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‘Twas the Week Before The WSOBP X…

While many are celebrating the night before Christmas, here at BPONG we are celebrating the week before The WSOBP X.  For those counting down with us, here is a twist on the classic ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.”  Enjoy!


'Twas the Week before WSOBP X cover photo


’Twas the Week before The WSOBP X…

‘Twas the week before The World Series of Beer Pong

When all through the Las Vegas strip,

Every beer ponging creature had been practicing,

And reading up on every BPONG toss tip;

The little white balls were disinfected with care,

In hopes that no nasty ass germs would be found there;

The distraction costumes laid out across the feet of their beds,

As visions of BPONG models holding pitchers danced in their heads;

And the BPONGing lady competitors were getting excited, too,

If they won the $50k, whatever with the money shall they do?!

The BPONG tables lined up sparkling, having just been scoured clean,

The racks hold BPONG cups neatly, this competition will be mean;

The Riviera maids cleaned the rooms and folded down the sheets,

They are BPONG elves helping make the stay a special treat;

The amazing WSOBP X DJ has handpicked the best party tunes,

We’ve all been waiting for this moment for many a Blue Moons;

Side events for girls only, guys only, too,

Screw it, let’s play house rules out of the blue;

While New Years Eve magic blankets the Las Vegas Strip,

And the countdown clock ticks as the strong liquor drips;

The men put on their ties and women slide into dresses,

As we say goodbye to the year and goodbye to our stresses;

Assuming we survive the debauchery the strip offers us,

We’ll have game faces ready as we arrive at The WSOBP X fuss;

Our fresh player wristbands will be gross in no time,

As we wear them for days, you won’t hear us whine;

Excited for our schedules, to see who we will play,

Crossing fingers for a VIP drink package to brighten up our day;

After a year of waiting, we’re thrilled The WSOBP X has arrived,

We plan on whooping ass, that $50k is ours, our team is on fire!

The announcer voice booms through the halls, players running amuck,

“Merry World Series of Beer Pong to all! And to all the best of luck!”

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