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Those Guys Date Created: 8.10.11


  • Win Percentage 7.14%
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  • #Games 14
  • Wins 1
  • Losses 13
  • Avg. CD -2.14


Comprised of Mike Fritz and Craig Palmisano, based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. while playing pong in a tourney a random person said to his partner "i hope we don't have to play those guys". and thus the name is born. in many eyes in the tulsa community we are considered the biggest threat. although we normally partner with other people it seemed week after week it was always our two teams in the finals.

Originally from the team Kobra Kai; Fritz is best known for his calm behavior while sipping on a captain and coke and blowing on his fingers. if he didn't feel right, he had no problem stopping and walking to his table to get another drink. it isn;t until Fritz turns the tables and completely swings the game in his favor that he shows passion. he consistantly yells as he burries last cup but only briefly. and slams on the table when he misses.   

Walk into any bar that has beer pong in tulsa and ask if they have heard of the team Wu-Tang; Majority will respond with a yes and the rest with the others wont respond because they have lost to them so many times they erased the name from their memory. Half of the duo is Craig. He treats Beer Pong like a second job by running the local tourneys as well as participating. He is best known for his cockyness and annoying statements about "the game being to easy and he shouldn;t be allowed to play."  

Both members of "Those Guys" were part of OKlahoma beer pong (OKBP) in the battle of the south, which we will move onto the next subject quickly as BOTS was a huge learning experience and more fun than productive.

Having only played twice together after going 12-0 and winning a bid in March it is unclear if the chemistry these two once shared will remain as stong as it once was. This will definately be an interesting WSOBP as these two "no-names" step up to the table and try to win the $50,000 prize in Vegas, January 1st-5th.       

Date Team Event Name W/L Rank
Those Guys The World Series of Beer Pong VII 1/11 408
Jun 02, 2012 Those Guys Tulsa Invitational Satellite 0/2 13
Game # Bracket Teams CD OT
33725 Pool Play Shiver Me Timbers Those Guys +1 0
33934 Pool Play More Rollbacks Than Walmart Those Guys +1 0
34182 Pool Play Moment of Truth Those Guys +1 0
34378 Pool Play Throwing Sticky Those Guys +1 0
34631 Pool Play X's and O's Those Guys +1 0
34814 Pool Play Deutschland in dein Mund Those Guys +1 0
35044 Pool Play Those Guys We Smell Like the 60's +3 0
35242 Pool Play Flydogs Those Guys +1 0
35494 Pool Play Boobs for LB!!! Those Guys +1 0
35721 Pool Play drunk lama Those Guys +1 0
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