redd-Shepard of Henderson, Nevada.

Cody Atherton of Lake Charles, Louisiana and Heather Mendez of Bernards, New Jersey, took the rest of the cash with their 3rd place finish.



July 7th, 2018 – Main Event/Day 2 Prelims,
Men’s & Women’s Singles, House Rules Tournament

Location: Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino – Paradise Event Center


Main Event/Day 2 Prelims:


Day 2 of The World Series of Beer Pong® is when things really start to heat up! Teams feel the pressure of having to win games or potentially run the risk of not making the cut for the Day 3 Playoff Brackets on the final day of competition.

Here’s a look at the Top 16 squads from the preliminary rounds:

Team Name (Record)(Cup Differential)

1. Bringing the heat (12-0)(+61)

  1. Brewtality – Presented by OGP (12-0)(+52)
  2. Blitzkrieg (12-0)(+41)
  3. On To The Next One (12-0)(+32)
  4. Get Hoff My Dick (11-1)(+56)
  5. mASSHOLES (11-1)(+43)
  6. Seamless Integration – Presented by OGP (11-1)(+42)
  7. Sh!t Happens When You Party Naked (11-1)(+39)
  8. Death Around The Corner (11-1)(+37)
  9. Yaaaas Kween! (11-1)(+36)
  10. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop (11-1)(+35)
  11. White Girl Wasted – Presented by OGP (11-1)(+34)
  12. Southern Heat (11-1)(+33)
  13. Sent From Below (11-1)(+31)
  14. Ultra instinct (11-1)(+31)
  15. Hermes Flew Miles to Deliver (11-1)(+24)



The Men’s and Women’s Singles Tournaments are the crown jewels of achievement among Side Event titles – It’s just you against the world! 1v1. Man vs. Man. Woman vs. Woman. There’s nobody to blame or carry you to victory besides yourself! This is where new players can really make a name for themself.

Donnie Jones of Warren, Michigan, beat Sven Anderson of Cape Coral, Florida, in the finals of the Men’s Singles Tournament to maintain a perfect 7-0 record and secure one of the toughest titles to win.

Jared Knierman of Odessa, Florida finished 3rd.


Heather Giardina of Langhorne, Pennsylvania, makes another appearance in the money by claiming her second WSOBP® Women’s Singles Title over another multi-tournament cash out player, Melissa Perkins of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Rachel Goldsmith of Stafford Township, New Jersey finished 3rd.


House Rules:


The House Rules Tournament at The WSOBP® is a tournament with common, party-like set of rules. Many new players may or may not find some of these rules a little more familiar towards how they’ve played at home or a friend’s place.

Bobbi and Jeremy Harrison won an all Washington state House Rules Tournament final, taking down Sean Ashe and Brandon Still.

Team “Just Met” finished 3rd.



July 8th, 2018 – Main Event/Day 3 Finals,
Main Event Consolation Tournament

Location: Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino – Paradise Event Center


Main Event Consolation:


Didn’t make the cut for the Day 3 Playoffs? No sweat, we’ve got you covered! The Main Event Consolation Tournament is for all the squads that placed below 160th after the first two days of Preliminary Play!

This year, we allowed Free Entry into The Main Event Consolation Tournament and gave away the very first set of WSOBP® XIV Bids for next year’s Main Event.

Jeffrey Griffiths of Kent, Washington, and Shawn Edge of Marysville, Washington, are the first to stamp their ticket into The World Series of Beer Pong® XIV after defeating Victor Cardenas of Phoenix, Arizona, and Maverick Langdon of Renton, Washington.

Anissa Garcia of Robstown, Texas, and Megan Morris of Jacksboro, Texas, finished 3rd.

Main Event/Day 3 Finals:


This is it!! The moment you’ve all been waiting for! It’s do or die, win or go home! All the money is on the table. Legacies are at stake and World Champions are to be made! The top 160 teams from the first two days of competition battle it out to see who will become the next World Series of Beer Pong® Champions!

After grinding through bracket play, Brewtality – Presented by OGP (Ross Hampton of St. Louis and David Talamantez of Austin, Texas), with a sparkling 20-0 record, were set to square off against Troop Unchained (Brandon Clarke of Bridgewater, New Jersey, and Matt Kein of Hillsborough, New Jersey).

Ross Hampton and Brandon Clarke both already had one World Series of Beer Pong® Championship Banner in the rafters at Westgate Las Vegas. David Talamantez fell just short of his first WSOBP® World Title at The World Series of Beer Pong® X, when he was defeated on the Final Table. It was Matt Kein’s first appearance on a WSOBP® Final Table.

After special guest and famed sports announcer Bruce Buffer properly introduced all Final Table participants, the games were under way. Troop Unchained came out swinging and took game 1 of a best-of-3 series. An opportunity to finish the job was not wasted. Troop Unchained swept the final series by claiming game 2 and handed Brewtality their first two losses of The World Series of Beer Pong® XIII.

Brandon Clarke becomes just the 3rd person to win multiple WSOBP® Main Event Championships and only the 2nd player to win it with 2 different partners! Matt Kein secured his first WSOBP® Main Event Championship!

A huge congratulations goes out to Brandon Clarke and Matt Kein of Troop Unchained for taking down the most lucrative beer pong tournament on the planet – The World Series of Beer Pong®!

Here’s how the Top 8 shaped up at this year’s WSOBP®:

1. Troop Unchained (19-2)(+56)
2. Brewtality – Presented by OGP (20-1)(+68)
3. Blitzkrieg (20-2)(+66)
4. Bringing The Heat (19-3)(+70)

T-5. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop (18-3)(+50)
T-5. Tie The Dicks (17- 4)(+49)

T-7. mASSHOLES (17-3)(+48)
T-7. TNT (Tipsy Not Trashed) – Presented by OGP (16-5)(+45)


If you’d like to participate in next year’s World Series of Beer Pong® XIV Main Event, July 3-7th, 2019, please visit (BPONG.COM/WSOBP) to register now!

Pro Tip: Take advantage of our Early Bird pricing and save BIG.

If you’ve got serious game, make sure you hit up one (or a bunch) of the hundreds of Satellite Tournaments that will take place around the world this season for your shot at winning a qualified entry into The WSOBP® XIV Main Event! Check out our events listing page to find a tournament near you! (

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Bruce Buffer Set to Return to Las Vegas to Crown The World Series of Beer Pong XIII Champions

Bruce Buffer Roars at The World Series of Beer Pong IV

Famed sports announcer and entertainer, Bruce Buffer, will be making his return to the sport of beer pong to crown the next World Series of Beer Pong Champions!  Buffer will be returning to announce the teams of the Championship Match on the Final Table at the 13th Annual Tournament, which boasts the largest payouts in beer pong history with total prizes expected to approach, if not exceed, $100,000 for the Main Event and various side events.  Buffer previously resided over the the beer pong mega event in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012.


“We are honored to welcome Bruce back to beer pong’s biggest stage,” said Billy Gaines, Founder & CEO of BPONG.COM and The World Series of Beer Pong. “It’s a competition unlike any other in the world and deserves an announcer that can do it justice. Thousands of competitors from different walks of life, ranging from doctors to teachers to college students, will come together for four days of thrilling competition and Bruce’s distinctive voice sets the stage for the final match up like no other.”


Thousands of beer pong enthusiasts from across the globe will flock to the 13th Annual World Series of Beer Pong tournament in Las Vegas this summer. Held for the third time at the renowned Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, The World Series of Beer Pong will take place Thursday, July 5, 2018 through Sunday, July 8, 2018.


Tournament play at the 13th Annual World Series of Beer Pong follows the official WSOBP rules, but in short, the game is one of skillful hand-eye coordination. During play, two-person teams stand at opposite ends of an eight-foot-long table, where ten 16-ounce cups, filled with water, are placed in bowling pin formation. Each team takes turns tossing beer pong balls (similar to table tennis balls) at their opponent’s cup formation. If the ball goes in a cup, that cup is removed from the game. The first team to eliminate all of its opponent’s cups wins.


Players interested in participating in the 13th Annual World Series of Beer Pong can register now at BPONG.COM/WSOBP. Open registration is currently available at an Early Bird price of just $285 per person until May 15th, 2018. (Full Retail Price is $295/person.) Registration includes a minimum of 12 games of play in the tournament. All participants and spectators must be 21 years or older with a valid ID. For more information, please visit BPONG.COM/WSOBP or  

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The World Series of Beer Pong® XIII Side Event Schedule

Last year we served the players at The World Series of Beer Pong® their largest helping of side events ever, and this year we plan on filling you up even more! Having exceeded over $20,000 in Side Event prizes at WSOBP® XII, The World Series of Beer Pong® XIII Side Event prizes will look to top $40,000!

With the emergence of The Best Of the MidWest 6v6 Draft Tournament quickly becoming a favorite amongst players, we’ve decided to shuffle the deck a bit and implement the first ever World Series of Beer Pong® 6v6 Draft Tournament to the line-up for WSOBP® XIII.

The WSOBP® Draft Tournament registration will both open and close a bit earlier than the rest of the 2018 side events in order to establish captains. The captains will be appointed by BPONG.COM™ and selected based on the skill levels of each registered player. Recent major tournament placements will be considered, as well as bid wins and overall career achievements.

A Live Draft party will be held poolside and streamed so you can follow all the picks as they happen! If you are interested in participating in The World Series of Beer Pong® 6v6 Draft Tournament, make plans to be in Las Vegas by July 4th, 2018! And to help you out, our hotel discounts at Westgate will have you covered on dates both leading up to and following the Main Event.

Beyond the exciting new addition of the 6v6 Draft Tournament, players will also find some of the new events we implemented last year that compliment the classic events that have been around for years! Head over to BPONG.COM/WSOBP for more information on the side events for The World Series of Beer Pong® XIII.

Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat for more on all things related to The World Series of Beer Pong®!!

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The biggest rule revisions in the history of The World Series of Beer Pong® are here!

A Brief History

When we first launched BPONG.COM™ in 2001, we never wanted to define the game of beer pong. Our goal was, and remains, to unite all beer pong players of the world by creating a platform through which the fans and players of the game could associate and help grow the game. As such, we never listed any official rules on our website.

Of course, when we created The World Series of Beer Pong five years later, with bigtime money at stake, we were forced to create official rules governing tournament play. We did seriously entertain the idea of creating several different diverse sets of rules and randomly selecting a different rule set governing every new round of games at The WSOBP®, but we realized that was not the best approach.

We literally spent over 100 hours trying to come up with the perfect set of rules not for all games of beer pong but for our specific tournament. These rules were not influenced by how we personally played the game. Instead, they were influenced by factors such as trying to run an efficient tournament, ensuring the people that traveled from all over the world would actually get a chance to play, and minimizing disputes.

By no means were the rules perfect; perfection will likely never exist. Nonetheless, the Official Rules of The World Series of Beer Pong have become the primary set of beer pong rules governing play for the largest and most serious beer pong tournaments in the world.

Why Make Changes?

As the prize payouts have grown over the years and the level of competition has increased, beer pong teams and players have exploited the official beer pong rules to the max, finding new ways to gain perceived advantages we never contemplated in a rule set that we felt was fairly black and white.

It is now time for some changes, changes that are long past due.

But let’s be clear: these changes are not inspired by any specific beer pong teams or players. Many of these changes were contemplated and almost made over 5 years ago, e.g., after WSOBP V or VI.

What’s changed?

Below is a summary of the more notable official beer pong rule changes, but of course, you should also review the revised Official Beer Pong Tournament Rules for The World Series of Beer Pong.

Leaning (Major Change)

Background on Leaning

The first major change is probably the most significant since it will have the greatest impact on how players will shoot the ball: changes will limit the amount of leaning in the game.

But first, let’s look back at why we even allow leaning at The WSOBP. When we announced the first WSOBP would take place in January of 2006, rules were much different. It was 2005, and leaning was just as common in the game as an elbow rule was at house parties - it just depended on which house party you were at and which rules the house was using on a given night.

The general public primarily played the game in one of two ways: (1) leaning is allowed; or (2) some type of no lean rule, such as an elbow rule, fingertip rule, or wrist rule. If all things were equal, we could have flipped a coin, but all things are not equal between the two options. Namely, option 2 (no-lean) opens up the possibility of more disputes over crossing a somewhat imaginary plane (i.e., the end of the table), while option 1 (leaning) removed this potential dispute.

And remember, there is a huge difference between playing beer pong amongst a group of your friends at your own house compared to playing against hundreds of people you do not know for tens of thousands of dollars. Disputes will happen with any set of rules, but we wanted to attempt to minimize these potential disputes as much as possible.

Why Change Now?

Original WSOBP rules required shooters to shoot with both feet on the ground. We removed this restriction when a player approached us at WSOBP IV or V and demonstrated how his partner shot on one foot. The shooter was perfectly vertical and was not on one foot to gain an advantage; he just felt balancing on one foot helped him focus on lining up his shot.

We never envisioned how skilled players would become at balancing on one foot to gain an exaggerated lean! It never crossed our minds they would even try! Yet some of the players have become so good at this technique, they’d rival a hot yoga girl (or guy) holding a Warrior 3 pose. While we admire this skill beer pong players have acquired, it looks ridiculous, especially as we are trying to grow the game by appealing to the masses, many of which do not generally allow leaning in any form these days.

We will consider holding a yoga contest if we receive enough interest from beer pong players wanting to continue perfecting their yoga skills.

The Changes

The key changes related to leaning include the following:

  1. Players must start their shots with both feet on the ground. Players may lift a foot only as part of a continuous motion once the player has started a forward-throwing motion of his/her shot.
  2. Players may not touch the table at all after a shot is released. This change will not only eliminate players “falling onto the tables,” they may not touch the table at all to regain balance.
  3. Players may not substantially move a table from its original position when shooting (or after a shot as part of a follow-through motion).

Read the full rules related to Leaning / the “Elbow Rule.”

Rollbacks (Major Change)

Background on Rollbacks

At WSOBP I, we allowed no rollbacks! It sucked! The theory was we knew teams would be coming from all over the place, and we wanted to ensure players actually got a chance to play the game. With the more common “endless rollbacks,” we feared a team could run the table without even giving a team a chance to shoot. We did not feel it was fair for a player to lose having barely shot when players paid good money and traveled from afar.

But rollbacks are fun. When rollbacks are in play, the second shooter always feels “that extra feeling” after the first shooter already hit a cup.

The solution was the “Pope’s Rule,” named after Dustin Pope, who suggested the 1-ball-rollback compromise.

When the playing field was more level in earlier years, players on a team more frequently shared the rollback shot. In more recent times, however, it is more and more common for only one player on a team to take all the rollback shots.

Why Change Now?

We always viewed beer pong as a team sport, and as such, we want all players on a team to contribute to that team’s success or failures.

The Changes

This change is short enough, it’s easy enough to just copy the full addition: “Either teammate may take the rollback shot. Neither teammate may take more than 2 consecutive rollback shots. Once two consecutive rollback shots have been taken by one player (makes or misses) the next rollback shot must be taken by the other partner.”

Read the full text of The Pope’s Rule.

Bouncing (Major Change)


The WSOBP has always allowed bounce shots but only counted them as the 1 cup they hit. Defensive players have not been permitted to swat bounce shots.

In contrast, the general population more often plays by allowing bounce shots to count as 2 cups, but defensive players are permitted to swat the shot. This adds an extra element of strategy to the game, e.g., defensive players must always pay attention, and offensive players can try to catch the defense off guard by taking a risk with a bounce shot.

The WSOBP allowed bounce shots without swatting for 2 reasons:

  1. Respect for the Past. We were inspired by our early years at a house party at the “soccer house” at which “some old guys” (i.e., alumni) shot every single shot by bouncing and insisted we not swat. We of course relentlessly made fun of them, but they insisted, “This is how we played 10+ years ago, so we want to play how we used to play.” Who were we to tell them they were wrong, especially when they played a decade or more before us? Allowing bounce shots paid respect to those old guys, whom of course we never saw after that one night.
  2. Balls Everywhere! We were concerned swatting balls would send balls everywhere and interfere with neighboring games at a large scale tournament.

Why Change Now?

Why not? Adding an extra layer of strategy should be fun. Furthermore, having run more than a few WSOBP events (and others), we’re less concerned about the “balls everywhere” problem.

And as for “paying respect to the past,” we did include an exception that allows a player to bounce without swatting by declaring at the beginning of the game s/he will bounce every shot.

The Changes

Bounce shots now generally count as 2 cups, and defensive players can swat bounce shots.

Read the full rules related to Bouncing Shots.

Distractions (Minor Change)


Distractions are fun, but they need to have some limits. Players should be able to fairly shoot the ball.

Why Change Now?

Common sense is not always so common, and again, players continue to push boundaries (and go past them).

The Changes

The rules relating to distractions have simply been clarified.

For example, some have questioned whether props are permitted. Of course they are! Props are fun! One of our favorite distractions of all time came from WSOBP I and involved props, namely a hotdog and hotdog bun, with which the player used a hotdog bun to, uh . . . pleasure a hotdog.

So now it’s clear: props are permitted, although don’t be stupid, respect all rules/laws, and organizers and venues have final say on what may or may not be permitted.

Read the full text related to Distractions.

Time Limit On Shooting (Minor Change)


Running beer pong tournaments requires balancing many factors - time, space, fair competition, staffing, and more. Running The WSOBP requires even more resources, costing hundreds of dollars per hour.

At the same time, shooting should be simple. Obtain a beer pong ball, line up your shot, attempt to shoot the ball into a cup.

Somehow, players began making this simple process a complex one that would often take minutes. This was great for all the staff getting paid overtime to keep the event running; this was not great for other players’ enjoyment of the game or our budgets.

The game has stationary cups that are located in the same place every single time you play. You have no physical obstacles to get through before having a clean look at whatever cup you are shooting at. Players should not be taking minutes to shoot a single shot.

At WSOBP VIII, we instituted the concept of a shot clock, giving players 30 seconds each to shoot each shot.

Why Change Now?

We aren’t changing much, but upon further consideration, 30 seconds is still a ridiculous amount of time for a shot, and furthermore, because of how the shot clocks operated, we usually implemented the shot clock by giving a team a total of 60 seconds to shoot both shots.

Players also sometimes argued that our rules stated a referee, in his/her sole discretion, could implement a shot clock, and it was therefore unfair for a referee to implement a shot clock, in his/her sole discretion, after the opposing team complained to the ref that a player was taking too long to shoot. Stupid? Yes. But we’ll hopefully help fix that.

The Changes

The revised rules clarify that a time limit on shooting may go into play if all players agree, if a referee imposes a time limit on shooting, or if a referee imposes a time limit on shooting after a request from a player.

The revised rules clarify that a time limit on shooting may go into play if all players agree, if a referee imposes a time limit on shooting, or if a referee imposes a time limit on shooting after a request from a player.

We also revised the time limit. If a time limit on shooting is imposed, each team will have 45 seconds to shoot both shots. The team will have 15 seconds to shoot any rollback shots.

Read the full rules relating to Time Limit on Shooting.


While our goal was never to define the official rules of the game, the competitive beer pong community and associated events we’ve built requires us to do so. As the game evolves and rules get interpreted in new ways, the rules need to be reviewed and updated on a more regular basis. They have not been updated in years, until now.

These updated beer pong rules may still be tweaked over the coming months for clarity, but we expect no additional major changes until after WSOBP XIII.

Whether you choose to utilize our official beer pong tournament rules as your personal “house rules” or not, we encourage you to get out and play! Who knows - you could be the next World Series of Beer Pong Champion!

Oh, and one last little thing - don't be surprised to see an official code of conduct, including penalties, creating itself sometime before WSOBP XIII.

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WSOBP XI Final Standings

After 3 days of intense competition, between ~600 beer pong players from across the globe, one team reigned supreme.  Congratulations to 3-time World Beer Pong champion, Michael Popielarski, and his rookie partner, Brandon Clarke, of team “History in the Making.”  Nicely done, gentlemen!

To all the competitors, Westgate staff, BPONG staff, and vendors/sponsors at this year’s World Series of Beer Pong XI, thank you for making this another great event.

Continue reading WSOBP XI Final Standings

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WSOBP XI Top Team Predictions – The Countdown is On!

With just 10 days to go until The World Series of Beer Pong XI, we are going to begin previewing some of the best teams that will be in attendance at this year’s main event by highlighting who we think has a good chance at ending up within reach of the top spot!

Continue reading WSOBP XI Top Team Predictions – The Countdown is On!

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Take your beer pong game to the next level!

Pro Interview

Many still think “binge drinking party game” when they hear “beer pong.” However, over the past decade we’ve developed an extension to that root, establishing a much greater value to the game. The World Series of Beer Pong has paid out over $500,000 in prizes through its Main Event. The WSOBP side events and affiliated organization’s competitive beer pong tournaments add a significant chunk of change on top of that $500K to total a substantial sum of cash that has been awarded to “professional” beer pong players all around the world.
Continue reading Take your beer pong game to the next level!

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Chemistry Counts

As The World Series of Beer Pong XI approaches (July 6-10th @ Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino) and players begin to lock in their partners for the event, there is a lot to consider.  Partner selection for a large, super-competitive event like The WSOBP is key.

As it turns out, chemistry still counts for something in beer pong. 

Continue reading Chemistry Counts

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Do you remember your first time?

WSOBP I Winners

Preparing for your first World Series of Beer Pong tournament can be difficult; especially, if you haven’t had the pleasure of attending one of our affiliate organization’s fantastic pong events beforehand.  We are going to give you all who don’t quite know what to expect a little insight on how to better strap yourself in to make the best of your experience at The World Series of Beer Pong!

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. It is very hard to describe the adrenaline that will rush through your veins when you walk into a Las Vegas Ballroom filled with hundreds of beer pong tables, see thousands of beer pong players and realize you are about to play beer pong for $50,000; even having already experienced it.  Therefore, trying to imagine what it will be like having never been before is nearly impossible.  The environment is one like you’ve never experienced.

In any case, the first thing to always remember is that you are there to have fun!  There will be teams that go 12-0 during preliminary play; there will be teams that go 0-12.  Nobody thinks they are going to lose every single game walking into the tournament but if it happens to you, take it with a grain of salt and you’ll still have an amazing time.

There will be unicorns and aliens walking around Westgate Resort & Casino that you won’t be able to recognize because they will look just like everybody else in the ballroom.  Though, if you feel like you may have been matched up against a pair of monsters during prelims, don’t get discouraged.  You could be playing a former World Series Champion or a player who has banked 10’s of thousands of dollars playing this sport over the last decade.  Focus up, play to the best of your abilities and take notes.

Don’t let these guys get in your head either!  The best defense is a strong mental game and a witty mouth.  If you’ve let someone trash talk their way under your skin, you’ve lost the game and more importantly, you won’t be having any fun.  Appreciate their intent (trying to win the game), laugh if they say something funny, don’t take it to heart, realize that it’s all a part of the game and don’t let it affect yours!

If you are there for more than just the party and beer you should shoot for a 7-5 record during prelims and hold your breathe.  7-5 has been good enough to make the cut for the Day 3 Playoff Bracket in most years.  On more rare occasions 6-6 records have made the cut, however, there have also been years when you’ve needed to have a polished 8-4 record to get in.

If you make it to Day 3:

Relax!  Come ready to play, but relax.  The environment is incredible and different from the first two days.  Everyone wants to bring their A game, but it happens all to often that players who’ve never been there before become overwhelmed, play anxious and get upset with themselves when they don’t shoot up to their abilities.

If you advance, keep your head on your shoulders and don’t let the satisfaction of potentially surpassing your expectations dilute your focus.  You never know whose day it is and it may just be yours!

Though eventually, everybody falls but 1 team.  When it’s your turn to get erased from the bracket, stick around and pick someone to root for.  Supporting your friends (or maybe your new friends from another country) is almost as fun as playing yourself!

If you do NOT make it to Day 3:

It’s not the end of the world.  It was your first crack at it and the competition is tough!  Take advantage of the many side events, sponsor activities and the one thing that none of us have yet to experience at The World Series of Beer Pong, the summertime, Vegas sun!

If you’ve enjoyed your time, get to know some people and find a place to play close to home. Elevate your game, come back next year and do it all again!

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A World Series of Beer Pong Satellite Tournament Weekend Recap

This past weekend showed the prowess of The World Series of Beer Pong™, as more than 20 players qualified themselves for The WSOBP™ Main Event by securing a tournament victory at one of the five World Series of Beer Pong™ Satellite™ Tournaments that took place around the country!

Northwest Beer Pong:

We’ll start our recap tour in Kirkland, Washington, at Rose Hill Hideout where Northwest Beer Pong was slated to qualify a team for The World Series of Beer Pong™ XI! Participants were randomly matched against opponents for 6 preliminary games that would be used to seed teams into a double-elimination playoff bracket.

Former World Series of Beer Pong Champion, Matt White, teamed up with Brad “Moose” Mosdell and paid tribute to Chris Cash, a close friend of Matt’s that had recently passed away, by playing under the team name: “Cash Money’s Final Hand.” It’s to no surprise that a World Champion’s tournament dedication to a fallen friend would end in victory. White and Mosdell pulled through to claim the 1st place prize of qualified entry into The World Series of Beer Pong™ XI, complete with 4-night accommodations at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino. Thomas Hoistad and Chris Sherwood were beat out on the final table, after fighting their way through nearly 20 teams, but didn’t exactly go home empty handed. Chris and Thomas pocketed a quick $200 for their efforts.


SoCal’s BidFEST:

Next, we head a bit south and pick up on a ton of action at Johnny V’s in sunny San Diego. Ocean Grown Pong filled up the entire weekend with tournaments and handed out 14 individual bids (bid = qualified entry into The WSOBP™ & Hotel accommodations) via 8 different World Series of Beer Pong™ XI Satellite Tournaments! That’s over $5000 worth of prizes that OGP gave out at The 2nd Annual SoCal WSOBP™ BidFEST!

Friday’s event consisted of a Men’s and Women’s Singles (1v1) tournament, as well as, a 2v2 double-elimination tournament. Former World Series of Beer Pong™ Women’s Singles Champion, Brandi Wrathall of Nevada, took down the ladies tournament, while Nicholas Bland of California cashed in on the Men’s side of the singles tournaments. Former World Series of Beer Pong™ Champion, Byron Findley of California, teamed up with fellow Californian, Zakary Corsi, and claimed the last seat in the winner’s circle on Friday night via a victory in the 2v2 tournament.

SatelliteWinnerWomensSingles SatelliteWinnerMensSinglesSatelliteWinner2v2OGP

Saturday’s schedule had 3 different tournaments on tap that all varied in format. The first was a multi-partner tournament, meaning each player participated with a different partner in two separate brackets with the winners of each bracket meeting in a best 2-out-of-3 final series. Ryan Smith and Scott Muller, both of California, came out on top of the multi-partner tournament. The 2nd of the trio of Saturday tournaments was a Co-ed tournament. Each team had to consist of 1 male and 1 female player. Ryan Smith collected his 2nd victory of the evening, as Charlie De Hoop, also of California, stamped her ticket into The WSOBP™ Main Event. Finishing off a day full of pong was a change of pace for most, as “House Rules” were implemented into a competitive tournament. David Diaz and Justin Herman, both of California, claimed the bid, elbows and all!

SatelliteWinnersMultiPartnerDay1 SatelliteWinnersCoed SatelliteWinnersHouseRules

Sunday kicked-off the final day of BidFEST with another multi-partner tournament and finished with a tourney where an element of surprise was thrown into the mix as players were NOT allowed to pick their own partner! Each team was paired by randomly drawing names from the participant pool to complete teams. David Diaz finished the weekend and collected multiple wins, as he and Ethan Wald finished atop the field in the multi-partner tournament. Ethan Wald also walked away with multiple wins on the weekend as he doubled-up on Sunday and won the Random Tournament alongside Mark Pimentel.


Texas Beer Pong Tour:

Continuing to the south on our recap tour, we pull into Old School Bar and Grill in Austin, Texas, where The Texas Beer Pong Tour awarded multiple players with WSOBP™ bids and cold hard cash!

3v3 was the name of the game in Texas! During 3v3 play, each team has 3 players per side and sets up an extra 5 cups. (15 cups in total.) 3 balls are shot per-side! Roland Ortiz, Adrian Damasco, and Mando Roman filled out the roster that took home the WSOBP™ XI Bids.

Texas also got a little tricky and mixed in a Random draw tournament of their own, which rewarded Robert Williamson with his qualified entry into The WSOBP™ Main Event. His partner Rob Dix cashed in on a $300 cash prize for his share of the random draw prize, as his ticket to the big show in Vegas was written long ago. Dix also picked up an additional win with his partner James Alanis while playing for qualified entry into The Spring Classic!

SatelliteWinners3v3 SatelliteWinnersRandomsAustin SatelliteWinnersSpringClassic

Chicago’s HOME Satellite:

Just a “few” miles to the northeast, The Chicago House of Music & Entertainment was rocking with nearly 100 players from 11 different states, who partook in a Quad-Bracket World Series of Beer Pong™ XI Satellite Tournament.

Each player was allowed 1 entry into 4 individual single elimination brackets. Each player had to play with a different partner in each of those 4 brackets. The winners of each individual bracket met in a best 2-out-of-3 semi-finals series. The winners of the semi-finals squared off in a best 2-out-of-3 final series.

Brendan Dyelle of Rochester, Michigan, picked a couple of doozy partners from St. Louis and came roaring out of 2 different brackets, placing him in both semi-final series. The first semi-finals saw Dyelle and former World Series of Beer Pong™ Champion, Ross Hampton, take down Scott Frew and Andy DeCaluwe of Illinois to advance to the finals.

Dyelle prevailed again in the second semi-final bracket with Brent Saale beating out Johnny Fourdyce of Illinois and his partner Michael “Sunshine” Kloiber of Kentucky, to advance both of his teams to the final series. Wait what? (This means, Brendan Dyelle had already won the entire tournament without even having to play in the final series.) Dyelle kicked back and watched his two partners play 1v1 to decide who’d share his first place prize with him and who’d take a share of 2nd. Ross Hampton trumped Brent Saale 2-0 in the final series to claim his share of 1st place.

Dyelle took home a bid to The WSOBP™ and $375 cash. Hampton banked his 2nd bid of the season and $250 in cash. Saale walked away with $125 for his efforts.


Michigan Satellite:

Last but not least, we make one more stop and travel even further north to Bay Lanes Bowling and Banquet Center in Bay City, Michigan, where Boozin’ Bob decided 3 days before the big weekend that he wanted to be apart of all the fun!

It’s risky business putting so much up for grabs with such little time for players to secure partners and make plans to play but Boozin’ Bob made it happen! He saw an opportunity with some of the best players in the state making the trip down to Chicago to open up the field for non-bid winners to finally scratch their names into the reservation book at The WSOBP™ for the first time, and he capitalized on that opportunity.

The format varied from all the others over the weekend. It was a double-bracket tournament; however, players were only allowed to pick their partners for one of them. The other side of the bracket was random draw. Brandon Juracek, better known as “Homeless” and his partner Clarence Johnson chalked up the Satellite Tournament win.


Being Johnson’s first bid win, he provided us with a quote where he unknowingly described a feeling he’ll now get around the same time every year, for the rest of his life…

“I’m hyped about Vegas! Not even gonna lie!”

Me too, Clarence. Me too.


On behalf of BPONG™ and The World Series of Beer Pong™, we’d like to thank all the organizers who put so much time and effort into making these awesome tournaments happen! We’d also like to thank all the players who came out to play this past weekend!

If you’d like more information about The World Series of Beer Pong™, how YOU could potentially run a Satellite™ Tournament or anything BPONG™ related, please feel free to reach out to [email protected].

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The Top Ten Reasons The World Series of Beer Pong XI is Your Can’t-Miss Event This Year


Ah, beer pong. The ubiquitous party game turned competitive sport. Complete with big-time payouts to its biggest stars! (Like $50,000 big!) Just like poker, baseball, or any other American institution, it has its own national event, The World Series of Beer Pong (The WSOBP).  Whether you’ve seen it on The Jay Leno Show, ESPN or read about it in Maxim, The WSOBP is getting bigger, badder, and more exciting each year. This year, The World Series of Beer Pong has ditched the New Year’s party for some fun in the sun and will be held in the summer (July 6th-10th, 2016) for the first time ever!  With July fast approaching, we’re counting down the top ten reasons to head to Vegas this July and get your balls wet at this can’t miss event!

Top-10-Reasons-to-Go-to-The-WSOBP-10-Vegas 10. Vegas

Sin City needs no introduction.  With its limitless menu of strippers, call girls, all-night clubs, celebrity sightings, and general lack of standards; Vegas is not just a city, it’s an alternate reality in which the laws of the everyday world seemingly do not apply.  It’s the reason why it’s completely plausible that “The Hangover” was based on a true story. It couldn’t be truer that you’ve never really partied until you’ve partied in Vegas – and things really heat up in the Summer time. What better way to party in Vegas than to party in Vegas at The World Series of Beer Pong!

Top-10-Reasons-To-Go-WSOBP XI-9 Costumes 9. The Costumes

From barely-dressed women and cross-dressing men to bearded banditos and full-body-spandex, in ten years The WSOBP has seen its share of costumes (as well as improvisation and performance art).  Nothing says, “miss this shot” quite like something obscene lingering in your field of vision, and in the game of beer pong, this fact is well known, and indeed celebrated.  Each year, the bar is raised (lowered?), and the legend continues.

Top-10-Reasons-To-Attend-WSOBP XI-8 The Sponsors 8. The Sponsors

Nothing says “take out your wallet” quite like a scantily-clad, cup-hungry damsel and the businesses that sponsor The WSOBP are well aware of that fact.  Suit ‘em up & send ‘em out!  Or don’t suit em up, whatever works.  Each year, the sponsor babes crank it up a notch and give us some eye candy we’ll never forget.  We love you, ladies. Don’t dismiss all the other awesome sponsors that don’t involve boobs and always make sure to take care of all the players! From free hangover pills and party supplies to innovative new games and products that just hit the market, The World Series of Beer Pong has it all!

Top-10-Reasons-To-Attend-WSOBP XI- 7 Side Events7. The Side Events

Even if you get eliminated from the Main Event, it doesn’t mean you have to pack your bags and go home. You can play in one of the many side events taking place alongside the Main Event and you’ll be right back in the game. Don’t have the cash to pony up for Main Event entry? No worries, there will be thousands in prize money up for grabs, and the damage to your wallet for registration is miniscule. Rumor has it that the Singles tournament is upping the stakes this year…

Top-10-Reasons-To-Attend-WSOBP XI- 6 The Playing Field6. The Playing Field (A REAL World Series of Beer Pong!)

Ever seen Beerfest?  Yeah, it’s kinda like that.  Oh, except it’s in real life, so unless you fly intercontinental on a regular basis, you’re probably never going to play a Japanese team, an Irish team, or an Austrian team. However, at The WSOBP it’s par for the course. The World Series of Beer Pong is VERY LITERALLY A REAL WORLD SERIES! With tournaments like the European, Swiss, Australian and various other “Series of Beer Pong” tournaments sprouting up around the globe (that all have a Grand Prize of qualified entry into The WSOBP Main Event), there’s no telling where your next opponents may hail from, but there’s no doubt that the competition will be tough!

Even better than the number of people you’ll meet from places you might not have even known existed, is the friendships & relationships that are formed and last a lifetime! There’s no better feeling than spinning a globe and having a high likelihood that you’ll have a friend that is more than willing to let you crash on their couch, no matter where your finger lands. As the years pass, you’ll find yourself giddy for The WSOBP just to see all your friends from distant places! Some of our veteran players may argue that this could easily be number 1 on this list!

Top-10-Reasons-To-Attend-WSOBP XI-5 The Pros 5. The Pros

Like the best of the best in any sport, many of beer pong’s greats need no introduction and are known by only one moniker – Ron, Pop, Kessler, Marx…

A wise man once said truth is stranger than fiction, and this has never been truer than in the world of professional beer pong.  Case in point: Ron Hamilton.  A combination of Barry Bonds, Dennis Rodman, and a charging rhinoceros all rolled into one, Ron’s nerve-rattling antics, insane hair, and legendary appetite for Cinnamon Life cereal are second only to his unquenchable thirst for cups and unsettling tendency to spam every last person on his Facebook friend list (we’re serious—don’t friend him).  But with Smashing Time having unprecedented back-to-back WSOBP victories, he and his partner Mike Popielarski stand-alone in the world of beer pong.

However, the line of true characters you’ll see at The World Series of Beer Pong from the planets most accomplished pongers is not one lacking in numbers. Unlike all other professional sports; player trash talking and personalities are not only celebrated within our sport but are strategic components of the game’s top players to secure victories over other elite opponents. If you watch and listen closely, you’ll develop an appreciation for each stars unique craft.

Top-10-Reasons-To-Attend-WSOBP XI-4 The Experience4. The Experience

An estimated five hundred teams will be at The WSOBP this year.  We’ll say that again: 500 TEAMS!  They will come from almost every US State, and many will fly in from other continents.  You may be the best at your local bar or fraternity, but until you’ve been to Vegas, you’re just playing in the sandlot.  The WSOBP is the only place to come see where you really stand in the land of competitive beer pong. The way you look at the game will never be the same!

Top-10-Reasons-To-Attend-WSOBP XI- 3 Money 3. The Money

There’s not much to sell here. We pay you money to be good at beer pong. Not just a couple bucks either. The 1st place prize at The World Series of Beer Pong Main Event is $50,000!! We’ve paid out over $500,000 to our Main Event players, even more if you count our side events and millions if you count all our affiliate & satellite tournaments throughout the years! So next time someone gives you grief for playing and asks you where beer pong is going to get you in life, make sure you check them hard on the spot!

Top-10-Reasons-To-Attend-WSOBP XI-2 The Environment2. The Environment

Let’s face it, you likely won’t get a chance to hit a home run at Wrigley Field or make a game winning basket at Madison Square Garden, but you stand a good chance of sinking a clutch shot at The World Series of Beer Pong! Feeling the adrenaline rush of a professional athlete during performance is so much greater than any buzz a beer could possibly give you. It’s impossible to ignore the endorphins rushing through your veins from the second you step foot in the ballroom. You feel the bass from the music flutter your heartbeat. You hear the chatter of a huge crowd. You see thousands of people and hundreds of tables set up. There is anxiousness, tension and excitement lingering in the air. YOU are in the SAME FIELD as the BEST players in the WORLD and the fact of the matter is that everyone starts square. Even. 0-0. Equal opportunity. YOU are just 12 prelim games away from being considered one of those players. YOU are 3 days away from walking away with $50,000 and a legitimate World Championship to call your own!

Top-10-Reasons-to-Go-to-The-WSOBP-1-The-Infamy1. Potential Immortality

“If you win The World Series of Beer Pong, they can never take that away from you.”

We’re not sure exactly what shadowy, underground cabal The Iceman was referring to when he spoke of “they,” but you get the idea. After three full days of game play and 499+ defeated teams, there can be only one champion. These men’s names and stories will be written on the walls of history that will eventually become tailed legends. Through skill, perseverance, and dedication, the team that is destined to take it all will forever be immortalized as a true World Champion. Will you be the next to make history??

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5th Annual West Coast Championships Recap

This past weekend hundreds of players from 13 states flocked to sunny San Diego, California, to compete in the 5th Annual West Coast Championships!

With a tremendously deep field, filled with some of the country’s best talent, it was known well ahead of time just how competitive this event would be. Throughout the various tournaments the brackets produced winners via many familiar faces; however, an upset or two nobody saw coming would rock the final table of the Main Event.

$3,000 Kick-off Tournament:

The Friday night $3,000 Kick-off Tournament started the West Coast Championships with a bang! Arguably the best two players in the world (Ross Hampton (STL) & Brandon Marx (AZ)) came roaring out of the first-bracket of the double-bracket tournament to claim the first seat in the $3k Finals. Bracket two saw an upset in itself, as up-and-coming Florida ponger, Sven Anderson, and veteran ponger, Dante Yell, needed two straight wins against Brandon Marx and Brent Saale of St. Louis. They picked up the two W’s to secure their finals ticket. However, Marx and Hampton proved to be too much for Anderson/Yell, as the duo added to their impressive career earning totals.

Here is how the paid field stacked up for the $3k Kick-off Tournament:

1st – Brandon Marx & Ross Hampton ($1500)


2nd – Sven Anderson & Dante Yell ($750)


3rd – Brent Saale & Brandon Marx ($500)


4th – Ryan Smith & Rickey Shepard ($250)


$2,000 Co-Ed Tournament:

The ladies got in on the action and their hands on some cash, as $2000 was handed out to the top 3 teams in the $2,000 Co-Ed event at WCC. Brent Saale cashed out once again, this time, atop the field as he and Lauren Braley toppled Mark Pimentel and Roxanne Hudson.

Ryan Smith and Brandi Wrathall reeled in a 3rd place finish to round out the cash winners. Smith had actually cashed out in the $3K with a 4th place finish as well. His stellar play in each event would foreshadow his eventual Main Event success.

1st – Brent Saale & Lauren Braley


2nd – Mark Pimentel & Roxanne Hudson


3rd – Ryan Smith and Brandi Wrathall


Consolation Bracket:

Before we reveal the Main Event winners, we’ll dig into the consolation bracket a little bit. This was a bracket offered to all the teams who were eliminated and placed anywhere from 33rd to 72nd. A consolation bracket is a breath of fresh air for the teams who get a 2nd chance after potentially having an off game or having an unfavorable schedule. Former WSOBP Champion, Byron Findley came out atop the consolation bracket with his partner Hoss Kural and $500 in cash.

Here is how the consolation bracket stacked up:

1st – Byron Findley & Hoss Kural ($500)

Consolation Bracket 1st

2nd – Marcus Julien & Taylor Brunken ($300)

consolation Bracket 2nd

3rd – Ryan Perrine & Cody Jones ($100)

Consolation Bracket 3rd

4th – Zak Corsi & Matt Stinson ($100)

Main Event:

The Main Event Finals saw one team that is no stranger to playing in the last game of an event. The duo has won many of those games and has fallen few. Though, one came on the biggest final table of them all at the World Series of Beer Pong IX, this squad is a heavy favorite to win any event they compete in.

Blitzkrieg – Kevin Kessler (NJ) & Brandon Marx (AZ)


Ya Lawst – Ryan Smith (CA) & Justin Spurrier (NV)

This team received some notoriety pre-event as they were picked to finish in the top 10. However, this team was still a heavy underdog heading into the final series. Ryan Smith, a relatively new player in the pro circuit stepped up to the challenge, as did Justin Spurrier. Spurrier, a veteran player out of Las Vegas, may finally get the national recognition he has long deserved after his role in slaying Blitzkrieg to take home the West Coast Championship’s Main Event!

Here is how the Main Event cashed out:

1st – Ya Lawst: Ryan Smith (CA) & Justin Spurrier (NV) – $10,000

2015 WCC champs
2nd – Blitzkrieg: Kevin Kessler (NJ) & Brandon Marx (AZ) – $4,000

3rd place  – Reign of Terror: Ross Hampton (STL) & Brent Saale (STL) – $1,750

The 4th place team also pulled in $1,750 and 5th & 6th place earned $750 per team.

We here at BPONG want to send out our congratulations to all the players who placed this weekend and tip our hats to the gentlemen at OGP, NORCAL BP and Pongstars for putting on yet another great pong event!

Next stop, Atlantic City!

Stay tuned for updates, articles and important information about the $40,000 East Coast Beer Pong Championships going down January 28th – 31st, 2015 at Resorts Casino & Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey!!

For more information about the West Coast Championships, East Coast Beer Pong Championships, The World Series of Beer Pong or any of our/our affiliated events, please reach out to us at [email protected]!

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Celeb Pong Sightings: Malia Obama

Every so often we’ll catch a glimpse of a celebrity or famous name playing a game of beer pong. In recent years, we’ve enjoyed “private” pictures or footage of the likes of Justin Bieber, Carmen Electra, and even the great Michael Jordan stepping up to the table to play a good ol’ fashioned game of pong.

Jimmy Fallon has also run a few pong bits, which has given us the pleasure of checking out some of our favorite celebs’ pong games over the years. Jennifer Garner, Kate Bosworth, Maria Sharapova, Salma Hayek, Kathie Lee Gifford, Sofia Vergara, Anna Kournikova, Naomi Watts, Helen Hunt and perhaps my favorite, Betty White (amongst others) have all stepped to the table to play The Tonight Show host.

JF beer pong JF beerpong_betty white

This past weekend provided us with some more celebrity pong action. This time, not even the Secret Service could keep the photos from surfacing all over the internet!

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 5.07.02 PM

Seventeen-year-old, Malia Obama, was spotted at a Brown University party knocking down cups on a beer pong table at a dorm party. Yes, that would be The President of the United States of America’s daughter.

Although her current game/experience can be assumed as prototypical, as the cups in the picture are clearly red party cups sitting on top of a presumably disassembled door, she still has lots of time to take her game to the next level! (Don’t worry Dad, we don’t put beer in our game cups or force any consumption. So she’s safe with us!)

Who knows, maybe she’s getting her game on point to try and become the first female to ever win The World Series of Beer Pong!! It would be a very impressive and unconventional, yet, synergetic feat to add to the family legacy! (Although, her shot would likely need to be a bit better than her old man’s jump shot in order to walk away with the big check one day!)

For more information on The World Series of Beer Pong or anything related to Beer Pong, please reach out to us at [email protected]!

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OGP’s WSOBP XI Satellite Tournament Recap & Upcoming Action

This past Saturday, Ocean Grown Pong played host to the 11th WSOBP XI Satellite Tournament thus far, which qualifies players to participate in the annual World Series of Beer Pong tournament, presented by BPONG.COM. There are currently 12 more Satellite Tournaments scheduled across the globe that have yet to be dictated; October being hot, as 9 of those 12 events will be played during this month.

Though many more Satellite Tournaments will sprout up between now and July of 2016, we can officially consider ourselves coming into the heart of Satellite Season.


For those of you new to the scene, here is a quick rundown of just exactly what a Satellite Tournament is:

Typical WSOBP XI Satellite Tournament entry fees per player usually hover between $20 and $30 per bracket. Most tournaments run with a BPONG affiliation have converted over to a “double-bracket” format. Double-bracket tournaments consist of what are essentially two entirely different tournaments that typically require 2 losses before elimination. Once each bracket is played through in its entirety, the winners of each bracket meet in a Championship Series that dictates who takes home the prizes!

(A “Bid” = World Series of Beer Pong XI qualified entry and a 4-night complimentary stay at the host venue, The Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino.)


The Hideaway Café in Riverside, CA, had a FULL house on September 26th, 2016 that saw a couple familiar faces take home their first bid win of the season.

Coming out of the first WSOBP XI Satellite Tournament bracket was Mark Pimentel, who you may recognize from some of our recent blog articles. Mark has been an absolute monster recently (as if he hasn’t always been) and has taken home some big time wins. His partner in the first bracket was none other than Ocean Grown Pong’s very own, Ryan De Hoop. Many may not realize just how difficult it is to run an event and keep your hand hot enough to shoot your way to a win.

The second bracket was of “random” variety, meaning that partners were selected completely randomly. The reason for implementing a “random” format into one of the brackets is to keep the best players in the game from consistently forming teams together. The “random” factor generally helps spread out the talent and introduce new players to the veterans of the game. However, the random format is not flawless and sometimes great players end up with an even better random draw.

Mark Pimentel found himself with an early victory as he and his random partner, Zak Corsi fought their way through the second bracket.

Tricky situation, I know. Here’s how it works.

Mark won both brackets with two different partners, which means, Mark already won the tournament and gets to sit out while he watches his two partners play a best-of-3 singles series to see who gets the other bid.

Corsi took game 1 of the best-of-3 series and put De Hoop against the wall right out of the gate. However, De Hoop battled back to take the next two straight games and secure his World Series of Beer Pong XI Satellite Tournament Championship!

Mark Pimentel and Ryan De Hoop will both receive a qualified entry into The WSOBP XI Main Event and a 4-night complimentary stay at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino from July 6th – 10th, 2016.

Mark also finished 1st and 2nd in the two side events that were hosted at Hideaway; One being a singles event, of which he finished second behind Lake Forest, CA, Ponger, Ryan Smith; The other side event being a Co-ed tournament, where Mark and his first lady, San Diego Ponger, Jessi Links, brought home the win.

Ocean Grown Pong's WSOBP XI Satellite Tournament Winners: Ryan DeHoop & Mark Pimentel.
Ocean Grown Pong’s WSOBP XI Satellite Tournament Singles Event Winners: Ryan Smith (1st) & Mark Pimentel (2nd).

You can catch Ocean Grown Pong and yet another WSOBP XI Satellite Tournament at the very same spot, The Hideaway Café in Riverside, CA, on October 24th, 2015.  Whether you just missed the win on the 26th or just want to stop by to check out the action for the first time, it’s sure to be a great tournament!

Can’t make October 24th? No problem, OGP has you covered as they have a Satellite Tournament scheduled for November 5th, 2015 at Johnny V’s in San Diego, California. This particular Satellite event will precede the West Coast’s biggest event of the year, The 5th Annual West Coast Championships (WCC)!

The WCC event is co-hosted by Ocean Grown Pong, as well as, our friends over at Nor Cal Beer Pong and!

You can find all the registration information for the West Coast Classic on the Official WCC event page here:



For all other information on The World Series of Beer Pong XI Satellite Tournaments taking place around the globe, you can visit to find out where all the action is going down, as more events are continuously added!

Whether you are near Michigan, Texas, California, Minnesota or even Switzerland, we got you covered for your opportunity to win your way in and compete in the end all, be all, of beer pong tournaments, THE WORLD SERIES OF BEER PONG!

Check out all the Satellite Tournament listings and dates here:
Didn’t find what you are looking for? Drop us a line at [email protected] about anything beer pong related!        

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The Best of the Midwest VI Event Recap

Just over a week ago (September 11th through the 13th), Chicago House of Music & Entertainment played host to The Best of the Midwest VI (BOMW); an event featuring four beer pong tournaments and had projected to pay out over $10,000 in cash and prizes.


Friday, September 11th, 2015

The hype was real and the 6v6 event started with a bang two weeks before anyone had even stepped foot inside the HOME Theater just outside of Chicago, Illinois.

Teams were picked via a live player draft. 22 Captains were assigned, primarily being players from the top 4 placing teams at BOMW V. Those 22 Captains were designated a draft position determined by each player’s registration time. The first 11 Captains to register selected a Co-Captain from the last 11 Captains to register. Then, each pair of Captains selected the rest of their 6 man rosters from a pool of draft eligible beer pong players.

The first Captain selected was Mike Welsh by his New Jersey Nightmare teammate, Tim Williams. Ray Rivera of the Wisconsin Clown Coalition and Scott Frew of Illinois Insanity were the first Captains to select from the players pool. The number 1 overall pick came out of Michigan via Brandon Juracek. Juracek was a new roster addition this year to last year’s BOMW V 2nd place Michigan Mayhem squad.

The 6v6 tournament featured a primary bracket and a consolation bracket that teams who were eliminated from the primary bracket were given an option to buy back into.

Captains Andy DeCaluwe of Illinois Insanity and Kyle Eller of the Wisconsin Clown Coalition dropped their first match-up against the Nightmare lead squad; however, they were able to fight their way back to the final series of the primary bracket to avenge their earlier loss by picking up back-to-back wins and securing their spot in the 6v6 Championship Series.

Captains Brent Saale of STL’s Finest and Donnie Jones of Michigan Mayhem fell just short in the primary bracket. They took both of their losses to the DeCaluwe/Eller squad. The consolation bracket told a different story for the Saale/Jones duo squad as they blistered through the bracket and set themselves up to once again square off with the DeCaluwe/Eller lead team.

DeCaluwe/Eller proved to be too much for the Saale/Jones squad, as they wrapped up the largest portion of a prize pool exceeding $3,000 with the Championship Series win.

BOMW 6v6


Saturday, September 12th, 2015

The Singles Tournament kicked-off day two and the thunder started early with a couple of huge match ups dictating the pace of each bracket.

The previously mentioned Scott Frew of Illinois Insanity and Brent Saale of STL found themselves face-to-face (-to-face) in the very first round of the tournament; those two players perhaps being amongst favorites to win the singles crown going into the event.

See who won here: (Compliments of Jon Marczak – Michigan LOL)


Spoiler Alert – It was Frew. Frew won everything from game 1 on and not through any fluff. Scott won games against Kurt Heizmann, Nick Trupiano, and Donnie Jones, all players on the top two squads from BOMW V. He also beat the 1st round 9th overall pick from the 6v6 draft tournament, Paul Dausman, of the Indiana Dream Team and the 1st overall pick selected (including Captains), Mike Welsh, of the New Jersey Nightmare.

Frew eventually found himself in the king seed, front and center on stage at the HOME theater, with 10 crisp new blue bennies staring back at him from the center of the table; standing between him and those Franks, his opponent, Eric Lewis of Michigan Mayhem. Eric perhaps is one of the best players in the country that is still relatively unknown. He utilizes his length with a shot only players possessing incredible balance could perform well with. Mean lean or not, Scott Frew was still too much as he took home the Best of the Midwest VI Singles Championship.

BOMW Singles

As 7pm rolled around, the buzz came to a head as the preliminary rounds of the 10v10 Best of the Midwest Main Event started.

Going into play the favorites were the defending champions and their counterparts in last year BOMW V Finals at The Willis (Sears) Tower, Illinois Insanity and Michigan Mayhem.

Although neither team proved to be dominant in preliminary play, Michigan Mayhem settled comfortably into the 2nd seed being edged out of the top seed by a young New Jersey Nightmare squad. Another young team, a fresh STL’s Finest line-up showed up to play, rounding out the top 3. Michigan LOL edged out Insanity by a single cup for the 4th slot, dropping Illinois to a mediocre 5th seed.

BOMW Prelims


Sunday, September 13th, 2015

The stage was set for the ultimate finals and it was waiting for 2 teams to seize the opportunity to play under the lights. The two teams surviving the playoff bracket would square off and play 1 game at a time in a best 6 of 11 series on center stage inside the HOME Theater!

Perhaps what seemingly was the only upset of the first round was the young STL team toppling what looked to be a contending Wisconsin squad filled with veteran players. (Though STL was the 3 seed and Wisconsin was 6, their preliminary records only differed by a game.)

After getting passed Michigan LOL, the reigning champs (Illinois Insanity) lined up against the New Jersey Nightmare and took their first series loss of the playoff bracket. STL stepped up big and threw a right hand at the other giant to drop Michigan Mayhem.

The aforementioned upset of a sleeper Wisconsin team didn’t go quietly as they eliminated both Illinois Insanity and Michigan Mayhem before getting stopped by New Jersey Nightmare, pending a Best of the Midwest VI Main Event Championship Series against STL’s Finest.

The two rosters were filled with new faces, most eager for their first big time tournament within the professional beer pong world. Below is how each team stacked up for this year’s Best of the Midwest Finals:

New Jersey Nightmare:
Connor Martin
Brian Simpson
Matt Kein
Brandon Clarke
Tim Williams
Brendan Scalley
Sephy Pesabene
Mike Paollili
Greg Fehl
Mike Welsh

STL’s Finest:
Brent Saale
Hoot Kohenskey
Evan Brown
Travis Terrell
James Byers
Wayne Sickmier
Ethan Steube
Robert Suarez
Sean Jones
Faxon Townsend

St. Louis came out swinging looking for an early knockout in the best 6 of 11 series as they jumped out to a huge 5-1 series lead. The Finals seemed to be all but wrapped up as that’s nearly as insurmountable as a lead one can get, however, New Jersey picked themselves up off the floor and kept fighting.

Little by little New Jersey chipped away until they eventually pulled themselves even and forced an 11th and decisive game. Although nearly the entire crowd seemed to be behind the St. Louis team, (as I’d assume the majority of the Midwest players would prefer the Gilkison Cup to reside within the Midwest), New Jersey eventually prevailed and pulled off the near impossible by coming all the way back from a 5-1 deficit to claim The Best of the Midwest VI Championship!

After being presented with The Gilkison Cup, the New Jersey Nightmare team decided to donate their individual Cup tours in order to house the cup in the home of the Gilkison family, after their plate is added, until The Best of the Midwest VII.

BOMW Winners_New Jersey Nightmare BOMW Winners 2_New Jersey Nightmare

The WSOBP XI Satellite Tournament finals saw a match-up between the titan combo of Johnny Fourdyce and Eric Lewis vs. 6v6 Champion Kyle Eller and Michigan LOL shooter Tyler Spencer. Tyler set out to broaden his name and found an opportunity to bring down two of the best in the building in the finals of what’s undoubtedly the toughest Satellite of the year within in the Midwest. He fell just short but garnished respect, as Fourdyce and Lewis picked up the bid wins to conclude all tournaments at the Best of the Midwest VI.



A special thanks to WGN 9 for stopping by to shoot with us on Friday (9/11/15) and FOX 32 for dropping by Sunday (9/13/15) for Bears Postgame Live from HOME Bar Chicago!

A special thanks to DJ Joe Green for once again holding down the Best of the Midwest for 3 straight days, as well as, a special thanks to Tommie King for doing a set for us on Friday night!

A very special thank you to all the organizers and players who came out to this tournament. You all host and play in tournaments, year around. Without you, every organizer and every player, this tournament can’t happen. You all are what make this event so great!

For pictures of this year’s Best of the Midwest event check out our photo album on the BPONG Facebook page! For more information on next year’s Best of the Midwest event, The World Series of Beer Pong XI or anything beer pong related, drop us a line at [email protected].

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The Best of the Midwest VI Preview

The clock is ticking quicker as September 11th approaches and the most anticipated tournament in the Midwest kicks-off at The Chicago House of Music & Entertainment on Friday night!




Friday night’s tournament will showcase a change from the typical Best of the Midwest lineup. A 6v6 formatted tournament will replace the familiar Friday night (2v2) $2.5K tournament. A variation in how squads are generally formed for larger teams will put a bit of a twist into game play.

A number of Captains have been (primarily) appointed from the top 4 placing teams in last year’s BOMW V Main Event. These Captains will participate in the first-ever BOMW player draft. Each team generated through the draft will need to feature players from 3 different states. (The draft will take place on Sunday, September 6th, 2015.)

While the 10v10 Main Event features restrictions limiting player team designation based on geographic affiliations, the 6v6 draft tournament aims to develop player relationships outside of a player’s primary location. By having numerous players from various states on one team it allows players to build potential partner relationships with players outside of their area by familiarizing themselves with one another; not only on a personal level but by also experiencing game play on a high level together.

The draft leads players who are arguably the best players at this event to become students of the game. If they want to win the tournament, they’ll need to draft the best team possible. In order to do that, they’ll need to be familiar with every player’s game in the draft pool.

Friday night’s entertainment will also feature live sounds from Las Vegas DJ Joe Green, who is also The Official World Series of Beer Pong DJ. Tommie King, of RFMG ENT., will also be featured live later in the evening.


Saturday’s festivities will start at 1:00pm with a singles tournament. It’s you vs. the world and it’s only ten bucks to play! Want to play just to have some fun and not destroy your wallet?  This might be the tournament you’re looking for.

After the singles tournament wraps up, the show we all have been waiting for will begin.

Roughly around 7:00pm, The Best of the Midwest (10v10) Main Event will commence. Saturday’s preliminary play will determine each team’s fate within the following day’s double-elimination playoff bracket.


Sunday, September 13th, will be the day a new or reigning champion will be crowned as the victors of The Best of the Midwest VI.

The (10v10) Main Event playoff bracket will begin at 1:00pm. Players and teams from across the country will battle it out on 5 tables at a time with 5 (2v2) games taking place simultaneously on those tables, advancing the squad who takes at least 3 out of those 5 games.

The defending champion Illinois Insanity squad, deep in experience, will bring back almost every player from last year’s championship team. The Insanity will try to get half way to STLs Finest record 4-straight Best of the Midwest championships, with their second straight title.


Players hailing from Michigan will be coming in strong numbers, (thanks to our associate organizations BPA and MAC Pong), as they will enter at least 3-teams into this year’s main event. One such team, Michigan Mayhem, who will return the majority of their team from last year’s 2nd place roster, is determined to better their runner-up efforts from last year’s BOMW V Main Event.

The winner of this year’s Best of the Midwest VI Main Event will not only receive a huge chunk of the thousands in cash that will be given away over the weekend, but they will also be the first team in BOMW history to be presented with the newly appointed Best of the Midwest grand prize, “The Gilkison Cup.”

The symbolism the cup holds ensures the legacy of the late, great beer pong player, Zach Gilkison, is carried on. The perpetual plates will etch each year’s champion into BOMW history and the cup itself will forever represent a piece of what Zach really meant to the beer pong community.

                              The BOMW's "Gilkison Cup"

After the fire settles and a Main Event champion is crowned, the attention shifts to The World Series of Beer Pong XI (WSOBP XI), as BOMW VI will conclude with a World Series of Beer Pong XI Satellite Tournament.

This event will qualify two friends to participate in The WSOBP XI at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino from July 6th – 10th, 2016. Their entry into the WSOBP XI tournament will also include a 4-night stay at the host venue!

While registration is closed for BOMW VI’s Main Event, 6v6 and Singles tournaments, you can still register to participate in The WSOBP XI Satellite Tournament until September 11th!

Register now: (

Can’t make it to The Best of the Midwest this year and want to keep up to speed on how things are shaping up? Add us on Snapchat: “OfficialBPONG” and catch all the action live!

For more information on The World Series of Beer Pong XI, head over to BPONG.COM. Not finding what you are looking for? Drop us a line at [email protected]!

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Marx on a Mission. (A Recap of the Domination at the Utah $5k and Seattle $5k)

The first two weekends out west in August had two $5K pong tournaments on the schedule. The first was hosted by SLC Pong and was played at Sandy Station in Sandy, Utah. The second was hosted the following weekend by NWBP at Aston Manor in Seattle, Washington.

Rewind to a few days prior when OGP came out with their player ballot rankings.


The most recent results of the polls did not sit too well with Arizona ponger and founder of Pongstars (, Brandon Marx.

St. Louis ponger, Ross Hampton, was slated atop the list and was seemingly settling into a comfortable lead for that top spot. It’s hard to argue against someone whose resume is as accomplished as his with multiple major/mid-major victories and countless bid wins to his name.

However, Marx set out to these tournaments with the intentions of turning that potential argument into a difficult one.

His first stop was Sandy Station at the SLC $5k in Utah where he dominated the competition. Marx finished 1st and 3rd in the Kickoff tournament on Friday night, winning it with Utah ponger, Cody Castle, against a pair of Las Vegas players, Justin Spurrier and James Tripp. California ponger Mark Pimentel picked up the 3rd place nod with Marx.

This wouldn’t be the last check “Marky Marx” cashed that weekend as the duo took down the Main Event in the following days. Marx and Pimentel went head to head with Minnesota (Wisconsin) ponger Kyle Eller and another California ponger Josh Schwent to pick up the victory.

All familiar names would round out the top 3 spots of the singles tournament on Saturday night, as Justin Spurrier came out on top with Kyle Eller and Mark Pimentel hot on his heels.

SLC Pong's $5k Singles Champions
SLC Pong’s $5k Singles Champions

SLC Pong's $5k Main Event Winners
SLC Pong’s $5k Main Event Winners

SLC Pong's $5k Kick-off Tournament Winners
SLC Pong’s $5k Kick-off Tournament Winners

Coming off multiple wins in Utah and seeing another $5k tournament in Seattle as an opportunity to carry on towards his mission of proving he’s the best in the game right now, Marx boarded a plane to Washington.

Since his decision to play was last minute, Marx needed a World Series of Beer Pong XI Satellite Tournament partner when he arrived and picked up a rookie Seattle ponger, Michael Williams.

A Satellite Bid win here would seemingly be a difficult one as Ross Hampton had paired up with Marx’s Main Event partner for the Satellite tournament, former WSOBP singles champion, Brad Mosdell.

The two teams met in the finals and had already seen each other early on in the bracket. Hampton/Mosdell needed to win 2 games against Marx/Williams to take home the bids. Both teams shot lights out through multiple OT’s but Marx/Williams prevailed, qualifying themselves for next summer’s World Series of Beer Pong XI Main Event in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Westgate Resort & Casino.

Seattle $5k WSOBP XI Satellite Tournament Winners
Seattle $5k WSOBP XI Satellite Tournament Winners

The singles tournament was next on the schedule and it told more of the same story. Ross and Marx were squaring off in the finals for the 2nd time. The series was nothing short of expectations as both players shot phenomenally. However, Marx once again came out on top.

Seattle $5k Singles Winners
Seattle $5k Singles Winners

The Main Event of the weekend had reunited a pair of players who once hoisted the WSOBP $50,000 Grand Prize check together. (Something Marx has yet to have the pleasure of doing.) Former St. Louis native Matt White had recently relocated to Seattle, leaving little opportunity for him and his former battery mate Ross Hampton to Seek n’ Destroy as many tournaments as they use to. The two took the top-seed in preliminary play.

The duo made a run through the playoff bracket and got to the finals to once again create a Hampton/Marx championship. Marx, now teamed up with Canadian ponger Brad Mosdell, was looking to sweep the entire event with a victory. Having only missed a handful of shots in 2 games as a team, North meets South (Marx/Mosdell) secured the Seattle $5k Main Event.

Seemingly, Marx’s mission was complete. He was overtaken in the player voting polls by who is widely considered the best player on the planet (Ross Hampton) and set out to prove he is the better player. He couldn’t have asked for any more opportunities to prove it, as they met on the final table of every tournament over the weekend and he capitalized – winning all of them!

Seattle $5k Main Event Winners
Seattle $5k Main Event Winners

Congratulations to all the pongers who shot well enough in either of these events to take home some cash!

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Distraction Technique: The Pistol Pointer

Thanks a lot, Manus Shannon! If you haven’t heard, a few weeks back Manus was arrested after a heated game of beer pong at a party on Chicago’s south side.

Manus attempted the good ol’ classic distraction of pulling out your pistol and pointing it at your opponent’s face to try and get them to miss. Now, while this move is obviously practiced on a regular basis (sense our sarcasm?), Manus had to ruin it for all of us by actually shooting his opponent.

Props to Manus for hitting the kid in the finger, which essentially guarantees he’ll win since his opponent can no longer pick up the ball; however, he also lodged that slug in some unfortunate gentleman’s shoulder, who was just sitting behind the table texting, waiting his turn at the table.

This is likely the reason Sig Sauer yanked their Best of the Midwest VI sponsorship for the big, upcoming Chicago pong event in September. The sponsorship would have given all participants a free gun at the door with paid entry. I thought by this point, the rules on using a gun in your defensive strategy were clear cut. If you are going to fire your gun for distraction purposes, you should discharge it blindly, straight up into the air.

If you haven’t detected the sarcasm in this satire piece, this is clearly a joke. OBVIOUSLY, if you are playing a little pong, professionally or at a party, DON’T PULL OUT A GUN in an attempt to create a miss.

I do feel slightly bad for the guy, seeing as he does have a permit to own, carry and conceal a gun, so at least the weapon was legal. However, Manus still is facing charges of reckless discharge of a firearm and, last we heard, he was being held on a $100,000 bond.


An even crazier side to this story is that Manus’s arresting officer has actually played in 9 out of 10 World Series of Beer Pong Main Events! How amusing would it be to see that local CPD Officer team up with Manus at the World Series of Beer Pong XI?! Seems like the ultimate web redemption to me. #TOSH.O

Of course, that’s pending the approval of his long-time teammate lending his talents to Manus. Team “MANBEARBIG” put up one of their best World Series of Beer Pong runs at WSOBP IX, propelling themselves into the playoff bracket on Day 3 with an 11-1 record.

For more information about The World Series of Beer Pong, visit


Cited article:

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Ocean Grown Pong Wants to Know Your Top 15 Players

We have all taken part in heated discussions on which players are currently the best in the world at any given time. There are arguably 100’s of players you could denote as world class players but few can claim a unanimous vote to be dubbed as one of the top players on the planet.

Our friends over at Ocean Grown Pong (OGP) have recently opened up a player voting poll to track and organize this discussion. Similar to any All-Star voting ballot or post-season player award that recognizes individual accomplishments over a given season, OGP’s voting poll allows players and fans alike to voice their opinion on who should be honored with the distinction of being listed as an active top 15 player.

OGP’s vision is not to compile a sole list but to update the list quarterly in order to consider recent player achievements.

Voting is easy. All you need to do is visit the voting poll on OGP’s website, which can be found here; (!voting-poll/cvo9) and provide your name, email address and write-in who you think the top 15 players are! Once you’ve done that, all you need to do is submit your form and your vote will be counted!

Polls are open now. Vote early, vote often!

How many players from your state do you think will make the cut? Do you think you deserve to be on this list?

For more information on competitive beer pong, please shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’ll tell you how to get your chance to win $50,000 at The World Series of Beer Pong XI!

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SLC Pong’s $5000 Summer Beer Pong Championship Preview

Friday, July 31st, 2015 will kick off SLC Pong’s $5000 Summer Beer Pong Championship at Sandy Station nightclub and event center in Sandy, Utah!


2v2 Kick-off Tournament:
The 2v2 Kick-off tournament will start the festivities at 7:00pm on Friday night. The tournament will feature a double-bracket, double-elimination format. In other words, you can enter into two separate brackets with two different partners. Each bracket will advance a winner into the championship series. The outcome of that series will dictate who takes home the win.

Main Event:
Saturday, August 1st will open registration/check-in at 11:00am. If you have pre-registered for the event, which can be done here, you must check-in by 12:15pm. If you have yet to register for the tournament, you may walk in the day of the tournament and register to participate up until 12:30pm.

Preliminary play will start at 1:00pm and teams will complete between 6 and 8 games that will seed them in the playoff bracket of the Main Event the following day.

Sunday, August 2nd will host the top 32 teams from preliminary play based on teams overall record and cup differential (how many cumulative cups you won/lost by). The final 32 teams will be split into two 16 team brackets. Each bracket will advance a winner to the SLC Pong $5000 Summer Beer Pong Main Event Championship! Those two teams will play a best-of-3 series to crown a champion!

First place will take home a cool $2925 for their efforts. Second and third place won’t be left totally disappointed, as those teams will be compensated $1350 and $425 respectively. On top of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishes, the best overall record, the best cup differential, the highest seeded ladies team, as well as the highest seeded co-ed team during preliminary play will also be rewarded with $75 each for their finishes!

Coors Light and Rockstar energy will be sponsoring the event and contributing to the prize pool, marketing efforts and making sure SLC’s players get to play on some slick tables this year!

Check back with the BPONG blog next week for a recap of the all the action that goes down in Sandy, Utah this weekend!

For more information about SLC’s $5000 Summer Beer Pong Championships (like how to qualify to play for free!), please visit their webpage at

Having trouble finding a partner to win easy money with? Check out the Official SLC $5000 Summer Beer Pong Championship event page on Facebook! (

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What’s in a Name? Beyond “Beer” Pong

We here at BPONG listen to our players and do the best we can to accommodate requests and implement quality ideas to our daily operations. Often, players use comparisons to other professional sporting leagues/organizations during discussions that periodically are responsible for generating some of those quality ideas.

One such comparison that happens to differ between BPONG and our “slightly” more experienced cohorts is the developmental programs that are available for players to participate in before taking their game to the next level.

Rooted in little league ball diamonds, pee-wee football fields and 7-foot basketball hoops; youth athletic programming is alive and well across the country; helping future athletes learn the basics of their favorite sports! Beyond that, those who fall in love continue to play throughout the various levels of high school and college athletics. Yet, this still is not the last stop (for some) before getting the opportunity to make a name for themselves within their sports professional circuit. Minor leagues, Developmental leagues, Scout leagues, Independent leagues, amongst various others are all also a part of the process, beyond the college athletic years, when pursuing a professional career for a lot of the athletes we admire in today’s games.

Obviously, BPONG has yet to break into the wide world of youth athletics and probably is still quite some time away from doing so. (Maybe not? Check out these little guys knocking down some cups.)


However, the disparity gap between implementing similar high school and college programming may not be as far off as it may seem.

(For those of you who are not aware, we here in the big leagues play with water in our game cups and DO NOT require ANY liquid consumption of ANY kind within our official tournament rules for a plethora of reasons. We like to have a whole lot of fun, create life-long friendships, fierce competition and win prizes/money!! So we thought we could sacrifice dumping beer down our gullets every time someone makes a shot in order to be able do that. (Legally, responsibly and sanitarily.) Though we definitely won’t discourage our of age players from responsibly enjoying a couple cold ones if they are available.)

In any case, these rules open up the potential for players under the age of 21 to enjoy the game we all love to play within a controlled environment. It gives parents and university recreational programs alike, a unique opportunity to extend a desirable “taboo” social experience onto younger generations without having to worry about any negative repercussions. The most positive aspect of this unique experience is unveiling an alternative way to play the game that has a greater participation substance established, in place of playing to get drunk. In theory, we hope this will help deter underage players from giving into the temptation to play “the real way” (that they will undoubtedly eventually get exposed to) and subjecting themselves to a situation that could potentially harm their future.

Around the country we have affiliated associations and organizations that offer these types of accommodations to interested groups. Hailing from Michigan, the Founder and CEO of Beer Pongers Anonymous (BPA), Joey Irimescu, is a sparkling example of just how family friendly our sport can be! While BPA offers a variety of public events on a weekly basis throughout the state, BPA also caters to private and corporate parties. A huge hit for BPA has been high school graduation parties!

Check out these youngsters putting on a show on the final table of a BPA graduation event!

—-> IMG_1737

(Notice the water in the cups, the complete absence of any alcohol whatsoever and just how much fun the entire group is having!)

If you are in the Michigan area and would like more information about BPA, please visit their website at Also, make sure you check out BPA on Facebook and Instagram! To connect with BPA directly to book an event: Email – [email protected]

If you are outside of the Michigan area and are interested in hosting a private, corporate or public event, drop us a line ([email protected]) and we’ll get you taken care of!

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The First-Ever European Series of Beer Pong

ESOBP IThis past 4th of July weekend, while we here in America were celebrating our freedom with fireworks, recreational pong games, and more, our friends over in Munich, Germany, were hard at work as 144 teams from 14 countries battled it out at the very first European Series of Beer Pong (ESOBP)!

The ESOBP prize included: ultimate respect, a badass title belt and a trip to the United States to compete for $50,000 at The World Series of Beer Pong XI (July 6-10, 2016), inside the brand new event space at The Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino.

With nearly 300 participants in the building, hours of play ensued and eventually “Cup & Cupper,” Kevin Keenan and Christoph Vogel, toppled “MAC,” Michl Neubauer and Christian Rudat, for the European crown. Although the game went into overtime, in the end “Cup & Cupper” proved to be too much for “MAC” as they knocked down 3 straight cups to etch their name in the first chapters of the ESOBP history book!

The European Series of Beer Pong's First-Ever Champions: “Cup & Cupper” - Kevin Keenan and Christoph Vogel
The European Series of Beer Pong’s First-Ever Champions: “Cup & Cupper” – Kevin Keenan and Christoph Vogel

(It’s hard to believe it was 10 years ago when BPONG crowned their first-ever World Series of Beer Pong Champions, ironically named “Team France.” Kudos to the original kings of pong, Nick Velissaris and Jason Coben. Check out this last known photo of the original “big check” before it infamously became a casualty of infinite cameras.)

WSOBP I Winners: Nick Velissaris and Jason Coben
WSOBP I Winners: Nick Velissaris and Jason Coben

If you want to be really impressed, check out the video of the championship game of the ESOBP here:

Watch out boys, these kids are good! Our current WSOBP Champs from New Jersey (“Pity the Fool” – Mike Vit and Kris Fraser) might be in a run for their money if they plan on returning to try and became just the 2nd team in WSOBP history to win back-to-back WSOBP Championship titles. (The first team to etch their names in the repeat champions list was, of course, “Smashing Time” – Mike Pop and Ron Hamilton.)

BPONG can’t wait to welcome “Cup & Cupper” to The World Series of Beer Pong XI! Will “Cup & Cupper” be our first-ever international champions?!

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A New Group of Players Dominate at the Indiana State Beer Pong Championships

This past weekend, The 2015 Indiana State Beer Pong Championships took place at Score’s Sports Bar & Grill in Columbus, Indiana.

A few weeks back we took a look at the history of The Indiana State Beer Pong Championships and contemplated what kind of drama would unfold during the 5th anniversary of the annual event.

Southern Indiana Beer Pong (SINBP) did not disappoint and put on a dynamic event that eventually crowned brand new Indiana State Beer Pong Champions!


A Recap of the Main Event:

2015 Indiana State Beer Pong Champions: Gian Sutton & Jermaine Anderson
2015 Indiana State Beer Pong Champions: Gian Sutton & Jermaine Anderson

The first bracket of the Main Event… (A double-bracket tournament format allowed players to pair with a different partner in 2-separate brackets that are a part of the same tournament. The winners from each bracket meet to play for the tournament finals.) …drew first blood in the drama department. Three-time champion Braden Nading had paired off with an up and coming Indiana shooter, Paul Dausman, for his first bracket run.

Nading/Dausman squared off against the King Seed (Jermaine Anderson and Henry Lee) in the first bracket final. Facing bracket elimination with a single loss, Nading/Dausman rose to the occasion and double-dipped (won 2 games) against Anderson/Lee for the bracket win.

Nading was seemingly sitting pretty to take home his 4th straight Indiana State Championship, as he had already secured a spot in the finals and had yet to even play the bracket with his partner who he had claimed 3 straight titles with.

However, a pair of unmentioned duos leading up the Indy state tournament had other ideas. Chip Dowden & Tyler Rogge, as well as, Andrew Metzger & Brent DeMateo teamed up for the pair of wins that was needed to dethrone the 3-time reigning champions.

Frustration had clearly set in for the defending champs as Nading eventually resorted to bouncing deep into their final game while facing elimination. This did not sit well with Bacon, the two began to argue and the most dominate team in the history of the tournament were put to sleep by Chip Dowden and Tyler Rogge. Bacon and Nading seemed to carry tension for the remainder of the event.

Metzger & DeMateo found themselves sitting in the King Seed of the second bracket. Jermaine Anderson & Gian Sutton were the challengers and needed back-to-back wins against Metzger & DeMateo to advance to the finals.

Yet again, the underdogs stepped up and Anderson/Sutton fought their way into the Indiana State Beer Pong Championship Finals, winning consecutive games against the King Seed of the second bracket.

Waiting for Jermaine and Gian was still the 3-time reigning champ, Braden Nading, as he and Paul Dausman had eliminated Jermaine and Henry Lee from the King Seed of the first bracket to move into the Indiana State Beer Pong Championship Finals.

Highlighting 4 of the top players in Indiana, the finals showed the rest of the Midwest what kind of firepower Indiana is bringing to BOMW VI., this September. Perhaps hot off of the back to back wins in the 2nd bracket final, Jermaine and Gian rolled over Nading/Dausman, etching their name into the Indiana State Beer Pong history books along the way.

Check out the Top 5 Main Event finishers!

1st – Jermaine Anderson & Gian Sutton
2nd – Paul Dausman & Braden Nading
3rd – Jermaine Anderson & Henry Lee
4th – Andrew Metzger & Brent DeMateo
5th – Jordan Beebe & Tara Herr
5th – Jordan Beebe & Richard Herr


A Recap of the Singles Tournament:

2015 Indiana State Beer Pong Championships Singles Champion: Gian Sutton
2015 Indiana State Beer Pong Championships Singles Champion: Gian Sutton

The singles tournament ended up with an interesting story line considering the outcome of the Main Event.

Jermaine Anderson found himself in the King Seed of the singles tournament. He watched his newly crowned champion teammate (Gian Sutton) once again square off against the now former champion (Braden Nading) to determine who would eventually advance to the finals to face Anderson. After Gian toppled Nading, he stepped to the table against Jordan Beebe. This game was arguably the best of the weekend having gone into multiple overtimes before a winner was established.

Gian came out victorious, of which, set up a singles match-up between the now definable, top two beer pong players in the state of Indiana. The partners were clearly fighting for the win but were having a ton of fun doing it, as this entire event shined a huge light on their “Wolf Pac.” Gian put together back-to-back wins against Jermaine to take the singles crown.

Check out the Top 5 Singles finishers!

1st – Gian Sutton
2nd – Jermaine Anderson
3rd – Jordan Beebe
4th – Braden Nading
5th – Tara Herr (Top Female)
5th – Josh Morrow


Compiling a composite score from all the tournaments each player participated in over the weekend at the Indiana State Beer Pong Championships, a statistical rank is generated based on overall record and cup differential.

Check out the Top Ten Players from The Indiana State Beer Pong Championships!

OVERALL STATS: (Wins-Losses / Cup differential)

  1. Gian Sutton 19-7 / (+38)
  2. Jermaine Anderson 17-8 / (+33)
  3. Braden Nading 16-7 / (+31)
  4. Paul Dausman 12-9 / (+22)
  5. Jordan Beebe 12-8 / (+16)
  6. Josh Morrow 11-8 / (+15)
  7. Tyler Rogge 11-8 / (+5)
  8. Andrew Metzger 11-8 / (-2)
  9. Tara Herr 9-8 / (-2)
  10. Richard Herr 8 – 8 / (+21)
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Are You Too Old to Play Beer Pong?

Recently, Susan Bonifant of the Washington Post wrote a piece on her first experience playing beer pong with her college junior son on a North Carolina campus during a “snowpocalypse” party, of which, cancelled all classes.

Article: ( )

Without knowing it, Susan perfectly outlined so many details of what makes the sport of professional pong and the beer pong community such an incredible and unique family to be a part of.

A revelation took place within Susan in regards to her perspective on what it means to be “old”. This phenomenon is not a new concept for us here at BPONG.COM. Fortunately, for us and some of our players/organizers, we’ve got the pleasure to watch this exact scenario play out at various tournaments across the country, including at The World Series of Beer Pong itself!


An extremely rare feature within the sports world that professional pong can proudly claim is that player participation limitations are ageless. Meaning, the physical demand that eventually claims the ability it takes to play most any competitive sport does not exist within “beer” pong. Hence, how an individual that may view themselves as “old” can experience the adrenaline rush that drives a youthful competitive spirit.

Whether this experience is a revival of a former athlete or a brand new emotional high for someone who has never had the opportunity to feel the satisfaction of conquering another team in any sort of organized competitive fashion, beer pong can be a fun rush. The thirst that’s quenched after being able to feel that competitive spirit many had no choice but to leave in their high school/college locker is often so fulfilling. It’s difficult to not be able to blatantly see the youthful joy on a player’s face.

The thrill of learning, growing, and succeeding in new experiences is more commonly prevalent in any particular individuals youth versus the years spent rhythmically succeeding within the niche career they’ve chosen. Beer pong has proven, time and again, to disrupt that rhythm for pre-millennial generations. It provides a unique platform to connect with later generations, often stemming from one’s own children getting their first opportunity to teach their parents something, as was the case with Susan.

Though professional beer pong tournaments tend to be competitive, success is enjoyed and measured on many different levels that make the game enjoyable for all ages, regardless of where you ultimately place in any given tournament. For the mother competing in her first game with her son surrounded by a flock of his closest bros at a “snowpocalypse” party, a single made shot seemingly fields a similar reaction to a rowdy group of friends watching their buddy cash in on a $50,000 check after finally taking down that World Series of Beer Pong title, after nearly a decade of efforts.

So, in our opinion, and as Susan has discovered, you are never too old to play a little beer pong.

_On a Side Note_

Susan also obliviously provided us here in the pong big leagues a quality scouting report of how our future stars are developing on college campuses across the country! Look at you guys being all responsible and using water in your game cups. (Please, always drink responsibly.)


You guys were also giving parents tips on following through using your wrist!! Looks like the young guns have ditched the heave and are figuring out some shot mechanics before gracing a BPONG table at an official tournament; impressive, gentlemen.

Your mother was just one small detail away from filling me with so much pride that I would have been so overwhelmed, I likely would have had to hop a flight to North Carolina and personally ran a WSOBP XI. Satellite tournament myself for that campus!

Leaving me only one final piece of advice for her if she ever does enter the professional circuit – lean or get leaned on, Susan.

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There’s No 50/50 Chance In Beer Pong

According to, there’s only a 40% chance you’ll sink that cup!
Player ShootingAhh…, statistics in beer pong. These are definitely something we here at BPONG.COM have put a lot of thought into how to regulate and track.

Although, a cohesive system has yet to be perfected that accurately tracks and maintains player’s statistics from all the BPONG tournaments that people participate in around the country; we as a community, have done more than our fair share of projecting our own and our opponent’s shooting percentages.

The term “hundo” is thrown around by players pretty casually, though, most “hundo’s” seem to have a bit of a Reap-like smell to them.

(For those of you who might be lost, “hundo” is a reference to shooting 100% in a beer pong game. “Reap-hundo” is a term players use to reference a player claiming to have shot 100% in a game but had actually missed shots during that game.)

Even considering that the majority of the claims at shooting 100% in a game are likely inaccurate, there are players who do achieve this feat on a semi-regular basis, especially within the professional pong circuit. However, perfect games are not the only thing that seems to get exaggerated from time to time; players also tend to forget a good handful of misses when manually calculating a tournament shooting percentage estimate. Until a platform to track, record and store shot-for-shot statistics in pong is developed, we can only take our best guess at how well we actually shoot in any particular tournament.


Ian Lang of and mathematician Dominic Spadacene break it down by the numbers, of which, will likely bring some of your self-shooting percentage projections back down to earth.

Article: (

Dominic uses geometry to calculate the actual likelihood of a ball landing in a cup when a pong ball is thrown in the direction of the cups.

The mathematician’s formula never gives a player more than a 40% chance of making a shot, even with a full 10-rack set up! A clean shot (doesn’t hit the rim and bounce in), is projected to happen about 27% of the time. (Note: These calculations were NOT done with Official BPONG cups. Considering the smaller dimensions of BPONG cups vs. general party cups, these percentages likely would be even less if calculated on Official BPONG cups!)

Obviously, this does not account for the skills that a professional pong player possesses, but it does reveal an origin for performance evaluation. Now if we could only talk John Brenkus into considering all the other variables of a pro ponger’s shot to really get a good idea on just how well someone could actually shoot over the course of an entire tournament!

What do you think your lifetime tournament shooting percentage is?

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A New Champion Arises at the “Best of The West”

Late Sunday night concluded the 2015 “Best of the West” Pong Championships. If you haven’t been following the action, here’s a recap: This past Friday, June 5th, started the festivities with a $2,000 kick-off tournament, in which Brandon Marx (AZ) and Mark Pimentel (CA) clenched the title for the second consecutive year.  Read more about their win here.

On to the Main Event:

Prelims began on Saturday, June 6th, and told another tale of Marx as Arizona led the way with a (22-8, +50) record to secure the number 1 seed heading into the playoff bracket on Day 3. However, the Vegas squad foreshadowed Day 3 drama pulling in right behind the AZ squad with a (20-10, +45) record.

Day 3 produced an upset in the 2nd round when the Ocean Grown Pong squad knocked off the reigning 4-time BOW champion Nor Cal team. The San Diego Kingz, led by Mark Pimentel, put down former WSOBP Champion Byron Findley’s new Californian team in the 2nd round to set up a semi-final match-up against the Las Vegas Kick Rocks team. The Arizona squad eventually sent the OGP team into the 3rd place game from the semi-final match-up that ensued following their upset of Nor Cal.

The Vegas boys prevailed against Pimentel’s San Diego Kingz, which put them in a position to win Las Vegas’s first BOW title upon defeating Arizona.

The Arizona men looked to be the favorite after 4 rounds of finals play (best of 25), leading the Las Vegas team 11-9 going into the final round; needing just 2 more wins to secure the 2015 Best Of The West Championship. Arizona took game 1 in the last round of play and it seemed inevitable that AZ would be claiming both the Men’s and Women’s titles. However, the Vegas squad had other ideas as they fought back to secure the next 3 games to set up a decisive game 5 (or 25) for all the marbles!

Dante Yell & Mike Wan (Vegas) vs. TJ Robinson & Vance Anzaldua (Arizona). Its triple OT and Arizona must rebuttal 2 cups in order to force a fourth overtime. Vance Anzaldua knocks down the two-rack to give his teammate an opportunity to keep the game alive. Robinson’s shot falls short along with Arizona’s title hopes.

Congratulations to the 2015 Best Of The West Main Event Champions:

Las Vegas Kick Rocks!

2015 Best Of The West Champions: Las Vegas Kick Rocks
2015 Best Of The West Champions: Las Vegas Kick Rocks

Players Include: Rickey Shepard (Captain), Justin Spurrier, Mike Wan, Brandon Herbert, Sam Henshaw, Curtis Armistead, Travis Parnell, Dante Yell, Ethan Wald, and Henry Pham

BOW ladies:

The Arizona ladies squad also found themselves in the finals vs. a familiar foe in the San Diego/So Cal squad. After a rough preliminary showing, the San Diego team picked up their play enough during the playoffs to will themselves back to the finals but still fell just short of defending their crown. This is the 4th time in 5 years that the Arizona ladies have taken the BOW hardware home with them.

Congratulations to the Arizona ladies squad on your 2015 Best Of The West win!

2015 Best Of The West Ladies Champions: The Arizona Squad
2015 Best Of The West Ladies Champions: The Arizona Squad

Players Include: Priscilla Kusmeriz (Captain), Shannon Kroll, Ariel Albrightt, Katie Ancona, Tracy Harsha, and Tonisha Harvin

Arguably, a just as impressive performance on the ladies front comes from one of only two female participants playing in the BOW Main Event. OGP’s Roxanne Huey led her team to a series win vs. the San Diego Kingz that ultimately resulted in her team cashing out with a 3rd place finish.



Can’t get enough of 10v10 beer pong action? No worries, The Best Of The Midwest (BOMW) is right around the corner! This fall, September 11th-13th, teams from across the midwest will take flight to Chicago, IL, to determine who is the Best Of The Midwest!!

Check out BPONG.COM or for more BOMW VI. information, or visit the Official BOMW VI. event page at:

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Best Of The West Kick-off Tourney Recap and Day 2 Main Event Action


As Day 2 of The Best Of The West (BOW) tournament in San Diego, CA, wound down late last night, the kickoff tourney champs were crowned and the preliminary schedule was wrapped up, paving the way for Day 3 action.

Brandon Marx (AZ) and Mark Pimentel (CA) fight their way to the top of the BOW $2k kick-off tourney title.
Brandon Marx (AZ) and Mark Pimentel (CA) fight their way to the top of the BOW $2k kick-off tourney title.

In the Kick-off Tourney, Brandon Marx (AZ) and Mark Pimentel (CA) claimed the cash and the top spot in the kickoff tourney for the 2nd straight year. This championship is actually Marx’s 3rd straight BOW kickoff tourney win, having won the tournament with Travis Carl in 2013 as well.

Before claiming this win, Marx and Pimentel had to take down another AZ/CA pairing of TJ Robinson (AZ) and Ryan Smith (CA). The entertainment value of this finals matchup did not disappoint! As Game 1 began, it felt like the making of an enormous upset – to everyone in the building except Big Mark and Marx.

The chatter was high on the end off the table that was occupied by Robinson/Smith and rightfully so, as every advantage needs to be capitalized on. (Especially, in a finals match and even more so against such highly touted competition.) Ryan Smith stepped up to the table with supreme confidence in himself to sink the last cup left on the table to put Pimentel/Marx against the ropes and force rebuttal shots.

…this is where things got interesting…

Smith, without skipping a beat, continued to talk trash as he gathered his shot, even requesting the direct attention of his opponents while shooting. However, given the extensive experience of the Marx/Pimentel squad, Marx decided to utilize a defensive strategy best left to the top players on the planet and does so in flawless fashion.

With only one cup remaining on both sides, and in the midst of a flurry of trash talk (with $2k on the line, of course), Marx intercepts Smith’s shot mid-air (leaving no chance for a miss) and fluently bangs his rebuttal shot all in one motion. (At this point, Tim Mozgov and Fredrick Weis might as well have been standing on the other side of the table.)

Game 2 didn’t turn out to be as close as the first as Marx/Pimentel completed their quest to repeat. My guess is because of the manhood that was all but stripped from them at the end of Game 1.

Sam Henshaw (LV) / Justin Spurrier (LV) and Adam Conrad (CA) / Justin Miller (CA) tied for 3rd.


Day 2 also concluded preliminary play for the 10v10 Main Event!

BOW all squads
Beer Pong players from across the West Coast unite at Johnny V’s in San Diego this weekend for the annual Best Of The West tournament!

In anticipation of this event, we had pondered the likelihood of Nor Cal continuing their dominance with a new roster. After Day 2, it seems that they are coming back down to earth, as they finished prelims (19-11, +5) and in the 4th seed. However, SOJO’s WSOBP battery mate (Tim “Byron” Findley) seems to have found a new Cali squad, “Cali’s Last Resort”, as they settled comfortably into the 3rd seed with a (19-13, +33) record.

Marx continued his quality play as he has led his Arizona squad to the top overall seed in preliminary play with a (22-8, +50) record.

Having almost zero hype leading up to BOW was the Las Vegas teams. The men (Kick Rocks) have secured the 2nd seed and the Vegas ladies have the top overall seed going into bracket play.  A good showing for sure!

The returning ladies champs (Southern California) fell to (4-8, -22) and slipped into the 4th  seed, as the 3-time ladies champion Arizona squad sits near the top of the bracket in a 2 seed with a (7-5, +13) record.

Who will take home the Main Event title and be crowned 2015’s Best Of The West?

Check back with us next week for complete tournament results!

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The 6th Annual Best Of The West

BOW logo

This weekend, one of the country’s most revered professional pong tournaments will commence: The 6th Annual Best Of The West!

A quintuple of premiere organizations, including West Coast Pong, Nor Cal Beer Pong, Ocean Grown Pong, and Fast Times Entertainment, will play host to the event. Festivities will kick off Friday night with a $2000 Multi-Partner tournament at Johnny V’s in San Diego, California. (945 Garnet Ave, San Diego, California, 92109) The Main Event will also take place at Johnny V’s on Saturday, June 6th, and will run thru Sunday, June 7th.

The Best Of The West (BOW) is one event in a series of “Best Of” tournaments that take place across the United States.  Other “Best Of” series include the Best Of The Midwest, Best Of The South, and Beast Of The East.  A distinctive feature of the “Best Of” series of events across the country is the 10v10 tournament format that is used. If you are unfamiliar with how this is possible in a game of beer pong, here is a quick run down:

Five BPONG tables are lined up next to each other and 5 individual (2v2) games are played
simultaneously. In order to win the overall match-up, your 10v10 team affiliation
must win at least 3 of those 5 individual (2v2) games. The BOW 10v10 teams are formed
by regional affiliation.


Here’s what to look for at this year’s event:

Reigning supreme over the Best Of The West’s operable tenure, Nor Cal Beer Pong (pictured below) will look to extend its legacy by adding a 5th title to their BOW collection. However, they will have to overcome replacing a key roster spot held by former World Series of Beer Pong Champion and pong legend, Mike Seivert.


When it comes to the ladies, we’re looking for a battle between Arizona and Southern California!  After winning 3-straight women’s titles, the Arizona ladies squad (pictured below) will try to reclaim their hardware from last year’s Southern Californian championship team.


For additional pictures and more information about the Best Of The West, please visit the Official BOW webpage at:

Or visit the Official BOW Facebook event page at:

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Southern Indiana Beer Pong Presents: The 5th Annual Indiana State Beer Pong Championships

It’s hard to believe that we here at BPONG.COM just celebrated a full decade of competitive, professional beer pong at our 10th Annual World Series of Beer Pong this past January! Likewise, many of our affiliated organizers and associations are celebrating milestones of their own this year as the sport continues to grow.

One in particular is the Indiana State Beer Pong Championships, which will be celebrating its 5th anniversary. On March 26th of 2011, Dustin Rose of Muncie, IN, played host to the first of what would be an annual tournament exclusive to Hoosier residents. The exclusivity feature is a rarity in the pong community as many players travel from out of state to any event they can get to. However, Rose had a vision to crown Indiana’s best players and, therefore, required all players to have an Indiana state ID or Indiana college ID to be eligible for participation. The exclusive tradition will continue this year with a new host.

The 2015 event will be operated by Southern Indiana Beer Pong (SINBP) in Columbus, IN, at Scores Sports Bar and Grill on Saturday, June 27th @ 12:00pm.

Calling all Indiana University, Indiana State University, Butler University, Purdue University, Valparaiso University, Ball State University, and University of Indianapolis pong players.  You all collectively have 0 state pong championships. Therefore, no matter how many games you won in a row at your last gathering, there are others in Indiana who hold official reign as kings of the table.  In fact, two players, Braden Nading & James Bacon, have dominated this event for the past three years.

Who will take home this year’s championship and be crowned the best in Indiana?  Will anybody be able to dethrone the 3-time reigning doubles champions this year?

Check out the winners from the first 4 installments of the Indiana State Pong Championships:

IndyState1 1st annual event: 1st Place Singles – Chris Rische / 1st Place Doubles – Chris Rische & Ryan Dammerall

IndyState2 2nd annual event: 1st Place Singles – Braden Nading / 1st Place Doubles – Braden Nading & James Bacon

IndyState3 3rd annual event: 1st Place Singles – Ryan Batchelor / 1st Place Doubles – Braden Nading & James Bacon

IndyState4 4th annual event: 1st Place Singles – Broch Buchanon / 1st Place Doubles – Braden Nading & James Bacon

For more details about The Indiana State Beer Pong Championships, please visit SINBP’s Official Indiana State Beer Pong Championships event page @

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NBA Draft for Jahlil Okafor Determined Through a Game of Beer Pong


Jahlil Okafor plays beer pong to determine who he will play for.
Jahlil Okafor plays beer pong to determine which NBA team he will play for.

The NBA draft is scheduled to begin at 7:30 ET on June 25th, and consensus top two pick Jahlil Okafor has recently taken to the beer pong table to hypothetically determine his professional basketball fate. (While the table used does not appear to be regulation size, this is a method of decision making that we at BPONG.COM completely support!)  Armed with a table tennis ball, similar to the ones used in the actual draft, the 6’11” Center began eliminating possible teams one shot at a time. He was eventually faced with a two-rack consisting of Philadelphia and New York.  The Duke University athlete intentionally eliminated (we’d like to assume) the 76ers pronouncing the Knicks his team of choice.

Okafor claimed to have never participated in the game before (roll eyes), as it would have been expected for there to have been beer in the cups if so.  Little does he know, that if he were to step up his game and play on a professional level, utilizing official World Series of Beer Pong rules, there is no drinking required.

When it came to his natural beer pong talent, Jahlil Okafor showed strong form while consistently making the cups he had aimed for.  Just imagine how much more promise the 19-year-old could show if he was leaning over the table, a legal maneuver in the professional circuit.  Certainly his 89” wingspan would aid him in any future participation in the game we love so dearly.

However, his height and length would not even be his greatest strength in beer pong. His competitive nature and mental toughness has already been tested through his years of high level basketball.  If Okafor can perform on the court in a national championship, with thousands of opposing fans maliciously berating him, the foul words of a beer pong opponent defending him should have little effect.

Seeing Jahlil Okafor grace the tables of a BPONG event would certainly be a dream for many players and organizers alike.  Considering the addictive nature of this game and the amazing community, we’re sure his first event would absolutely not be his last.

And one last thing: Jahlil, could you please have a conversation with Sir Charles Barkley on our behalf since he said that “black people don’t play beer pong”?  Not only was he clearly wrong, you chose the sport of beer pong to help make the important determination of where you should hypothetically land in the NBA, which was a great choice, by the way.

Check out Bleacher Report to watch Jahlil smash cups before he walks across the stage and shakes Adam Silver’s hand on draft day.

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In Loving Memory of Zach Gilkison

This past week we lost a budding legend within our beer pong community. Sharing this news and reflecting on the matter has been one of the hardest things we have ever had to do. Zach Gilkison’s life was tragically taken by the deliberate actions of another on April 16th, 2015.

The immediate impact on those closest to Zach and the greater beer pong community was evident when news swept through social media, causing an outpour of emotion.

Within hours of the news reaching the pong community, there were thousands of pictures, posts, toasts, and tribute videos circulating through social media steaming from friends and players. The beer pong community and others donated thousands of dollars over the course of just a few days to help Zach’s family cover the expenses caused by his tragic passing.

The reaction to Zach’s passing speaks volumes to not only the type of player he was and how much he meant to this sport and organization but also to the type of human being he was. Zach made a substantial and lasting impact on everyone that met him within both the beer pong community and outside the community as well.

Zach’s genuine heart and authentic smile helped him reach so many people on a personal level. People envied and idolized the “Cincinnasty” in him. Players will remember Zach’s game for the tenacity and passion with which he ponged.

While reflecting on Zach’s life and passion for both beer pong and The World Series of Beer Pong, we spent some time digging through thousands of past event photos in search of pictures of Zach doing what he loved best. Two things really jumped out to us while we were reliving the past through pictures:

(1) The first thing that really jumped out was the set of pictures we found from WSOBP V. It was not the pictures of Zach fighting his way to an impressive 7th place finish with a record of 14-5, +15 that stood out. Instead, it was the pictures of the championship match that grabbed our attention. Despite Zach no longer being in the tournament, he was there, front and center (two people away from Facetime), enthusiastically and passionately watching the Championship Match. These pictures captured the incredible passion Zach had for the game.

(2) The second thing that grabbed our attention had to make us laugh a little: Zach had a certain unique style and look, as well as a certain way of always tilting his hat in the same direction. This greatly helped us while searching through thousands of pictures, and we had to smile when we started spotting him in pictures from the back while quickly going through so many.

Reflecting on what Zach has meant to the pong community and me personally has not been easy. I felt uncertain about what to say or if anything should be said at all, especially in view of the conflict Zach and the BPONG staff had at the last WSOBP, for which I believe Zach and I thankfully had the opportunity to find peace (based on conversations we had). I was fearful that making a public statement could distract from the community’s positive reflection of Zach’s life, but after talking to some of Zach’s friends, I am convinced that Zach would have wanted nothing less than for me to publicly reflect on who he was as both a player and a person.

As one of Zach’s friends told me, he believed in the sport of beer pong, and he believed in BPONG. He believed in and loved all of you. He was a prime example of what an ideal professional player and person should embody. Not only did he have an extraordinary talent and purse thousands over his career, but he was also a true ambassador of the game. Without question, he is one of the greatest players, in both ability and character, in the history of this young sport.

Zach’s legacy will live on forever in this sport. I’ll do everything in my power to ensure that his legacy impacts even those that do not yet know him. If you had not previously heard the name Zach “Cincinnasty” Gilkison, I assure you that this article will not be the last you will hear his name if you continue to follow the pong community.

To everyone who was touched by this tragedy, my deepest condolences go out to you. I ask that you all help me ensure that Zach’s legend lives on and ensure that his life will continue to positively impact the lives of both current and future pong players.

RIP – Zach Gilkison: 9/25/87 – 4/16/15


Visitation will be held from 6 PM until time of service at 8:30 PM, Friday, April 24th at Fares J. Radel Funeral Home, 5950 Kellogg Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45230.

Immediately following visitation and services, Lebos Sports Bar and Grill will be hosting a tournament for friends and relatives to commemorate and celebrate the life of one of the game’s greats.

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WSOBP X Final (Day 3) Brackets

For those following along with all The WSOBP X action or just wondering where the upsets occurred, check out the links below to all the completed brackets from the exciting Day 3 finals.


WSOBP X Pod 10
WSOBP X Pod 11
WSOBP X Pod 12
WSOBP X Pod 13
WSOBP X Pod 14
WSOBP X Pod 15
WSOBP X Pod 16

WSOBP X Semifinals 1
WSOBP X Semifinals 2
WSOBP X Finals

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WSOBP X Final Standings

Rank Team Name Wins Losses Cup Dif
1 Pity the fool 19 4 44
2 Wetback Wasted 20 3 58
3 TNT 19 3 50
3 Virginia Beer Pong Presents Big Mark and Reap 18 5 45
5 Boom Goes the Dynamite 18 2 80
5 Pretty Sneaky 18 3 55
7 Lions Among Men 18 2 61
7 Twist of Fate 18 2 52
9 Do it for the Fans 17 4 51
9 2 cold ass nigga’s named snoop 16 3 60
9 Kick Rocks Platinum 16 4 38
9 Elephant Eaters 14 5 26
13 Dragon Riders 17 3 57
13 Fanduelin 15 3 44
13 Grizzly Adams DID have a beard 14 7 22
13 the touch of death 13 5 36
17 Blitzkrieg 15 2 76
17 Stretch Armstrong 15 3 47
17 TD4W 14 3 37
17 White Gypsies 14 3 35
17 Pick Your Poison 14 4 57
17 Talk is Cheap 14 4 43
17 I’m gonna make it so dry for you 14 5 39
17 Happy Land 13 4 42
17 Ridin’ D’s Strokin’ 3’s 13 4 42
17 Whoops 13 4 37
17 The Shark & The Barracuda 13 4 23
17 Diamonds In The Dark 13 4 19
17 Southern Invasion 12 6 26
17 Slaughtering The Fat Kid 11 6 26
17 Fuckboys Presents: Blacked the Fuck Out 11 6 17
17 presents THHP 11 6 13
33 Day and Night 15 2 47
33 Fitz(s) 14 3 45
33 Long Island Ice Tea’s with Poindexter 13 3 46
33 Kick rocks Dynasty 13 4 40
33 Prophecy Belongs 12 4 36
33 Nothing But Bogeys 12 4 29
33 Team Berzerk 12 4 20
33 Fireballers 12 5 36
33 Random Hookup 12 5 28
33 Remember The Name 12 5 27
33 Pink Ranger Blackout Mission 12 5 22
33 Team 245 Imported 12 5 21
33 The Great White Cavalier 11 5 41
33 The wolfs of pongstreet 11 6 22
33 Bangarang Go Fuck Yourself 11 6 15
33 Killer instinct 10 6 38
49 Flawless Victory 13 3 46
49 Big Nasty ShoTime! 13 3 41
49 Twin Towers 12 4 34
49 Team Booty Smell Good Doe 12 4 25
49 Beer Pong Cracks 12 4 22
49 Take The Shot 12 4 15
49 Sex Sells 11 5 36
49 Straight Flexxin 11 5 19
49 Sin City Soldiers 11 5 18
49 J’s for Days 11 5 17
49 LET EM R.I.P. 10 6 28
49 Unfappable 10 7 33
49 soft cheese hard dick 10 7 20
49 Nice Party Chuck 10 7 2
49 Bitch Please, We’re From PG County 10 7 -2
49 R.B.P.L 9 8 9
65 Mile High Masters of BP 13 2 53
65 drippin’ in swagger juice 12 3 43
65 Southern Connection 12 3 36
65 presents: Fireball 12 3 36
65 Sheriff Feed 12 3 32
65 Now Or Never!!! 11 4 33
65 Molly Weed Blow Repeat 11 4 25
65 She said she was 18 11 4 24
65 Purple Cobras 11 4 21
65 The Greatest Show On Earth 10 5 24
65 TEAM POSADA 10 5 19
65 We Dem Barz 10 5 14
65 This One Is For Jesus 10 5 8
65 ILL Boys 10 5 0
65 Team Money Shot 10 6 8
65 SmyD 9 6 17
65 Game Changers 9 6 9
65 Dirty South 9 6 7
65 Nailing Cups Cuz We’re Hammered 9 6 6
65 Chunder Dragons 9 6 4
65 True Ninja 9 7 9
65 Puff Puff Pong 9 7 9
65 Steel City Pong 9 7 9
65 Presents: Stealin cups like we’re in Ferguson 9 7 8
65 Red Owl Hooters 9 7 -4
65 GET WRECKED 8 8 18
65 We Met on 8 8 6
65 X squad 8 8 2
65 AKAK 8 8 2
65 Wu-Tang 8 8 0
65 Are We Here 8 8 -5
97 The Splash Brothers 11 3 12
97 Tread Lightly 10 4 23
97 Justin Cider Gloria Stits 10 4 18
97 All We Do Is Climb Mountains 9 5 21
97 #DirtySlutMagik 9 5 17
97 Coat Hanger Assassins 9 5 12
97 Liver Let Die 9 5 11
97 Smang it 9 5 10
97 A N O SHOW 9 5 10
97 Beer View Mirrors 9 6 0
97 Designated Domination 8 6 19
97 Showtime 8 6 16
97 Blunt Smokin Beaners 8 6 15
97 Beer No Evil 8 6 13
97 Boyer Brothers 8 6 12
97 Silence Them Haters 8 6 10
97 The Titans 8 6 4
97 IN MI Zone 8 6 3
97 Alchoballics 8 6 -1
97 Team Shitty City Nippers Co 8 7 10
97 Brew Crew 8 7 10
97 Splash Brothers 8 7 8
97 Team Z 8 7 8
97 Cosmic Pulse 8 7 3
97 These Hoes ain’t loyal 8 7 0
97 Get In There 8 7 -5
97 Sea Quest 8 7 -12
97 May I suggest the sausage 8 7 -19
97 LV Elite 7 8 0
97 Man Bear Pig 7 8 -3
97 My balls your cup 7 8 -7
97 Ballzee Tapias 7 8 -12
129 Super Pong Bros. 8 5 6
129 SLC’S FINEST 8 5 4
129 Epic Fail 8 5 -4
129 Hit me with those laser beams 7 6 15
129 No Ragrets 7 6 9
129 She’s got it [KR] 7 6 8
129 Beauty and the Thumbless Beast 7 6 8
129 U Dub West 7 6 8
129 Sugar Balls 7 6 8
129 Its Nasty Time 7 6 6
129 Charlo for President 7 6 5
129 Troll Patrol 7 6 4
129 UPL 7 6 2
129 Hinkle Daris 7 6 2
129 Better Late Then Pregnant #TheAvenue 7 6 1
129 Erika and Nicole 7 6 1
129 Cup Bangerz 7 6 0
129 M.B.C. 7 6 -2
129 Eastern Shore Boys 7 6 -6
129 Biggie Smalls 7 6 -7
129 Prestige Worldwide 7 6 -10
129 FergusonPD 6 7 6
129 Long Hair Dont Care 6 7 5
129 Team Hangover 6 7 4
129 Forever Young 6 7 1
129 Cloud 9 6 7 -1
129 Jaegermeister 6 7 -2
129 not that good 6 7 -5
129 All white NO hype 6 7 -8
129 More Cheese 6 7 -10
129 Two Bros One Cup 6 7 -11
161 Ice Road Chuckers 6 6 -6
162 Fireside Fury 6 6 -8
162 Monsters INC 6 6 -8
164 Get in Your Home Ball 6 6 -10
165 kings563 6 6 -11
166 Vols Deep 6 6 -15
167 NW SAVAGES 5 7 6
168 Pop a molly, I’m Blazin Woop 5 7 3
169 drunkfest heros 5 7 -1
169 LIKE A BOMB 5 7 -1
171 Bring Ya Lunch 5 7 -2
172 Kill two Cup with one ball 5 7 -3
172 Swamp Donkeys 5 7 -3
172 Cowbell Fever 5 7 -3
175 Chosen Few 5 7 -5
175 You Already Know 5 7 -5
175 MOTOWN111 5 7 -5
178 Luxembeergers 5 7 -6
179 Hung Jury 5 7 -7
180 Xterminators 5 7 -8
180 Fuhrer Wholesale 5 7 -8
182 Cali King Beasts 5 7 -9
183 SwOosh 5 7 -10
184 Nictoriously Viktorious 5 7 -11
185 Beer drinkers & Hell raisers 5 7 -12
185 Fate Is For Assholes 5 7 -12
187 Touch Your Butt 5 7 -14
187 Beer Pressure 5 7 -14
189 Janksters Anonymous 5 7 -15
190 The Hungover Games 5 7 -19
190 hungry hippos 5 7 -19
192 S.C. Haamlip 5 7 -22
193 MUffiN StUFFERs 5 7 -23
194 DADS Clan 4 8 -2
195 Suited Up 4 8 -3
196 Five Finger Death Cup 4 8 -5
196 Fuckboys presents: God Bless the Dead 4 8 -5
198 the drinker 4 8 -11
198 #Showoffs 4 8 -11
200 Show Us Your Rack 4 8 -12
200 Perfect Strangers 4 8 -12
202 Balls In Your Face 4 8 -13
203 Peg City B’s 4 8 -14
203 oil and water 4 8 -14
205 Balls Plopped Menacingly on a Table, Inc. 4 8 -15
205 You Can’t Sit With Us 4 8 -15
207 Eggroll & Waffles 4 8 -16
207 The Beer Pongowski 4 8 -16
207 The Big Red Machine 4 8 -16
207 Alpha Q 4 8 -16
207 Beer Pong: it’s now or never 4 8 -16
212 BeerNado 4 8 -17
213 BPFJ 4 8 -18
213 cumn from behind 4 8 -18
213 Durty Gurls 4 8 -18
217 Team E.V.I.L. 4 8 -20
218 Vicious And Delicious 2.0 4 8 -23
219 A&M 4 8 -24
220 Jason & Jukes 4 8 -29
221 Blue Barracudas 3 9 -7
222 Sex Panther 3 9 -8
223 James and the Giant Puch 3 9 -10
224 Good Cop, Bad Cop 3 9 -14
225 No Flex Zone 3 9 -20
225 A Gentleman and a Scholar 3 9 -20
227 King Pong 3 9 -21
228 Zoltan 3 9 -22
228 Tallanasty 3 9 -22
228 Monsieur 3 9 -22
228 Double D’s 3 9 -22
228 Steagles 3 9 -22
233 Gimmeurchonies 3 9 -25
234 Brew Tang Clan 3 9 -26
235 Ash2 3 9 -29
235 Team 245 Domestic 3 9 -29
235 Canada-Cali Connection 3 9 -29
238 No Fuckin ’til Vegas 3 9 -31
238 Team Bhapp 3 9 -31
240 Flip the table 3 9 -33
241 Ferda Boyz – DTF 3 9 -34
242 Los Parranderos 3 9 -39
243 Jager Bombers 2 10 -6
244 The Hammer 2 10 -18
245 Slap N’ Tickle 2 10 -19
245 Windsor JAW 2 10 -19
247 The Erect Walrus Club 2 10 -21
248 Excalibur’s Edge 2 10 -22
249 We Both Got A Hall Pass 2 10 -23
250 The Center Cuppers 2 10 -24
251 Warehouse50 2 10 -26
251 Sticks ‘n Stones CornDawgs 2 10 -26
253 Mack & Maguth 2 10 -27
254 2 Balls deep 2 10 -28
254 suck it lebron 2 10 -28
256 Straight Garbage 2 10 -30
256 The Br0cean 2 10 -30
256 NAKA & RAINMAN 2 10 -30
256 Prairie Fire 2 10 -30
256 Flembroff 2 10 -30
261 Suicide Kings 2 10 -32
262 Team Steak 2 10 -33
263 Wooglin 2 10 -34
264 Pussy Generals 2 10 -38
264 Pong Bay 2 10 -38
264 The Montana Mulisha 2 10 -38
267 Tom and Nick 2 10 -42
268 Campones De Aire Pong 2 10 -43
269 The Knights of the Pong Table 1 11 -19
270 The Double D’s 1 11 -23
271 Finger Puppet Mafia 1 11 -38
272 Cheese 1 11 -40
273 I dedicate this team to Matt Phillips 1 11 -41
273 PongBurgundy 1 11 -41
275 Junglist Soldiers 1 11 -42
275 Where My Pitches At 1 11 -42
277 Smoked Chedda and Beans 1 11 -43
278 Dapper Machines 2.0 1 11 -44
279 Minimum Height Requirement 1 11 -47
279 Pong All Day Long 1 11 -47
281 The Eh-Team 1 11 -49
282 Balls & Shafts 0 12 -32
283 Cutting Edge 0 12 -36
283 Team AwesomlyAkward 0 12 -36
283 2 Guys Sinking 10 Cups 0 12 -36
283 Team FarMor 0 12 -36
283 P.T.P. 0 12 -36
283 Molly Jane Molly Whopper 0 12 -36
283 Cowboy Butts Drive Me Nuts 0 12 -36
283 The Wizard and the Kid 0 12 -36
291 Business Men 0 12 -37
292 Flight_Krew 0 12 -40
293 Fighting Zoidbergs 0 12 -47
294 Suk It 0 12 -55
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WSOBP X Day 2 Standings

Preliminary play at The WSOBP X wrapped up yesterday (January 3rd) and 160 teams remain in the running for the $50,000 grand prize that will be awarded at the conclusion of today’s games.  Check the official WSOBP X Day 2 Standings below to see if your favorite players are still in the running.


Rank Team Name Wins Losses Cup Dif
1 Blitzkrieg 12 0 65
2 Boom Goes the Dynamite 12 0 60
3 Dragon Riders 12 0 57
4 Mile High Masters of BP 12 0 50
5 Twist of Fate 12 0 45
6 Lions Among Men 12 0 41
7 Day and Night 12 0 39
8 2 cold ass nigga’s named snoop 11 1 51
9 Long Island Ice Tea’s with Poindexter 11 1 49
10 drippin’ in swagger juice 11 1 47
11 Flawless Victory 11 1 45
12 Do it for the Fans 11 1 41
13 Stretch Armstrong 11 1 40
14 Wetback Wasted 11 1 40
15 Fanduelin 11 1 39
16 Southern Connection 11 1 39
17 Pretty Sneaky 11 1 38
18 Fitz(s) 11 1 37
19 presents: Fireball 11 1 37
20 Big Nasty ShoTime! 11 1 36
21 Sheriff Feed 11 1 34
22 TNT 11 1 32
23 Kick Rocks Platinum 11 1 32
24 TD4W 11 1 30
25 White Gypsies 11 1 25
26 The Splash Brothers 11 1 18
27 Pick Your Poison 10 2 58
28 Kick rocks Dynasty 10 2 40
29 Talk is Cheap 10 2 40
30 Twin Towers 10 2 35
31 Happy Land 10 2 34
32 Now Or Never!!! 10 2 33
33 Virginia Beer Pong Presents Big Mark and Reap 10 2 33
34 Molly Weed Blow Repeat 10 2 32
35 Whoops 10 2 30
36 Nothing But Bogeys 10 2 30
37 Ridin’ D’s Strokin’ 3’s 10 2 30
38 Prophecy Belongs 10 2 29
39 She said she was 18 10 2 29
40 Team Booty Smell Good Doe 10 2 27
41 Tread Lightly 10 2 27
42 Beer Pong Cracks 10 2 26
43 Purple Cobras 10 2 24
44 Justin Cider Gloria Stits 10 2 23
45 Team Berzerk 10 2 21
46 Diamonds In The Dark 10 2 21
47 The Shark & The Barracuda 10 2 20
48 Take The Shot 10 2 16
49 The Great White Cavalier 9 3 37
50 Sex Sells 9 3 37
51 Fireballers 9 3 33
52 the touch of death 9 3 31
53 Remember The Name 9 3 29
54 All We Do Is Climb Mountains 9 3 26
55 I’m gonna make it so dry for you 9 3 26
56 The Greatest Show On Earth 9 3 26
57 We Dem Barz 9 3 23
58 Elephant Eaters 9 3 23
59 Straight Flexxin 9 3 23
60 #DirtySlutMagik 9 3 23
61 A N O SHOW 9 3 21
62 TEAM POSADA 9 3 21
63 Random Hookup 9 3 21
64 J’s for Days 9 3 20
65 Team 245 Imported 9 3 20
66 Coat Hanger Assassins 9 3 18
67 Pink Ranger Blackout Mission 9 3 18
68 Pity the fool 9 3 17
69 Sin City Soldiers 9 3 16
70 Liver Let Die 9 3 14
71 This One Is For Jesus 9 3 14
72 Smang it 9 3 14
73 ILL Boys 9 3 4
74 Killer instinct 8 4 30
75 Slaughtering The Fat Kid 8 4 26
76 Showtime 8 4 22
77 Designated Domination 8 4 22
78 LET EM R.I.P. 8 4 21
79 SmyD 8 4 21
80 Silence Them Haters 8 4 20
81 Southern Invasion 8 4 19
82 Blunt Smokin Beaners 8 4 18
83 Boyer Brothers 8 4 18
84 Beer No Evil 8 4 18
85 Fuckboys Presents: Blacked the Fuck Out 8 4 16
86 Bangarang Go Fuck Yourself 8 4 16
87 Game Changers 8 4 15
88 Grizzly Adams DID have a beard 8 4 15
89 The wolfs of pongstreet 8 4 14
90 presents THHP 8 4 12
91 Nailing Cups Cuz We’re Hammered 8 4 12
92 Dirty South 8 4 11
93 The Titans 8 4 10
94 IN MI Zone 8 4 10
95 Chunder Dragons 8 4 10
96 Alchoballics 8 4 8
97 SLC’S FINEST 8 4 8
98 Super Pong Bros. 8 4 7
99 Team Money Shot 8 4 7
101 Beer View Mirrors 8 4 5
102 Epic Fail 8 4 -2
103 Unfappable 7 5 21
104 Splash Brothers 7 5 18
105 soft cheese hard dick 7 5 18
106 Hit me with those laser beams 7 5 17
107 Team Shitty City Nippers Co 7 5 15
108 No Ragrets 7 5 13
109 Beauty and the Thumbless Beast 7 5 13
110 U Dub West 7 5 12
111 Sugar Balls 7 5 11
112 Team Z 7 5 11
113 True Ninja 7 5 11
114 Brew Crew 7 5 11
115 Its Nasty Time 7 5 10
116 Steel City Pong 7 5 9
117 She’s got it [KR] 7 5 9
118 Charlo for President 7 5 8
119 UPL 7 5 7
120 Troll Patrol 7 5 7
121 Puff Puff Pong 7 5 6
122 Cosmic Pulse 7 5 6
123 Presents: Stealin cups like we’re in Ferguson 7 5 6
124 Better Late Then Pregnant #TheAvenue 7 5 5
125 Nice Party Chuck 7 5 4
126 Cup Bangerz 7 5 3
127 Hinkle Daris 7 5 3
128 Get In There 7 5 2
129 Erika and Nicole 7 5 2
130 Bitch Please, We’re From PG County 7 5 1
131 These Hoes ain’t loyal 7 5 0
132 M.B.C. 7 5 -1
133 Red Owl Hooters 7 5 -1
134 Biggie Smalls 7 5 -3
135 Eastern Shore Boys 7 5 -4
136 Prestige Worldwide 7 5 -5
137 Sea Quest 7 5 -10
138 May I suggest the sausage 7 5 -13
139 GET WRECKED 6 6 14
140 R.B.P.L 6 6 8
141 Long Hair Dont Care 6 6 8
142 LV Elite 6 6 8
143 Forever Young 6 6 7
144 FergusonPD 6 6 7
145 Team Hangover 6 6 6
146 AKAK 6 6 3
147 X squad 6 6 2
148 Wu-Tang 6 6 2
149 We Met on 6 6 2
150 Cloud 9 6 6 1
151 Man Bear Pig 6 6 0
152 not that good 6 6 0
153 Jaegermeister 6 6 -1
154 Two Bros One Cup 6 6 -2
155 My balls your cup 6 6 -3
156 All white NO hype 6 6 -5
157 Are We Here 6 6 -5
158 More Cheese 6 6 -5
159 Ballzee Tapias 6 6 -7
161 Ice Road Chuckers 6 6 -6
162 Fireside Fury 6 6 -8
162 Monsters INC 6 6 -8
164 Get in Your Home Ball 6 6 -10
165 kings563 6 6 -11
166 Vols Deep 6 6 -15
167 NW SAVAGES 5 7 6
168 Pop a molly, I’m Blazin Woop 5 7 3
169 LIKE A BOMB 5 7 -1
169 drunkfest heros 5 7 -1
171 Bring Ya Lunch 5 7 -2
172 Swamp Donkeys 5 7 -3
172 Kill two Cup with one ball 5 7 -3
172 Cowbell Fever 5 7 -3
175 Chosen Few 5 7 -5
175 You Already Know 5 7 -5
175 MOTOWN111 5 7 -5
178 Luxembeergers 5 7 -6
179 Hung Jury 5 7 -7
180 Xterminators 5 7 -8
180 Fuhrer Wholesale 5 7 -8
182 Cali King Beasts 5 7 -9
183 SwOosh 5 7 -10
184 Nictoriously Viktorious 5 7 -11
185 Beer drinkers & Hell raisers 5 7 -12
185 Fate Is For Assholes 5 7 -12
187 Beer Pressure 5 7 -14
187 Touch Your Butt 5 7 -14
189 Janksters Anonymous 5 7 -15
190 The Hungover Games 5 7 -19
190 hungry hippos 5 7 -19
192 S.C. Haamlip 5 7 -22
193 MUffiN StUFFERs 5 7 -23
194 DADS Clan 4 8 -2
195 Suited Up 4 8 -3
196 Fuckboys presents: God Bless the Dead 4 8 -5
196 Five Finger Death Cup 4 8 -5
198 #Showoffs 4 8 -11
198 the drinker 4 8 -11
200 Perfect Strangers 4 8 -12
200 Show Us Your Rack 4 8 -12
202 Balls In Your Face 4 8 -13
203 oil and water 4 8 -14
203 Peg City B’s 4 8 -14
205 You Can’t Sit With Us 4 8 -15
205 Balls Plopped Menacingly on a Table, Inc. 4 8 -15
207 Eggroll & Waffles 4 8 -16
207 The Beer Pongowski 4 8 -16
207 The Big Red Machine 4 8 -16
207 Alpha Q 4 8 -16
207 Beer Pong: it’s now or never 4 8 -16
212 BeerNado 4 8 -17
213 BPFJ 4 8 -18
213 cumn from behind 4 8 -18
213 Durty Gurls 4 8 -18
217 Team E.V.I.L. 4 8 -20
218 Vicious And Delicious 2.0 4 8 -23
219 A&M 4 8 -24
220 Jason & Jukes 4 8 -29
221 Blue Barracudas 3 9 -7
222 Sex Panther 3 9 -8
223 James and the Giant Puch 3 9 -10
224 Good Cop, Bad Cop 3 9 -14
225 A Gentleman and a Scholar 3 9 -20
225 No Flex Zone 3 9 -20
227 King Pong 3 9 -21
228 Zoltan 3 9 -22
228 Tallanasty 3 9 -22
228 Monsieur 3 9 -22
228 Steagles 3 9 -22
228 Double D’s 3 9 -22
233 Gimmeurchonies 3 9 -25
234 Brew Tang Clan 3 9 -26
235 Canada-Cali Connection 3 9 -29
235 Ash2 3 9 -29
235 Team 245 Domestic 3 9 -29
238 Team Bhapp 3 9 -31
238 No Fuckin ’til Vegas 3 9 -31
240 Flip the table 3 9 -33
241 Ferda Boyz – DTF 3 9 -34
242 Los Parranderos 3 9 -39
243 Jager Bombers 2 10 -6
244 The Hammer 2 10 -18
245 Slap N’ Tickle 2 10 -19
245 Windsor JAW 2 10 -19
247 The Erect Walrus Club 2 10 -21
248 Excalibur’s Edge 2 10 -22
249 We Both Got A Hall Pass 2 10 -23
250 The Center Cuppers 2 10 -24
251 Warehouse50 2 10 -26
251 Sticks ‘n Stones CornDawgs 2 10 -26
253 Mack & Maguth 2 10 -27
254 2 Balls deep 2 10 -28
254 suck it lebron 2 10 -28
256 Straight Garbage 2 10 -30
256 The Br0cean 2 10 -30
256 NAKA & RAINMAN 2 10 -30
256 Prairie Fire 2 10 -30
256 Flembroff 2 10 -30
261 Suicide Kings 2 10 -32
262 Team Steak 2 10 -33
263 Wooglin 2 10 -34
264 Pussy Generals 2 10 -38
264 Pong Bay 2 10 -38
264 The Montana Mulisha 2 10 -38
267 Tom and Nick 2 10 -42
268 Campones De Aire Pong 2 10 -43
269 The Knights of the Pong Table 1 11 -19
270 The Double D’s 1 11 -23
271 Finger Puppet Mafia 1 11 -38
272 Cheese 1 11 -40
273 I dedicate this team to Matt Phillips 1 11 -41
273 PongBurgundy 1 11 -41
275 Junglist Soldiers 1 11 -42
275 Where My Pitches At 1 11 -42
277 Smoked Chedda and Beans 1 11 -43
278 Dapper Machines 2.0 1 11 -44
279 Minimum Height Requirement 1 11 -47
279 Pong All Day Long 1 11 -47
281 The Eh-Team 1 11 -49
282 Balls & Shafts 0 12 -32
283 Cutting Edge 0 12 -36
283 Team AwesomlyAkward 0 12 -36
283 2 Guys Sinking 10 Cups 0 12 -36
283 Team FarMor 0 12 -36
283 P.T.P. 0 12 -36
283 Molly Jane Molly Whopper 0 12 -36
283 Cowboy Butts Drive Me Nuts 0 12 -36
283 The Wizard and the Kid 0 12 -36
291 Business Men 0 12 -37
292 Flight_Krew 0 12 -40
293 Fighting Zoidbergs 0 12 -47
294 Suk It 0 12 -55


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WSOBP X Day 1 Standings

WSOBP X Day 1 Standings
ID Rank Team Name Wins Losses Cup Dif
-1 1 Blitzkrieg 6 0 32
-1 1 Dragon Riders 6 0 32
-1 3 Long Island Ice Tea’s with Poindexter 6 0 30
-1 4 Boom Goes the Dynamite 6 0 29
-1 5 Virginia Beer Pong Presents Big Mark and Reap 6 0 28
-1 5 Fanduelin 6 0 28
-1 7 Flawless Victory 6 0 27
-1 7 Mile High Masters of BP 6 0 27
-1 7 Southern Connection 6 0 27
-1 10 The Greatest Show On Earth 6 0 25
-1 11 Tread Lightly 6 0 23
-1 11 Kick rocks Dynasty 6 0 23
-1 11 All We Do Is Climb Mountains 6 0 23
-1 14 Stretch Armstrong 6 0 22
-1 15 Lions Among Men 6 0 20
-1 15 Day and Night 6 0 20
-1 15 presents: Fireball 6 0 20
-1 18 Twist of Fate 6 0 19
-1 19 TD4W 6 0 18
-1 20 Now Or Never!!! 6 0 17
-1 21 This One Is For Jesus 6 0 14
-1 22 White Gypsies 6 0 13
-1 23 The Shark & The Barracuda 5 0 13
-1 24 The Great White Cavalier 5 1 27
-1 25 Wetback Wasted 5 1 22
-1 26 Pretty Sneaky 5 1 19
-1 26 Slaughtering The Fat Kid 5 1 19
-1 26 Nothing But Bogeys 5 1 19
-1 26 Fitz(s) 5 1 19
-1 26 drippin’ in swagger juice 5 1 19
-1 26 Happy Land 5 1 19
-1 26 Ridin’ D’s Strokin’ 3’s 5 1 19
-1 33 Molly Weed Blow Repeat 5 1 18
-1 34 Designated Domination 5 1 17
-1 34 Prophecy Belongs 5 1 17
-1 34 Liver Let Die 5 1 17
-1 37 Team Booty Smell Good Doe 5 1 16
-1 38 Grizzly Adams DID have a beard 5 1 15
-1 38 2 cold ass nigga’s named snoop 5 1 15
-1 38 Cosmic Pulse 5 1 15
-1 38 Whoops 5 1 15
-1 38 Team Hangover 5 1 15
-1 38 Do it for the Fans 5 1 15
-1 44 Purple Cobras 5 1 14
-1 44 Justin Cider Gloria Stits 5 1 14
-1 44 Splash Brothers 5 1 14
-1 47 Beer Pong Cracks 5 1 13
-1 47 Sheriff Feed 5 1 13
-1 47 Elephant Eaters 5 1 13
-1 47 Big Nasty ShoTime! 5 1 13
-1 51 Fuckboys Presents: Blacked the Fuck Out 5 1 12
-1 52 Cloud 9 5 1 11
-1 52 #DirtySlutMagik 5 1 11
-1 54 Kick Rocks Platinum 5 1 10
-1 54 Pink Ranger Blackout Mission 5 1 10
-1 54 Its Nasty Time 5 1 10
-1 54 not that good 5 1 10
-1 58 Erika and Nicole 5 1 9
-1 58 Take The Shot 5 1 9
-1 61 Team Money Shot 5 1 8
-1 61 SLC’S FINEST 5 1 8
-1 61 TNT 5 1 8
-1 64 Diamonds In The Dark 5 1 7
-1 64 A N O SHOW 5 1 7
-1 66 Beer View Mirrors 5 1 6
-1 66 ILL Boys 5 1 6
-1 68 Sin City Soldiers 5 1 4
-1 68 The Splash Brothers 5 1 4
-1 70 Pick Your Poison 4 2 23
-1 71 LET EM R.I.P. 4 2 17
-1 71 Remember The Name 4 2 17
-1 73 I’m gonna make it so dry for you 4 2 13
-1 74 Coat Hanger Assassins 4 2 12
-1 74 Team Shitty City Nippers Co 4 2 12
-1 74 No Ragrets 4 2 12
-1 77 the touch of death 4 2 11
-1 77 Talk is Cheap 4 2 11
-1 77 Forever Young 4 2 11
-1 77 Team Z 4 2 11
-1 81 Hit me with those laser beams 4 2 10
-1 81 Straight Flexxin 4 2 10
-1 83 Better Late Then Pregnant #TheAvenue 4 2 8
-1 83 The Titans 4 2 8
-1 83 True Ninja 4 2 8
-1 83 Game Changers 4 2 8
-1 83 Sex Sells 4 2 8
-1 88 Bangarang Go Fuck Yourself 4 2 7
-1 88 Xterminators 4 2 7
-1 88 Brew Crew 4 2 7
-1 88 The wolfs of pongstreet 4 2 7
-1 88 AKAK 4 2 7
-1 93 Dirty South 4 2 6
-1 93 My balls your cup 4 2 6
-1 93 Random Hookup 4 2 6
-1 93 Silence Them Haters 4 2 6
-1 97 Team Berzerk 4 2 5
-1 97 Team 245 Imported 4 2 5
-1 99 Red Owl Hooters 4 2 4
-1 100 Nice Party Chuck 4 2 3
-1 100 Super Pong Bros. 4 2 3
-1 100 Charlo for President 4 2 3
-1 100 IN MI Zone 4 2 3
-1 100 She said she was 18 4 2 3
-1 100 Chunder Dragons 4 2 3
-1 106 Alchoballics 4 2 2
-1 106 Biggie Smalls 4 2 2
-1 106 More Cheese 4 2 2
-1 106 SwOosh 4 2 2
-1 106 The Big Red Machine 4 2 2
-1 111 Smang it 4 2 1
-1 112 Get in Your Home Ball 4 2 0
-1 112 Puff Puff Pong 4 2 0
-1 114 Hinkle Daris 4 2 -2
-1 115 Epic Fail 4 2 -4
-1 116 May I suggest the sausage 4 2 -6
-1 117 Twin Towers 3 2 8
-1 118 You Already Know 3 2 3
-1 119 We Dem Barz 3 2 2
-1 120 NW SAVAGES 3 3 8
-1 121 soft cheese hard dick 3 3 7
-1 121 Blunt Smokin Beaners 3 3 7
-1 121 Fireballers 3 3 7
-1 121 Killer instinct 3 3 7
-1 125 Swamp Donkeys 3 3 6
-1 126 LV Elite 3 3 5
-1 126 R.B.P.L 3 3 5
-1 126 Boyer Brothers 3 3 5
-1 129 Beauty and the Thumbless Beast 3 3 4
-1 129 SmyD 3 3 4
-1 129 Nailing Cups Cuz We’re Hammered 3 3 4
-1 132 Steel City Pong 3 3 3
-1 132 DADS Clan 3 3 3
-1 132 Showtime 3 3 3
-1 132 Beer No Evil 3 3 3
-1 132 TEAM POSADA 3 3 3
-1 137 Luxembeergers 3 3 2
-1 137 Kill two Cup with one ball 3 3 2
-1 137 GET WRECKED 3 3 2
-1 137 Alpha Q 3 3 2
-1 137 Southern Invasion 3 3 2
-1 142 Pity the fool 3 3 1
-1 142 Sugar Balls 3 3 1
-1 142 Five Finger Death Cup 3 3 1
-1 145 All white NO hype 3 3 0
-1 145 Fireside Fury 3 3 0
-1 145 Ice Road Chuckers 3 3 0
-1 145 Beer Pong: it’s now or never 3 3 0
-1 149 J’s for Days 3 3 -1
-1 149 Cowbell Fever 3 3 -1
-1 149 BPFJ 3 3 -1
-1 149 Fate Is For Assholes 3 3 -1
-1 149 She’s got it [KR] 3 3 -1
-1 149 We Met on 3 3 -1
-1 155 Cali King Beasts 3 3 -2
-1 155 No Flex Zone 3 3 -2
-1 155 M.B.C. 3 3 -2
-1 155 Man Bear Pig 3 3 -2
-1 155 X squad 3 3 -2
-1 155 kings563 3 3 -2
-1 161 Monsieur 3 3 -3
-1 161 Show Us Your Rack 3 3 -3
-1 161 oil and water 3 3 -3
-1 164 Presents: Stealin cups like we’re in Ferguson 3 3 -4
-1 164 #Showoffs 3 3 -4
-1 164 A&M 3 3 -4
-1 167 Nictoriously Viktorious 3 3 -5
-1 167 Team Bhapp 3 3 -5
-1 167 Monsters INC 3 3 -5
-1 167 Bitch Please, We’re From PG County 3 3 -5
-1 167 Ferda Boyz – DTF 3 3 -5
-1 167 Get In There 3 3 -5
-1 167 Eastern Shore Boys 3 3 -5
-1 167 Jaegermeister 3 3 -5
-1 175 Prestige Worldwide 3 3 -6
-1 176 These Hoes ain’t loyal 3 3 -7
-1 176 GONE GAMBLE WIT IT 3 3 -7
-1 178 hungry hippos 3 3 -8
-1 179 MUffiN StUFFERs 3 3 -9
-1 179 Vols Deep 3 3 -9
-1 181 Sea Quest 3 3 -10
-1 182 The Hungover Games 3 3 -11
-1 183 the drinker 2 3 -1
-1 184 Unfappable 2 4 2
-1 185 U Dub West 2 4 0
-1 185 The Hammer 2 4 0
-1 185 Good Cop, Bad Cop 2 4 0
-1 185 Long Hair Dont Care 2 4 0
-1 189 LIKE A BOMB 2 4 -1
-1 189 Blue Barracudas 2 4 -1
-1 191 Fuckboys presents: God Bless the Dead 2 4 -2
-1 191 Pop a molly, I’m Blazin Woop 2 4 -2
-1 191 Bring Ya Lunch 2 4 -2
-1 194 The Center Cuppers 2 4 -3
-1 194 Troll Patrol 2 4 -3
-1 194 Suited Up 2 4 -3
-1 197 Excalibur’s Edge 2 4 -4
-1 197 Hung Jury 2 4 -4
-1 199 UPL 2 4 -5
-1 199 Fuhrer Wholesale 2 4 -5
-1 199 Chosen Few 2 4 -5
-1 202 presents THHP 2 4 -6
-1 202 Straight Garbage 2 4 -6
-1 202 Wu-Tang 2 4 -6
-1 202 Two Bros One Cup 2 4 -6
-1 202 Steagles 2 4 -6
-1 202 cumn from behind 2 4 -6
-1 202 Balls In Your Face 2 4 -6
-1 209 The Beer Pongowski 2 4 -7
-1 209 FergusonPD 2 4 -7
-1 211 Are We Here 2 4 -8
-1 212 Eggroll & Waffles 2 4 -9
-1 213 Ballzee Tapias 2 4 -10
-1 213 Canada-Cali Connection 2 4 -10
-1 213 A Gentleman and a Scholar 2 4 -10
-1 213 THE CONFEDERATES 2 4 -10
-1 213 Cup Bangerz 2 4 -10
-1 218 Zoltan 2 4 -11
-1 218 The Br0cean 2 4 -11
-1 220 King Pong 2 4 -12
-1 220 Flip the table 2 4 -12
-1 222 Ash2 2 4 -13
-1 223 Team 245 Domestic 2 4 -14
-1 224 Brew Tang Clan 2 4 -15
-1 224 No Fuckin ’til Vegas 2 4 -15
-1 226 NAKA & RAINMAN 2 4 -16
-1 227 Campones De Aire Pong 2 4 -22
-1 228 Windsor JAW 1 5 -6
-1 229 The Double D’s 1 5 -7
-1 229 drunkfest heros 1 5 -7
-1 231 Sex Panther 1 5 -8
-1 232 Team Steak 1 5 -9
-1 232 MOTOWN111 1 5 -9
-1 234 Gimmeurchonies 1 5 -10
-1 234 Dapper Machines 2.0 1 5 -10
-1 234 Peg City B’s 1 5 -10
-1 237 We Both Got A Hall Pass 1 5 -11
-1 237 You Can’t Sit With Us 1 5 -11
-1 237 Perfect Strangers 1 5 -11
-1 240 BeerNado 1 5 -12
-1 240 Sticks ‘n Stones CornDawgs 1 5 -12
-1 242 S.C. Haamlip 1 5 -13
-1 242 Double D’s 1 5 -13
-1 242 suck it lebron 1 5 -13
-1 242 Balls Plopped Menacingly on a Table, Inc. 1 5 -13
-1 242 James and the Giant Puch 1 5 -13
-1 247 Warehouse50 1 5 -14
-1 247 The Erect Walrus Club 1 5 -14
-1 249 Beer drinkers & Hell raisers 1 5 -15
-1 249 Wooglin 1 5 -15
-1 251 Flembroff 1 5 -16
-1 251 The Montana Mulisha 1 5 -16
-1 253 Suicide Kings 1 5 -17
-1 253 Mack & Maguth 1 5 -17
-1 255 PongBurgundy 1 5 -18
-1 256 Janksters Anonymous 1 5 -19
-1 256 The Eh-Team 1 5 -19
-1 256 Cheese 1 5 -19
-1 256 Touch Your Butt 1 5 -19
-1 260 Los Parranderos 1 5 -21
-1 261 Vicious And Delicious 2.0 1 5 -23
-1 262 Where My Pitches At 1 5 -24
-1 263 Smoked Chedda and Beans 1 5 -26
-1 264 Team FarMor 0 5 -15
-1 265 2 Balls deep 0 6 -10
-1 266 Jager Bombers 0 6 -11
-1 267 Slap N’ Tickle 0 6 -13
-1 268 The Knights of the Pong Table 0 6 -15
-1 268 Prairie Fire 0 6 -15
-1 268 Balls & Shafts 0 6 -15
-1 271 Business Men 0 6 -16
-1 272 Flight_Krew 0 6 -17
-1 273 Molly Jane Molly Whopper 0 6 -18
-1 273 The Wizard and the Kid 0 6 -18
-1 273 Pong Bay 0 6 -18
-1 273 Tallanasty 0 6 -18
-1 273 Team AwesomlyAkward 0 6 -18
-1 273 Cowboy Butts Drive Me Nuts 0 6 -18
-1 273 Cutting Edge 0 6 -18
-1 273 P.T.P. 0 6 -18
-1 273 Team E.V.I.L. 0 6 -18
-1 273 2 Guys Sinking 10 Cups 0 6 -18
-1 283 Tom and Nick 0 6 -20
-1 284 Junglist Soldiers 0 6 -21
-1 284 I dedicate this team to Matt Phillips 0 6 -21
-1 284 Finger Puppet Mafia 0 6 -21
-1 287 Durty Gurls 0 6 -22
-1 287 Beer Pressure 0 6 -22
-1 287 Pussy Generals 0 6 -22
-1 290 Fighting Zoidbergs 0 6 -25
-1 290 Minimum Height Requirement 0 6 -25
-1 292 Pong All Day Long 0 6 -27
-1 293 Suk It 0 6 -28
-1 294 Jason & Jukes 0 6 -30
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‘Twas the Week Before The WSOBP X…

While many are celebrating the night before Christmas, here at BPONG we are celebrating the week before The WSOBP X.  For those counting down with us, here is a twist on the classic ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.”  Enjoy!


'Twas the Week before WSOBP X cover photo


’Twas the Week before The WSOBP X…

‘Twas the week before The World Series of Beer Pong

When all through the Las Vegas strip,

Every beer ponging creature had been practicing,

And reading up on every BPONG toss tip;

The little white balls were disinfected with care,

In hopes that no nasty ass germs would be found there;

The distraction costumes laid out across the feet of their beds,

As visions of BPONG models holding pitchers danced in their heads;

And the BPONGing lady competitors were getting excited, too,

If they won the $50k, whatever with the money shall they do?!

The BPONG tables lined up sparkling, having just been scoured clean,

The racks hold BPONG cups neatly, this competition will be mean;

The Riviera maids cleaned the rooms and folded down the sheets,

They are BPONG elves helping make the stay a special treat;

The amazing WSOBP X DJ has handpicked the best party tunes,

We’ve all been waiting for this moment for many a Blue Moons;

Side events for girls only, guys only, too,

Screw it, let’s play house rules out of the blue;

While New Years Eve magic blankets the Las Vegas Strip,

And the countdown clock ticks as the strong liquor drips;

The men put on their ties and women slide into dresses,

As we say goodbye to the year and goodbye to our stresses;

Assuming we survive the debauchery the strip offers us,

We’ll have game faces ready as we arrive at The WSOBP X fuss;

Our fresh player wristbands will be gross in no time,

As we wear them for days, you won’t hear us whine;

Excited for our schedules, to see who we will play,

Crossing fingers for a VIP drink package to brighten up our day;

After a year of waiting, we’re thrilled The WSOBP X has arrived,

We plan on whooping ass, that $50k is ours, our team is on fire!

The announcer voice booms through the halls, players running amuck,

“Merry World Series of Beer Pong to all! And to all the best of luck!”

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The WSOBP X Official Team List

Check out all of the teams and players that will be competing at this year’s World Series of Beer Pong X, January 1-5 at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.*  Who do you think will be crowned this year’s World Champion of Beer Pong, walking away with ultimate bragging rights and a cool $50k?
(*Team listing is as of 12-23-2014.)

#DirtySlutMagik Allie Stevenson
#DirtySlutMagik Tyler Spencer
#Showoffs Kevin McClendon
#Showoffs Matt Hicks
2 Balls deep Tommy Conatser
2 Balls deep william conatser
2 cold ass nigga’s named snoop Roland Yell
2 cold ass nigga’s named snoop Nicholas Trupiano
A Gentleman and a Scholar Daniel Thomas
A Gentleman and a Scholar jeffrey richardson
A N O SHOW Andrew Pichardo
A N O SHOW Oskar Sandoval
A&M Anthony Piazza
A&M Miguel Gonzalez
AKAK Alphonse Marcello
AKAK Paris Yaffe
Alchoballics Chad Williams
Alchoballics Tyler Evans
All We Do Is Climb Mountains Charles Gerber
All We Do Is Climb Mountains Joseph Williams
Alpha Q Ryan Avery
Alpha Q Tyler Pilgrim
Are We Here adam menta
Are We Here Jesse Peterson
Ash2 Ashley Franke
Ash2 Ashlyn Tendler
Balls & Shafts Alex Smith
Balls & Shafts Ryan Cabrera
Balls In Your Face Abi Wright
Balls In Your Face Kevin “Mestre” Zacaula
Balls Plopped Menacingly on a Table, Inc. Jeffrey Honeychurch
Balls Plopped Menacingly on a Table, Inc. Matthew Honeychurch
Ballzee Tapias Allan Tapia
Ballzee Tapias Mario Tapia
Bangarang Go Fuck Yourself Floyd Galloway
Bangarang Go Fuck Yourself Matthew Hoag
Beer drinkers & Hell raisers richard sandoval
Beer drinkers & Hell raisers Zach Holdaway
Beer No Evil Jason Scherr
Beer No Evil Pete Martinez
Beer Pong Cracks Clemens Foerg
Beer Pong Cracks Fabian Raphael Held
Beer Pong: it’s now or never nicolas dalbin
Beer Pong: it’s now or never Vian Bui
Beer Pressure Daniel Johnson
Beer Pressure Joshua Strack
Beer View Mirrors Josh Cain
Beer View Mirrors Matthew Morrison
Beernado Joseph Napoli
Beernado Justin Morford
Better Late Then Pregnant #TheAvenue Jay Taylor
Better Late Then Pregnant #TheAvenue Shawn Mitchell
Big Nasty ShoTime! David Eisele
Big Nasty ShoTime! Terry Cline
Biggie Smalls Kimberly Breen
Biggie Smalls Nathaniel Timberlake
Bitch Please, We’re From PG County Andressa Wainwright
Bitch Please, We’re From PG County Kenny Jennings
Blitzkrieg Brandon Marx
Blitzkrieg kevin kessler
Blue Barracudas Cody Madsen
Blue Barracudas Matt Thompson
Blunt Smokin Beaners Christian cortes
Blunt Smokin Beaners OSCAR VILLASENOR
Boom Goes the Dynamite Michael Gramer
Boom Goes the Dynamite Ryan Rossell presents THHP brandon juracek presents THHP Jeff Eichelberger presents: Fireball Brendan Dyelle presents: Fireball Brian Osborn
Boyer Brothers Cody Boyer
Boyer Brothers Cory Boyer
BPFJ Iguchi Shuuichi
BPFJ Nakano Tomokazu
Brew Crew Cody Lachapelle
Brew Crew Taylor Lamothe
Bring Ya Lunch Andrew Bruinsma
Bring Ya Lunch Eastin Johnson
Business Men Craig Jasinski
Business Men Mario DiMercurio
Cali King Beasts Michael Gonzalez
Cali King Beasts Ricardo Rubalcaba
Campones De Aire Pong Joe Banks
Campones De Aire Pong Quentin Jennings
Charlo for President Candi Squartsoff
Charlo for President Lisa Squartsoff
Cheese Chris Sponzo
Cheese Joshua Burke
Chosen Few Ivan Rubio Cruz
Chosen Few Jonathan Mendoza
Chunder Dragons Calum MacKay
Chunder Dragons Mitchell Adams
Cloud 9 Brandon Nolan
Cloud 9 Justin Nolan
Coat Hanger Assassins David Pascarella
Coat Hanger Assassins Nick carbonetto
Cosmic Pulse Dylan Leuck
Cosmic Pulse Richard Ponder
Cowbell Fever Ho Yeol Yi
Cowbell Fever Sunkung Choi
cumn from behind steven hawley
cumn from behind Billy Jo Andrews
Cup Bangerz Alton Morris
Cup Bangerz Dustin Morton
Cutting Edge Jessie Richardson
Cutting Edge Todd James
DADS Clan Brock Reich
DADS Clan Tyler Sparks
Day and Night Chris Johnson
Day and Night Jordan Olivares
Diamonds In The Dark Christopher Cross
Diamonds In The Dark Nicholas Fitzgerald
Dirty South Rob Bailey
Dirty South Taylor brunken
Do it for the Fans James Taylor
Do it for the Fans James Riebl
Dong and Thong Dexter Eng
Dong and Thong Sara Schuetz
Double D’s Daniel Brennan
Double D’s Deontai Price
drunkfest heros josh eager
drunkfest heros Glen Robitaille
Durty Gurls Hunter Crook
Durty Gurls Michael Center
Eastern Shore Boys Calvin west
Eastern Shore Boys James Stowe
Eggroll & Waffles Jay Ward
Eggroll & Waffles Matthew Cisneros
Epic Fail Anthony Quirion
Epic Fail Jonathan Mercier
Erika and Nicole Erika Newcomb
Erika and Nicole Nicole Evans
Excalibur’s Edge Joseph O’Connor
Excalibur’s Edge Mikol Muriel
Fanduelin Mark Pimentel
Fanduelin michael seivert
Fate Is For Assholes Gary Arman
Fate Is For Assholes Mike Caracciola
Ferda Boyz – DTF Brad Baranowski
Ferda Boyz – DTF Frankie Kohut
FergusonPD Erich Wisdom
FergusonPD Kyle Eakins
Fighting Zoidbergs Brian Deason
Fighting Zoidbergs Ian Kennedy
Finger Puppet Mafia Andrew Lewis
Finger Puppet Mafia chris Long
Fireballers Kurt Shores
Fireballers Touissaint Rhone
Fireside Fury Jessica Pastre
Fireside Fury Paul Iannucci
Fitz(s) Brian Fitzgerald
Fitz(s) Mark Fitzgerald
Five Finger Death Cup Ahmed Shalabi
Five Finger Death Cup John Crooks
Flawless Victory Nick Syrigos
Flawless Victory Ross Hampton
Flembroff Joshua Fleming
Flembroff Rob Hembroff
Flight_Krew Darren Criswell
Flight_Krew Jairo Rubio
Flip the table Adam Hicks
Flip the table Michael Palastro
Forever Young buddy young
Forever Young Roxanne Huewe
Fuckboys Presents: Blacked the Fuck Out Adriel Avila
Fuckboys Presents: Blacked the Fuck Out Thomas Hoistad
Fuckboys presents: God Bless the Dead Sean Ashe
Fuckboys presents: God Bless the Dead Trevor McMaster
Fuhrer Wholesale JOHN GLOECKL
Fuhrer Wholesale RYAN TEIERLE
Get in Your Home Ball Dave De Poto
Get in Your Home Ball Steve Wood
GET WRECKED richard germano
GET WRECKED sean devaynes
Gimmeurchonies Bobby Martinez
Gimmeurchonies Joe Fernandez
GONE GAMBLE WIT IT Andrew Jamieson
GONE GAMBLE WIT IT Eliot Browarsky
Good Cop, Bad Cop Edward Cho
Good Cop, Bad Cop Jason Wong
Happy Land Cody Juarez
Happy Land Robert Lewis
Hinkle Daris Brian Hinkle
Hinkle Daris Chris Daris
Hit me with those laser beams eddie caraza
Hit me with those laser beams Ryan Smith
Hung Jury Josh Fein
Hung Jury Logan Sliva
hungry hippos Robert Slavik jr
hungry hippos Jerrod Dauper
I dedicate this team to Matt Phillips Christopher Benedict
I dedicate this team to Matt Phillips Eric Finkelstein
Ice Road Chuckers Matthew Russell
Ice Road Chuckers Stephen Giovanetto
ILL Boys Anthony Suarez
ILL Boys Travis Terrell
I’m gonna make it so dry for you Dave Erickson
I’m gonna make it so dry for you Joshua Rahall
IN MI Zone Jonathan Marczak
IN MI Zone Paul Dausman
Its Nasty Time Justin Kosta
Its Nasty Time Nicklaus Norman
Jaegermeister Jerry Kelly
Jaegermeister Nicholas Rosemarino
Jager Bombers Brandon Rabon
Jager Bombers Josh Boyce
James and the Giant Puch James Malone
James and the Giant Puch Michael Puchowski
Janksters Anonymous James Roach
Janksters Anonymous Zakary Corsi
Jason & Jukes Jason Dantona
Jason & Jukes Jure Jukic
J’s for Days Jonathan Perez
J’s for Days Jordon LeJeune
Junglist Soldiers Dean Holt
Junglist Soldiers Paul Champkins
Justin Cider Gloria Stits Amy Awrey
Justin Cider Gloria Stits Robert Awrey
Kick rocks Dynasty Justin Spurrier
Kick rocks Dynasty mike wan
Kill two Cup with one ball Kenneth Tso Kit Keung
Kill two Cup with one ball Michael Adams
Killer instinct Ramon Rivera
Killer instinct todd felder
kings563 jose salas
kings563 chris wiegand
LET EM R.I.P. Cameron Johnson
LET EM R.I.P. Tyler Davis
Lions Among Men Hunter Kelly
Lions Among Men Zach Massa
Liver Let Die Anish Patel
Liver Let Die Matthew Quinlan
Long Hair Dont Care Joseph STAMPER
Long Hair Dont Care skyler saltern
Long Island Ice Tea’s with Poindexter Edan Hemphill
Long Island Ice Tea’s with Poindexter TYLER HOLT
Los Parranderos Luis Vega
Los Parranderos Paul Navarro
Luxembeergers Gareth Peters
Luxembeergers Richard Grundy
Mack & Maguth Ian Mack
Mack & Maguth Jonathan Maguth
Man Bear Pig Dominick Catinella
Man Bear Pig Jon Ongstad
May I suggest the sausage Jeff Willet
May I suggest the sausage Michael Curtis
Minimum Height Requirement Johnny Jackson
Minimum Height Requirement Ricky Gonzales
Monsieur jean-philippe ouellet
Monsieur Olivier Tanguay
Monsters INC joseph hocaloski
Monsters INC nemanja miskin
More Cheese Ashlee Daoust
More Cheese Dylan Parker-Roach
MOTOWN111 Ben Arave
MOTOWN111 Joe Delgado
My balls your cup David Lopez
My balls your cup Richard Jess
Nailing Cups Cuz We’re Hammered Eric Held
Nailing Cups Cuz We’re Hammered Mike McGrath
NAKA & RAINMAN Daniel Nakagawa
NAKA & RAINMAN Mike Sullivan
Nice Party Chuck Leland Harris
Nice Party Chuck Tyler Rogge
Nictoriously Viktorious Nicollette Saucier
Nictoriously Viktorious Vikram Bhattal
No Flex Zone Ashley Braa
No Flex Zone Vanessa Roehm
No Fuckin ’til Vegas Julie Gower
No Fuckin ’til Vegas Thomas Raby
No Ragrets Christopher Arrigo
No Ragrets Victor Rodriguez
not that good jamie gomez
not that good chris camacho
Now Or Never!!! Andrew Breech
Now Or Never!!! Luis Ochoa
OuT FoR VENGEANCE Deep Chakrabarty
OuT FoR VENGEANCE joseph R. giammarino
P.T.P. Joe Nuss
P.T.P. Michael Cavataio
Peg City B’s Megan Swain
Peg City B’s Robin Bezys
Pick Your Poison Brad Mosdell
Pick Your Poison Michael Popielarski
Pink Ranger Blackout Mission Dane Ellis
Pink Ranger Blackout Mission Matthew White
Pity the fool Kris Fraser
Pity the fool Michael Vitiello
Pong All Day Long Cody Eastlick
Pong All Day Long Michael Duke
Pong Bay Eric Edwards
Pong Bay Matthew Geib
Pop a molly, I’m Blazin Woop jimmy glenn
Pop a molly, I’m Blazin Woop Luis Arevalo
Prairie Fire Justin Swain
Prairie Fire Micheal Frank
Prestige Worldwide Luke Norman
Prestige Worldwide Ryan Renaud
Pretty Sneaky Branden Moyle
Pretty Sneaky Casey Costa
Prophecy Belongs Cody Ryan
Prophecy Belongs Rob Dix
Puff Puff Pong Brandi Wrathall
Puff Puff Pong Ethan Wald
Purple Cobras Brendan Scalley
Purple Cobras Edwin Nieves
Pussy Generals Justin Foster
Pussy Generals khris tuck
R.B.P.L John Runkle
Random Hookup Chris Gracia
Random Hookup Trevor Banks
Red Owl Hooters Austin Keffeler
Red Owl Hooters Blake Smiley
Remember The Name Kenneth Jennings
Remember The Name Paul Bashaw
Ridin’ D’s Strokin’ 3’s daniel fox
Ridin’ D’s Strokin’ 3’s Pat Mcglynn
S.C. Haamlip Stef van den Brandt
S.C. Haamlip Tom Willemssen
Scrub A Dub Will Cox
Scrub A Dub Zachary Scott
Sea Quest Rodrigo Gorbet
Sea Quest Troy Cairns
Sex Panther Richard Herr
Sex Panther Tara Herr
Sex Sells Corey Sandoval
Sex Sells Dan Smith
She said she was 18 Kristopher Nelson
She said she was 18 Noel Amador
Sheriff Feed Randy Mowen
Sheriff Feed TJ Robinson
She’s got it [KR] stephanie clark
She’s got it [KR] thomas fitch
Show Us Your Rack Roger Wiltse
Show Us Your Rack Travis Bickford
Showtime Cody Fetchik
Showtime Jordan Olszewski
Silence Them Haters Dylan Partridge
Silence Them Haters Taylor` Allen
Sin City Soldiers Alex Konya
Sin City Soldiers Jason Cordero
Slap N’ Tickle Gabriella Juhos
Slap N’ Tickle TIM O’BOYLE
Slaughtering The Fat Kid Jeremy Hughes
Slaughtering The Fat Kid Michael Orr
SLC’S FINEST Ryan Perrine
Smang it Kevin stoops
Smang it richard lopez
Smoked Chedda and Beans Chase Anderson
Smoked Chedda and Beans David Carlson
SmyD Justin Miller
SmyD Scott Powers Powers
soft cheese hard dick Michael Woodburn
soft cheese hard dick bryce Turner
Southern Connection Cameron Chappell
Southern Connection Seth Beglis
Southern Invasion Adrian Gonzalez
Southern Invasion Andrew Hill
Splash Brothers Daniel Ortiz
Splash Brothers Scott Simon
Steagles Brian Fay
Steagles Robert Bevilacqua
Stealin cups like we’re in Ferguson Brett Booms
Stealin cups like we’re in Ferguson Lester Marks
Steel City Pong Adam Bayliche
Steel City Pong james horan
Sticks ‘n Stones CornDawgs Michael McGonegle
Sticks ‘n Stones CornDawgs Travis Nanke
Straight Flexxin Daniel Franklin
Straight Flexxin Justin Redfield
Straight Garbage john anderson
Straight Garbage Michael Waltz
Stretch Armstrong Christopher Jacobsen
Stretch Armstrong Craig Smith
studs with suds spencer samaro
studs with suds richard diaz
suck it lebron burton johnson
suck it lebron shae johsnon
Sugar Balls Jennifer Jenkins
Sugar Balls Kien Trieu
Suicide Kings Kevin conroy
Suicide Kings thomas conroy
Suited Up Marko Nikolic
Suited Up Peter Farinha
Suk It Ball Sinker
Suk It cliff brainard
Super Pong Bros. Erice Smith
Super Pong Bros. Vernon Smith
Swamp Donkeys Chase Cutler
Swamp Donkeys Cody Jonez
SwOosh Alisha Jariwala
SwOosh Matthew Ferrigno
Take The Shot Chris sherwood
Take The Shot David Glaser
Talk is Cheap David Wissbrun
Talk is Cheap Stephen Haikio
Tallanasty Josh Lindsay
Tallanasty Nick Gutschmit
TD4W Joshua Schwent
TD4W Kyle Eller
Team 245 Domestic Brian Roby
Team 245 Domestic david abraham
Team 245 Imported Alex Rivers
Team 245 Imported Cory Hall
Team AwesomlyAkward Marius Elvemo Waage
Team AwesomlyAkward Steffen Norum
Team Berzerk John Casagranda
Team Berzerk Kyle Coryell
Team Bhapp Jerrod Kuhlman
Team Bhapp Travis Cavazos
Team Booty Smell Good Doe Holden Ferdenzi
Team Booty Smell Good Doe Smith Williams
Team FarMor Geir Illing Nordvik
Team FarMor Nils Larsen
Team Money Shot Dominic Boggeri
Team Money Shot Jordan Ries
TEAM POSADA Ricky Posada
Team RamRod Chris Nixon
Team RamRod Tyson Powell
Team Shitty City Nippers Co Allan Kristensen
Team Shitty City Nippers Co Christian Lind
Team Steak Kyle John Blake
Team Steak Matthew Protas
Team Z Richard Zabrzenski
Team Z Steven Zabrzenski
The Beer Pongowski David Lovell
The Beer Pongowski Glen Henderson
The Big Red Machine Michael Rocco
The Big Red Machine Patrick Heffernan
The Br0cean Douglas Polk
The Br0cean Roger Casey
The Center Cuppers Cooper Ferguson
The Center Cuppers franklin Lytle
The Double D’s Daniel Rego
The Double D’s Darrell Canady
the drinker pier-olivier Roy
the drinker David Veilleux
The Eh-Team Kevin Knight
The Eh-Team Kugan Wight
The Great White Cavalier Brent Saale
The Great White Cavalier Johnny Fourdyce
The Greatest Show On Earth Brandon Herbert
The Greatest Show On Earth Solomon Hall
The Hammer Patrick Murphy
The Hammer Ray Dishen
The Hungover Games Paul Newnham
The Hungover Games Ray Burton
The Knights of the Pong Table Adrian McGowan
The Knights of the Pong Table Drew Portnell
The Montana Mulisha Jessie Herwick
The Montana Mulisha Josh Jensen
The Splash Brothers Cody Castle
The Splash Brothers Nash Lockie
The Titans Carl Smith
The Titans Jaryd Wilson
the touch of death Scott Muller
the touch of death adam conrad
The Versace Pythons Alex Wolf
The Versace Pythons Taylor Fawley
The wolfs of pongstreet Matt Martin
The wolfs of pongstreet Wade Duman
These Hoes ain’t loyal lipho thirakul
These Hoes ain’t loyal matt malnoske
This One Is For Jesus Eric Neiser
This One Is For Jesus Louis Mantone
TNT Christopher Kingsbury
TNT Sven Anderson
Tom and Nick Nicholas Porcaro
Tom and Nick Thomas Davis
Touch Your Butt James Schwerdtman
Touch Your Butt Thomas Mayell
Tread Lightly Carlo Thomas
Tread Lightly Ross M. Wayman
True Ninja Alexandre Roy
True Ninja Simon-Jacques.Bouchard Bouchard
Twin Towers Florian Möltzner
Twin Towers Tobias Möltzner
Two Bros One Cup Owen Wendland
Two Bros One Cup Sean Bachelder
U Dub West Alex Hicks
U Dub West Doug Hoff
unfappable Taylor Ortiz
unfappable Michael Squires
UPL Bobby wise
UPL Brian Moore
Virginia Beer Pong Presents Big Mark and Reap mark pettitt
Virginia Beer Pong Presents Big Mark and Reap Thomas Reap
Vols Deep Kevin Bach
Vols Deep Robby Dupuis
Warehouse50 Eric Pustay
Warehouse50 Ryan Reese
We Both Got A Hall Pass Breena Smith
We Both Got A Hall Pass Ted Wainwright
We Dem Barz Adrian Damasco IV
We Dem Barz Roland Ortiz
We Met on aaron smith
We Met on ronald hamilton
Wetback Wasted David Talamantez Jr.
Wetback Wasted James Alanis
White Gypsies Michael Kloiber
White Gypsies Nathaniel Spears
Whoops Keith Yackley
Whoops William Frew
Windsor JAW Philip Colomy
Windsor JAW Thomas Borrego
Wooglin Christopher Bourgeois
Wooglin Joseph Tedesco
Wu-Tang Craig Palmisano
Wu-Tang Ryan Conley
X squad Edgardo Ortiz
X squad Nicholas Bland
Xterminators Danny George
Xterminators Justin Larsen
You Already Know John Rogan
You Already Know Leonardo Rubio
You Can’t Sit With Us Chelsie Dallman
You Can’t Sit With Us rachel goldsmith
Zoltan Eric Medrano
Zoltan jarrett pepaj


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Why No Late Registrations for The WSOBP X?

We wanted to post definitive answers to a few questions that we kept getting.

1. We heard there are No Late Registrations this year, but there always have been in the past. Can we just register late.

The short answer is no there will not be late registrations, unless you want to pay a lot more in a few weeks.

This year, we are working with a new casino/hotel, and while the new location has many advantages for the players and our event experience, the dates of this event are unique in that they fall on the weekend after New Years Eve.

We therefore do not expect the Riviera to be able to extend our deadline, but on the off chance that they do, the prices will be going WAY UP.

>>> Solution : Click Here To Register Now. Only 6 Days Left to Sign Up! <<<


2. What’s the Deal with Hotels on this $299 Package?

We were able to get this $299 option approved without hotel, which we can likely extend. However, the floor plans are due to the fire marshal on Dec. 12, so we will only be able to accommodate additional registrations if the floor plan we submit allows us to do so.

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Shit Gets Real: Anticipation Grows for World Series of Beer Pong X

The month before The WSOBP is one the most exciting times for any kind of beer pong player.  For the casual player, the idea of going to Las Vegas for a week of drinking, debauchery, gambling and a little bit of beer pong is exciting enough.  For the serious player, The WSOBP is the culmination of something much more…

In just about a month and a half, hundreds of beer pong players will travel to the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Sin City for The World Series of Beer Pong X, a chance for the $50,000 Grand Prize and ultimate bragging rights.

We are approaching one of the most exciting times for any kind of beer pong player – the month before The WSOBP.  For the casual player, the idea of going to Las Vegas for a week of drinking, debauchery, gambling, and a little bit of beer pong is exciting enough.  For the serious player, The WSOBP is the culmination of something much more.

Starting with that first beer pong tournament we play in late winter or early spring, most of us have our eyes on the $50,000 WSOBP prize.  You start to put feelers out for serious partners and look for the players that will help carry you deep into the tournament.  You start the difficult task of finding and winning a Satellite event to pay for your trip, or if you are one of the top players, amassing a collection of bids to sell to your friends and anyone looking for a discount.  Partnerships are formed and friendships are strained, all for the chance to be the ones holding that novelty check at the end of the day on January 4th.

But things change in the final month leading up to The WSOBP.  Shit gets real.  When that deadline approaches, it becomes time to put up or shut up.  You find out if that dude who has been swearing for months that he will play with you really will, or if you need to scramble at the last minute to find a capable partner.  You put in that vacation time at the last second with your boss and hold your breath that it gets approved.  You start looking for the cheapest flights possible, even if you need to switch planes four times to get to Las Vegas (unless of course you win the entire trip)

One of the best parts of signing up for The WSOBP is simply signing up.  You’re actually going to The World Series of Beer Pong!  You can breathe a sigh of relief and just worry about the holidays and getting ready for Vegas.  You start sending Facebook messages to the guys you haven’t kept in touch with often to find out if they are going, when they are going, and who they are playing with.  Beer pong players are giddy like school girls the month before The WSOBP.  For a lot of us, it’s the only time of the year we can get away with practicing beer pong every night of the week without getting in trouble or landing in the doghouse.


The greatest thing about the month before The WSOBP is that, for right now, it’s anyone’s game.  Have you ever noticed that almost everyone thinks they are the greatest beer pong player in the world?  Sure, there’s trash talk and altercations in other sports, but I think we see so much of it in beer pong because most players genuinely think they are the best.  We’ll throw down $100 for a cash game without thinking about it because we don’t expect to lose.  We’ll qualify our losses by making excuses or blaming our partners.

We think we’re either the best or capable of being the best.  And unless you’re heading out to The WSOBP just to dress as a woman, wear a costume or just black out, you think you are going to win.  Have you ever seen someone post a Facebook status on January 1st that said, “Heading to Las Vegas to not win $50,000 playing beer pong”?

The month of excitement ends on January 1st.  You’re there.  You’re checked in and you have the list of teams you play.  You start sizing up your competition and asking anyone and everyone for scouting reports on them.  And when you get herded into the ballroom like cattle and they call those first games over the speakers, you know it’s time to work.  The butterflies in your stomach go away, the beer tastes delicious, and all is right with the world.

Of those hundreds of players heading out to The WSOBP X, only two will be able to win that final game of the tournament and hold up that big ass check.  The rest of us get to sulk on our flights home, swear off playing beer pong for good, and suffer through the almost guaranteed chance of being sick with the “Pong Flu.”

But for right now, there’s excitement in the air. It’s anyone’s game.




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Dominate Beer Pong with Halloween Boobs: The Art of Distraction

Let’s learn something from bird flocks, sports teams, and street gangs: Uniformity means sticking together.
Additionally, you looking like a damn fool serves as a great distraction for your opposing beer pong team. Let us explain.

We all know the art of distraction within a high-pressure beer pong game is a team trait that could serve as the straw that breaks your opponents’ backs. The higher your beer pong level gets, the more complex your distraction tactics must be. Save the waving of the hands over cups while your opponents toss for the amateur basement parties.

Another component of beer pong, most sensible for higher level players, involves that of camaraderie. Feeling supported by your fellow players and having them feel supported by you is the basis of family, and family is what you should feel like to truly excel. We’ve seen it before. High-stake tournaments where skill levels are ridiculous, and one negative emotional rift between teammates gives the whole game to the opposing, positively encouraging team. Wah wah.

In our attempts to improve your beer pong game in every way, our researchers at BPONG.COM believe costumes take these concepts to the next level. Without having to say a word to your opponent, your silly and maybe-even-obnoxious costumes will speak volumes. Imagine this: your team is in The World Series of Beer Pong finals. The glittery Las Vegas energy is coursing through the veins of every WSOBP attendant while the tension rises rapidly. Either you or your opponents will be going home with $50,000. The other team got matching shirts made. Is that a team logo I see? That’s legit. Somewhat intimidating even. What did you do to keep up? Simple.


Your girlfriends broke out their hot glue guns and you bought yards of felt and stuffing. After crafting the most beautifully symmetrical nipples as cherries on top, you are ready to go as the most infamous pair in history – boobs. Your eyes don’t leave your opponents’ tossing hands. You only smirk when you’ve made a shot. Your game is fierce, but your costume yells, WE ARE FUN AS HELL. The crowd giggles and cheers as you waddle around, making cup after cup, serving as an active thorn in the side of your opponents. Every shot you make hits them a little harder, because, after all, they’re getting whooped by a pair of titties, for lack of a better word. There is no better word.

What better time to start considering costumes than Halloween time? The World Series of Beer Pong is two months away, and as you know, Halloween is this week. Savvy BPONGers: Choose your Halloween costume wisely so it can double as your game-changing World Series of Beer Pong distraction tool. Chicks love savvy dudes.