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The WSOBP X Official Team List

Check out all of the teams and players that will be competing at this year’s World Series of Beer Pong X, January 1-5 at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.*  Who do you think will be crowned this year’s World Champion of Beer Pong, walking away with ultimate bragging rights and a cool $50k?
(*Team listing is as of 12-23-2014.)

#DirtySlutMagik Allie Stevenson
#DirtySlutMagik Tyler Spencer
#Showoffs Kevin McClendon
#Showoffs Matt Hicks
2 Balls deep Tommy Conatser
2 Balls deep william conatser
2 cold ass nigga’s named snoop Roland Yell
2 cold ass nigga’s named snoop Nicholas Trupiano
A Gentleman and a Scholar Daniel Thomas
A Gentleman and a Scholar jeffrey richardson
A N O SHOW Andrew Pichardo
A N O SHOW Oskar Sandoval
A&M Anthony Piazza
A&M Miguel Gonzalez
AKAK Alphonse Marcello
AKAK Paris Yaffe
Alchoballics Chad Williams
Alchoballics Tyler Evans
All We Do Is Climb Mountains Charles Gerber
All We Do Is Climb Mountains Joseph Williams
Alpha Q Ryan Avery
Alpha Q Tyler Pilgrim
Are We Here adam menta
Are We Here Jesse Peterson
Ash2 Ashley Franke
Ash2 Ashlyn Tendler
Balls & Shafts Alex Smith
Balls & Shafts Ryan Cabrera
Balls In Your Face Abi Wright
Balls In Your Face Kevin “Mestre” Zacaula
Balls Plopped Menacingly on a Table, Inc. Jeffrey Honeychurch
Balls Plopped Menacingly on a Table, Inc. Matthew Honeychurch
Ballzee Tapias Allan Tapia
Ballzee Tapias Mario Tapia
Bangarang Go Fuck Yourself Floyd Galloway
Bangarang Go Fuck Yourself Matthew Hoag
Beer drinkers & Hell raisers richard sandoval
Beer drinkers & Hell raisers Zach Holdaway
Beer No Evil Jason Scherr
Beer No Evil Pete Martinez
Beer Pong Cracks Clemens Foerg
Beer Pong Cracks Fabian Raphael Held
Beer Pong: it’s now or never nicolas dalbin
Beer Pong: it’s now or never Vian Bui
Beer Pressure Daniel Johnson
Beer Pressure Joshua Strack
Beer View Mirrors Josh Cain
Beer View Mirrors Matthew Morrison
Beernado Joseph Napoli
Beernado Justin Morford
Better Late Then Pregnant #TheAvenue Jay Taylor
Better Late Then Pregnant #TheAvenue Shawn Mitchell
Big Nasty ShoTime! David Eisele
Big Nasty ShoTime! Terry Cline
Biggie Smalls Kimberly Breen
Biggie Smalls Nathaniel Timberlake
Bitch Please, We’re From PG County Andressa Wainwright
Bitch Please, We’re From PG County Kenny Jennings
Blitzkrieg Brandon Marx
Blitzkrieg kevin kessler
Blue Barracudas Cody Madsen
Blue Barracudas Matt Thompson
Blunt Smokin Beaners Christian cortes
Blunt Smokin Beaners OSCAR VILLASENOR
Boom Goes the Dynamite Michael Gramer
Boom Goes the Dynamite Ryan Rossell presents THHP brandon juracek presents THHP Jeff Eichelberger presents: Fireball Brendan Dyelle presents: Fireball Brian Osborn
Boyer Brothers Cody Boyer
Boyer Brothers Cory Boyer
BPFJ Iguchi Shuuichi
BPFJ Nakano Tomokazu
Brew Crew Cody Lachapelle
Brew Crew Taylor Lamothe
Bring Ya Lunch Andrew Bruinsma
Bring Ya Lunch Eastin Johnson
Business Men Craig Jasinski
Business Men Mario DiMercurio
Cali King Beasts Michael Gonzalez
Cali King Beasts Ricardo Rubalcaba
Campones De Aire Pong Joe Banks
Campones De Aire Pong Quentin Jennings
Charlo for President Candi Squartsoff
Charlo for President Lisa Squartsoff
Cheese Chris Sponzo
Cheese Joshua Burke
Chosen Few Ivan Rubio Cruz
Chosen Few Jonathan Mendoza
Chunder Dragons Calum MacKay
Chunder Dragons Mitchell Adams
Cloud 9 Brandon Nolan
Cloud 9 Justin Nolan
Coat Hanger Assassins David Pascarella
Coat Hanger Assassins Nick carbonetto
Cosmic Pulse Dylan Leuck
Cosmic Pulse Richard Ponder
Cowbell Fever Ho Yeol Yi
Cowbell Fever Sunkung Choi
cumn from behind steven hawley
cumn from behind Billy Jo Andrews
Cup Bangerz Alton Morris
Cup Bangerz Dustin Morton
Cutting Edge Jessie Richardson
Cutting Edge Todd James
DADS Clan Brock Reich
DADS Clan Tyler Sparks
Day and Night Chris Johnson
Day and Night Jordan Olivares
Diamonds In The Dark Christopher Cross
Diamonds In The Dark Nicholas Fitzgerald
Dirty South Rob Bailey
Dirty South Taylor brunken
Do it for the Fans James Taylor
Do it for the Fans James Riebl
Dong and Thong Dexter Eng
Dong and Thong Sara Schuetz
Double D’s Daniel Brennan
Double D’s Deontai Price
drunkfest heros josh eager
drunkfest heros Glen Robitaille
Durty Gurls Hunter Crook
Durty Gurls Michael Center
Eastern Shore Boys Calvin west
Eastern Shore Boys James Stowe
Eggroll & Waffles Jay Ward
Eggroll & Waffles Matthew Cisneros
Epic Fail Anthony Quirion
Epic Fail Jonathan Mercier
Erika and Nicole Erika Newcomb
Erika and Nicole Nicole Evans
Excalibur’s Edge Joseph O’Connor
Excalibur’s Edge Mikol Muriel
Fanduelin Mark Pimentel
Fanduelin michael seivert
Fate Is For Assholes Gary Arman
Fate Is For Assholes Mike Caracciola
Ferda Boyz – DTF Brad Baranowski
Ferda Boyz – DTF Frankie Kohut
FergusonPD Erich Wisdom
FergusonPD Kyle Eakins
Fighting Zoidbergs Brian Deason
Fighting Zoidbergs Ian Kennedy
Finger Puppet Mafia Andrew Lewis
Finger Puppet Mafia chris Long
Fireballers Kurt Shores
Fireballers Touissaint Rhone
Fireside Fury Jessica Pastre
Fireside Fury Paul Iannucci
Fitz(s) Brian Fitzgerald
Fitz(s) Mark Fitzgerald
Five Finger Death Cup Ahmed Shalabi
Five Finger Death Cup John Crooks
Flawless Victory Nick Syrigos
Flawless Victory Ross Hampton
Flembroff Joshua Fleming
Flembroff Rob Hembroff
Flight_Krew Darren Criswell
Flight_Krew Jairo Rubio
Flip the table Adam Hicks
Flip the table Michael Palastro
Forever Young buddy young
Forever Young Roxanne Huewe
Fuckboys Presents: Blacked the Fuck Out Adriel Avila
Fuckboys Presents: Blacked the Fuck Out Thomas Hoistad
Fuckboys presents: God Bless the Dead Sean Ashe
Fuckboys presents: God Bless the Dead Trevor McMaster
Fuhrer Wholesale JOHN GLOECKL
Fuhrer Wholesale RYAN TEIERLE
Get in Your Home Ball Dave De Poto
Get in Your Home Ball Steve Wood
GET WRECKED richard germano
GET WRECKED sean devaynes
Gimmeurchonies Bobby Martinez
Gimmeurchonies Joe Fernandez
GONE GAMBLE WIT IT Andrew Jamieson
GONE GAMBLE WIT IT Eliot Browarsky
Good Cop, Bad Cop Edward Cho
Good Cop, Bad Cop Jason Wong
Happy Land Cody Juarez
Happy Land Robert Lewis
Hinkle Daris Brian Hinkle
Hinkle Daris Chris Daris
Hit me with those laser beams eddie caraza
Hit me with those laser beams Ryan Smith
Hung Jury Josh Fein
Hung Jury Logan Sliva
hungry hippos Robert Slavik jr
hungry hippos Jerrod Dauper
I dedicate this team to Matt Phillips Christopher Benedict
I dedicate this team to Matt Phillips Eric Finkelstein
Ice Road Chuckers Matthew Russell
Ice Road Chuckers Stephen Giovanetto
ILL Boys Anthony Suarez
ILL Boys Travis Terrell
I’m gonna make it so dry for you Dave Erickson
I’m gonna make it so dry for you Joshua Rahall
IN MI Zone Jonathan Marczak
IN MI Zone Paul Dausman
Its Nasty Time Justin Kosta
Its Nasty Time Nicklaus Norman
Jaegermeister Jerry Kelly
Jaegermeister Nicholas Rosemarino
Jager Bombers Brandon Rabon
Jager Bombers Josh Boyce
James and the Giant Puch James Malone
James and the Giant Puch Michael Puchowski
Janksters Anonymous James Roach
Janksters Anonymous Zakary Corsi
Jason & Jukes Jason Dantona
Jason & Jukes Jure Jukic
J’s for Days Jonathan Perez
J’s for Days Jordon LeJeune
Junglist Soldiers Dean Holt
Junglist Soldiers Paul Champkins
Justin Cider Gloria Stits Amy Awrey
Justin Cider Gloria Stits Robert Awrey
Kick rocks Dynasty Justin Spurrier
Kick rocks Dynasty mike wan
Kill two Cup with one ball Kenneth Tso Kit Keung
Kill two Cup with one ball Michael Adams
Killer instinct Ramon Rivera
Killer instinct todd felder
kings563 jose salas
kings563 chris wiegand
LET EM R.I.P. Cameron Johnson
LET EM R.I.P. Tyler Davis
Lions Among Men Hunter Kelly
Lions Among Men Zach Massa
Liver Let Die Anish Patel
Liver Let Die Matthew Quinlan
Long Hair Dont Care Joseph STAMPER
Long Hair Dont Care skyler saltern
Long Island Ice Tea’s with Poindexter Edan Hemphill
Long Island Ice Tea’s with Poindexter TYLER HOLT
Los Parranderos Luis Vega
Los Parranderos Paul Navarro
Luxembeergers Gareth Peters
Luxembeergers Richard Grundy
Mack & Maguth Ian Mack
Mack & Maguth Jonathan Maguth
Man Bear Pig Dominick Catinella
Man Bear Pig Jon Ongstad
May I suggest the sausage Jeff Willet
May I suggest the sausage Michael Curtis
Minimum Height Requirement Johnny Jackson
Minimum Height Requirement Ricky Gonzales
Monsieur jean-philippe ouellet
Monsieur Olivier Tanguay
Monsters INC joseph hocaloski
Monsters INC nemanja miskin
More Cheese Ashlee Daoust
More Cheese Dylan Parker-Roach
MOTOWN111 Ben Arave
MOTOWN111 Joe Delgado
My balls your cup David Lopez
My balls your cup Richard Jess
Nailing Cups Cuz We’re Hammered Eric Held
Nailing Cups Cuz We’re Hammered Mike McGrath
NAKA & RAINMAN Daniel Nakagawa
NAKA & RAINMAN Mike Sullivan
Nice Party Chuck Leland Harris
Nice Party Chuck Tyler Rogge
Nictoriously Viktorious Nicollette Saucier
Nictoriously Viktorious Vikram Bhattal
No Flex Zone Ashley Braa
No Flex Zone Vanessa Roehm
No Fuckin ’til Vegas Julie Gower
No Fuckin ’til Vegas Thomas Raby
No Ragrets Christopher Arrigo
No Ragrets Victor Rodriguez
not that good jamie gomez
not that good chris camacho
Now Or Never!!! Andrew Breech
Now Or Never!!! Luis Ochoa
OuT FoR VENGEANCE Deep Chakrabarty
OuT FoR VENGEANCE joseph R. giammarino
P.T.P. Joe Nuss
P.T.P. Michael Cavataio
Peg City B’s Megan Swain
Peg City B’s Robin Bezys
Pick Your Poison Brad Mosdell
Pick Your Poison Michael Popielarski
Pink Ranger Blackout Mission Dane Ellis
Pink Ranger Blackout Mission Matthew White
Pity the fool Kris Fraser
Pity the fool Michael Vitiello
Pong All Day Long Cody Eastlick
Pong All Day Long Michael Duke
Pong Bay Eric Edwards
Pong Bay Matthew Geib
Pop a molly, I’m Blazin Woop jimmy glenn
Pop a molly, I’m Blazin Woop Luis Arevalo
Prairie Fire Justin Swain
Prairie Fire Micheal Frank
Prestige Worldwide Luke Norman
Prestige Worldwide Ryan Renaud
Pretty Sneaky Branden Moyle
Pretty Sneaky Casey Costa
Prophecy Belongs Cody Ryan
Prophecy Belongs Rob Dix
Puff Puff Pong Brandi Wrathall
Puff Puff Pong Ethan Wald
Purple Cobras Brendan Scalley
Purple Cobras Edwin Nieves
Pussy Generals Justin Foster
Pussy Generals khris tuck
R.B.P.L John Runkle
Random Hookup Chris Gracia
Random Hookup Trevor Banks
Red Owl Hooters Austin Keffeler
Red Owl Hooters Blake Smiley
Remember The Name Kenneth Jennings
Remember The Name Paul Bashaw
Ridin’ D’s Strokin’ 3’s daniel fox
Ridin’ D’s Strokin’ 3’s Pat Mcglynn
S.C. Haamlip Stef van den Brandt
S.C. Haamlip Tom Willemssen
Scrub A Dub Will Cox
Scrub A Dub Zachary Scott
Sea Quest Rodrigo Gorbet
Sea Quest Troy Cairns
Sex Panther Richard Herr
Sex Panther Tara Herr
Sex Sells Corey Sandoval
Sex Sells Dan Smith
She said she was 18 Kristopher Nelson
She said she was 18 Noel Amador
Sheriff Feed Randy Mowen
Sheriff Feed TJ Robinson
She’s got it [KR] stephanie clark
She’s got it [KR] thomas fitch
Show Us Your Rack Roger Wiltse
Show Us Your Rack Travis Bickford
Showtime Cody Fetchik
Showtime Jordan Olszewski
Silence Them Haters Dylan Partridge
Silence Them Haters Taylor` Allen
Sin City Soldiers Alex Konya
Sin City Soldiers Jason Cordero
Slap N’ Tickle Gabriella Juhos
Slap N’ Tickle TIM O’BOYLE
Slaughtering The Fat Kid Jeremy Hughes
Slaughtering The Fat Kid Michael Orr
SLC’S FINEST Ryan Perrine
Smang it Kevin stoops
Smang it richard lopez
Smoked Chedda and Beans Chase Anderson
Smoked Chedda and Beans David Carlson
SmyD Justin Miller
SmyD Scott Powers Powers
soft cheese hard dick Michael Woodburn
soft cheese hard dick bryce Turner
Southern Connection Cameron Chappell
Southern Connection Seth Beglis
Southern Invasion Adrian Gonzalez
Southern Invasion Andrew Hill
Splash Brothers Daniel Ortiz
Splash Brothers Scott Simon
Steagles Brian Fay
Steagles Robert Bevilacqua
Stealin cups like we’re in Ferguson Brett Booms
Stealin cups like we’re in Ferguson Lester Marks
Steel City Pong Adam Bayliche
Steel City Pong james horan
Sticks ‘n Stones CornDawgs Michael McGonegle
Sticks ‘n Stones CornDawgs Travis Nanke
Straight Flexxin Daniel Franklin
Straight Flexxin Justin Redfield
Straight Garbage john anderson
Straight Garbage Michael Waltz
Stretch Armstrong Christopher Jacobsen
Stretch Armstrong Craig Smith
studs with suds spencer samaro
studs with suds richard diaz
suck it lebron burton johnson
suck it lebron shae johsnon
Sugar Balls Jennifer Jenkins
Sugar Balls Kien Trieu
Suicide Kings Kevin conroy
Suicide Kings thomas conroy
Suited Up Marko Nikolic
Suited Up Peter Farinha
Suk It Ball Sinker
Suk It cliff brainard
Super Pong Bros. Erice Smith
Super Pong Bros. Vernon Smith
Swamp Donkeys Chase Cutler
Swamp Donkeys Cody Jonez
SwOosh Alisha Jariwala
SwOosh Matthew Ferrigno
Take The Shot Chris sherwood
Take The Shot David Glaser
Talk is Cheap David Wissbrun
Talk is Cheap Stephen Haikio
Tallanasty Josh Lindsay
Tallanasty Nick Gutschmit
TD4W Joshua Schwent
TD4W Kyle Eller
Team 245 Domestic Brian Roby
Team 245 Domestic david abraham
Team 245 Imported Alex Rivers
Team 245 Imported Cory Hall
Team AwesomlyAkward Marius Elvemo Waage
Team AwesomlyAkward Steffen Norum
Team Berzerk John Casagranda
Team Berzerk Kyle Coryell
Team Bhapp Jerrod Kuhlman
Team Bhapp Travis Cavazos
Team Booty Smell Good Doe Holden Ferdenzi
Team Booty Smell Good Doe Smith Williams
Team FarMor Geir Illing Nordvik
Team FarMor Nils Larsen
Team Money Shot Dominic Boggeri
Team Money Shot Jordan Ries
TEAM POSADA Ricky Posada
Team RamRod Chris Nixon
Team RamRod Tyson Powell
Team Shitty City Nippers Co Allan Kristensen
Team Shitty City Nippers Co Christian Lind
Team Steak Kyle John Blake
Team Steak Matthew Protas
Team Z Richard Zabrzenski
Team Z Steven Zabrzenski
The Beer Pongowski David Lovell
The Beer Pongowski Glen Henderson
The Big Red Machine Michael Rocco
The Big Red Machine Patrick Heffernan
The Br0cean Douglas Polk
The Br0cean Roger Casey
The Center Cuppers Cooper Ferguson
The Center Cuppers franklin Lytle
The Double D’s Daniel Rego
The Double D’s Darrell Canady
the drinker pier-olivier Roy
the drinker David Veilleux
The Eh-Team Kevin Knight
The Eh-Team Kugan Wight
The Great White Cavalier Brent Saale
The Great White Cavalier Johnny Fourdyce
The Greatest Show On Earth Brandon Herbert
The Greatest Show On Earth Solomon Hall
The Hammer Patrick Murphy
The Hammer Ray Dishen
The Hungover Games Paul Newnham
The Hungover Games Ray Burton
The Knights of the Pong Table Adrian McGowan
The Knights of the Pong Table Drew Portnell
The Montana Mulisha Jessie Herwick
The Montana Mulisha Josh Jensen
The Splash Brothers Cody Castle
The Splash Brothers Nash Lockie
The Titans Carl Smith
The Titans Jaryd Wilson
the touch of death Scott Muller
the touch of death adam conrad
The Versace Pythons Alex Wolf
The Versace Pythons Taylor Fawley
The wolfs of pongstreet Matt Martin
The wolfs of pongstreet Wade Duman
These Hoes ain’t loyal lipho thirakul
These Hoes ain’t loyal matt malnoske
This One Is For Jesus Eric Neiser
This One Is For Jesus Louis Mantone
TNT Christopher Kingsbury
TNT Sven Anderson
Tom and Nick Nicholas Porcaro
Tom and Nick Thomas Davis
Touch Your Butt James Schwerdtman
Touch Your Butt Thomas Mayell
Tread Lightly Carlo Thomas
Tread Lightly Ross M. Wayman
True Ninja Alexandre Roy
True Ninja Simon-Jacques.Bouchard Bouchard
Twin Towers Florian Möltzner
Twin Towers Tobias Möltzner
Two Bros One Cup Owen Wendland
Two Bros One Cup Sean Bachelder
U Dub West Alex Hicks
U Dub West Doug Hoff
unfappable Taylor Ortiz
unfappable Michael Squires
UPL Bobby wise
UPL Brian Moore
Virginia Beer Pong Presents Big Mark and Reap mark pettitt
Virginia Beer Pong Presents Big Mark and Reap Thomas Reap
Vols Deep Kevin Bach
Vols Deep Robby Dupuis
Warehouse50 Eric Pustay
Warehouse50 Ryan Reese
We Both Got A Hall Pass Breena Smith
We Both Got A Hall Pass Ted Wainwright
We Dem Barz Adrian Damasco IV
We Dem Barz Roland Ortiz
We Met on aaron smith
We Met on ronald hamilton
Wetback Wasted David Talamantez Jr.
Wetback Wasted James Alanis
White Gypsies Michael Kloiber
White Gypsies Nathaniel Spears
Whoops Keith Yackley
Whoops William Frew
Windsor JAW Philip Colomy
Windsor JAW Thomas Borrego
Wooglin Christopher Bourgeois
Wooglin Joseph Tedesco
Wu-Tang Craig Palmisano
Wu-Tang Ryan Conley
X squad Edgardo Ortiz
X squad Nicholas Bland
Xterminators Danny George
Xterminators Justin Larsen
You Already Know John Rogan
You Already Know Leonardo Rubio
You Can’t Sit With Us Chelsie Dallman
You Can’t Sit With Us rachel goldsmith
Zoltan Eric Medrano
Zoltan jarrett pepaj


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  1. Can i get an updated roster plz my team is not there

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