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Quarantined: Virtual Beer Pong Championships –> OGP Qualifier Tournament Recap

Ocean Grown Pong (OGP) hosted a Virtual Beer Pong Championship’s qualifier tournament this past Saturday, July 18th.

The tournament was capped at 25 players and sold out with player representation from 9 U.S. States and 6 Countries from around the world!

This OGP qualifier introduced the X-Factor tournament format to the professional beer pong community and it did not disappoint. After a bit of a scramble to start from having to transfer the tournament over to the Zoom platform because of technical difficulties with using Facebook Rooms, the pods were underway!

IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: Due to the technical issues experienced, the Main Event of the Quarantined: Virtual Beer Pong Championships will now take place on Zoom instead of Facebook Rooms.

Round 1

Round 1 produced pod winners from Japan, Las Vegas, Indonesia and two players from California. 

Round 2

As the tournament progressed into Round 2, it seeded all players into new pods based on each players pod 1 standing. Though, the seeding is different than a traditional seeding structure. In this format, all players who placed 1st in their Round 1 pod were grouped together for their Round 2 pod. All players who got 2nd in Round 1 were grouped together for Round 2 and so forth through 5th place. This levels the playing field a bit for those players who may not have as much experience as others that are participating, thus allowing them a greater opportunity to advance deeper into a tournament than they may have otherwise done.

Round 2 produced pod winners from California, Chicago, Louisiana and two players from Washington state. 

These would be the players who would battle it out in the Final Pod of the tournament for rights to a qualified entry into the Q:VBPC.

The Final Pod

After a bit of controversy in Game 3 of the Final Pod, Daniel Osborne from Tacoma, Washington emerged victorious after a Game 5 win over Jacob D’Andrea! Jacob took 2nd place in the tournament.

Daniel’s cumulative record through all three Rounds was an outstanding 10-2, having beat his opponents by a combined 25 cups during that stretch. 

OGP Qualifier Winner: Daniel Osborne
Daniel Osborne wins qualified entry for BPONG.COM’s Quarantined: Virtual Beer Pong Championships.

Play in OGP’s Next Qualifier

Ocean Grown Pong will be hosting another qualifier on July 23rd at 6:00pm PDT to give players one last chance to earn a qualified entry into this weekend’s Quarantined: Virtual Beer Pong Championships

If you’d like to participate, please make sure you join the Facebook group (Beer) Pong Players of the World, follow Ocean Grown Pong and make sure you have created a Zoom account for yourself. 

This qualifier will also be capped at 25 players so REGISTER NOW to secure your spot!

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