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Treasure State Beer Barons Date Created: 9.30.10


  • Win Percentage 25%
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  • Wins 3
  • Losses 9
  • Avg. CD -1.17



Noun. A male who enters a party demanding a beer. He will comandeer any beer they will see. While comandeering, the baron will rape and pillage the party. The wenches are thrown to his feet to honor the baron of his prescence. This practice is similar to the sacrifice of animals towards Zeus. In four years, the house will hold an Olympic competition for the Baron. After an hour or so, the baron will then smuggle out a keg for his purpose.

Date Team Event Name W/L Rank
Jan 01, 2011 Treasure State Beer Barons The World Series of Beer Pong VI 3/9 393
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Treasure State Beer Barons 1