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Ocean Grown Pong Wants to Know Your Top 15 Players

We have all taken part in heated discussions on which players are currently the best in the world at any given time. There are arguably 100’s of players you could denote as world class players but few can claim a unanimous vote to be dubbed as one of the top players on the planet.

Our friends over at Ocean Grown Pong (OGP) have recently opened up a player voting poll to track and organize this discussion. Similar to any All-Star voting ballot or post-season player award that recognizes individual accomplishments over a given season, OGP’s voting poll allows players and fans alike to voice their opinion on who should be honored with the distinction of being listed as an active top 15 player.

OGP’s vision is not to compile a sole list but to update the list quarterly in order to consider recent player achievements.

Voting is easy. All you need to do is visit the voting poll on OGP’s website, which can be found here; (!voting-poll/cvo9) and provide your name, email address and write-in who you think the top 15 players are! Once you’ve done that, all you need to do is submit your form and your vote will be counted!

Polls are open now. Vote early, vote often!

How many players from your state do you think will make the cut? Do you think you deserve to be on this list?

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