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Team Clutch Date Created: 11.24.08


  • Win Percentage 46.15%
  • #Events 3
  • #Games 39
  • Wins 18
  • Losses 21
  • Avg. CD -0.56


-Self Praclaimed Upsate, Western and Central N.Y. Champions, HANDS DOWN.-

-CNY Beer Pong Champs, 2008-

-Rochester A.C. Satellite Champs, 2009-

-Buffalo A.C. Satellite Champs, 2009-

-Buffalo WSOBP Satellite Champs, 2009-


We've been dominating teams and tournaments in NY for years. The WSOBP V will prove to be a huge tournament for us! We can't wait to pown face cavities and represent NY while doing it.

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