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Why No Late Registrations for The WSOBP X?

We wanted to post definitive answers to a few questions that we kept getting.

1. We heard there are No Late Registrations this year, but there always have been in the past. Can we just register late.

The short answer is no there will not be late registrations, unless you want to pay a lot more in a few weeks.

This year, we are working with a new casino/hotel, and while the new location has many advantages for the players and our event experience, the dates of this event are unique in that they fall on the weekend after New Years Eve.

We therefore do not expect the Riviera to be able to extend our deadline, but on the off chance that they do, the prices will be going WAY UP.

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2. What’s the Deal with Hotels on this $299 Package?

We were able to get this $299 option approved without hotel, which we can likely extend. However, the floor plans are due to the fire marshal on Dec. 12, so we will only be able to accommodate additional registrations if the floor plan we submit allows us to do so.

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