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Quarantined: Welcome to Fantasy Beer Pong!

Want a piece of the action but are not able to play? We’ve got you cover! Fantasy Beer Pong is here! 
Fantasy Beer Pong? What the front door is that?

Quarantined: Fantasy Beer Pong

It’s essentially the same thing you’ve been doing for years with football, baseball, basketball and every other big league organization with one slight payout twist. The actual players on the winning owner’s roster will get paid too! 

To register, you simply need to go to BPONG.COM and purchase a ticket that will provide you ownership of a team. 

The Draft

Once all teams are accounted for, each of the 20 team owners will be invited to a virtual draft. A snake style draft will take place. The draft order will be randomized. Owners will fill their rosters with players participating in the Quarantined: Virtual Beer Pong Championships. A LIVE thread will be created on a BPONG.COM social media platform where each pick will be announced.


Each roster will consist of 5 players. All owners will earn 1-point for each win their players get throughout the tournament. All owners will earn 3-points for each pod win any of their players get throughout the tournament. One owner will earn 3-points from the final pod winner. One owner will earn 3-points for having the player with the best overall (cumulative) record. One owner will earn 3-points for having the Female player with the best overall (cumulative) record. Each team will have a total cumulative cup differential kept for tie-breaker purposes.

The owner with the most points wins! Not only will that owner receive a $500 prize, the players on his Fantasy Beer Pong roster will share a $250 prize too! The owner who finishes 2nd in the standings will receive a $250 prize. 

Become a Quarantined: Fantasy Beer Pong Owner

To compete for your share of the $1,000 Fantasy Beer Pong prize pool, it will run you $50 via BPONG.COM
Players who are participating in the Virtual Beer Pong Championships are welcome to become Fantasy Beer Pong owners too! 

For more details about Fantasy Beer Pong, Quarantined: Virtual Beer Pong Championships, The World Series of Beer Pong or anything beer  pong related, please visit us at BPONG.COM and our Facebook page or group!


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