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Kim2 Date Created: 12.4.08


  • Win Percentage 26.15%
  • #Events 6
  • #Games 65
  • Wins 17
  • Losses 48
  • Avg. CD -1.91


Hello, how bout that last cup?  I guess thats why they call it Beer Pong...Ha ha.  You guys may not know this but Asian Kim and White Kim considers themselves a bit of loners..They actually thought themeselves to be a one ho wolfpack....but ...When Asian Kim asked White Kim to be her partner she knew White Kim was just as crazy as she was and Kim2 was birthed.  And their wolf pack grew by one.  So there was just the two of us in our wolf pack all alone in Vegas playing for our first time in WSOBP IV not knowing a single person or team, then our wolf pack grew by the dozens...meeting new and crazy wolves from all over the country, and then we thought "wait a second, could this be the most fun we've ever had?" and now we know for sure, we added about 500+ guys to our wolfpack....the whole lot of us running around this concrete jungle together in Vegas with our matching velour jumpsuits and crazy costumes together in Las Vegas on the quest for that fat fake ass check and hookers and blow....obv.

Date Team Event Name W/L Rank
Jan 01, 2009 Kim2 The World Series of Beer Pong IV 1/11 406
Jan 01, 2010 Kim2 The World Series of Beer Pong V 1/11 446
Jan 01, 2011 Kim2 The World Series of Beer Pong VI 3/9 420
Kim2 The World Series of Beer Pong VII 5/7 265
Mar 10, 2012 Kim2 Arizona wsobp satty #2 4/3 17
Mar 30, 2012 Kim2 Evan's Spring Classic Shootout 3/7 33
Game # Bracket Teams CD OT
115 Pool Play Candy is Dandy but Liquor is Quicker Kim2 +3 0
341 Pool Play Hog-Nutz Kim2 +3 0
598 Pool Play Yard Sale Kim2 +1 0
880 Pool Play DimezFerDayzzzz Kim2 +4 0
1117 Pool Play As Good As Advertised Kim2 +9 0
1365 Pool Play Chicken or Beef Kim2 +3 0
1650 Pool Play Kim2 Alcoholics Anonymous +5 0
1928 Pool Play presents Morning Wood Kim2 +2 0
2125 Pool Play PPPOOOWWWW!!! Kim2 +4 0
2405 Pool Play Kim2 Le tir et le but! +5 0
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Kim2 6