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Gypsy Tricks Date Created: 12.21.11


  • Win Percentage 61.54%
  • #Events 1
  • #Games 13
  • Wins 8
  • Losses 5
  • Avg. CD +0.69


Urban Dictionary
Tricks pertaining to gypsies.
Part of the same family of carnies, swindlers, and tricksters. A common pursuer of gypsy
tricks usually tries to have you pay them, but they don't pay you. A common practice of gypsy tricks includes, but is not limited to: wife stealing, puddle splashing, conning wallets, and plundering marijuana related objects.

Carny: Come here and play my game for free.
Me: Okay, sounds good
Carny: three balls costs you $5
Me: I will not fall for your gypsy tricks! Gypsyyyyyy!

Date Team Event Name W/L Rank
Gypsy Tricks The World Series of Beer Pong VII 8/5 129
Game # Bracket Teams CD OT
33861 Pool Play SEA QUEST Gypsy Tricks +2 0
34074 Pool Play Gypsy Tricks Last name EVER, first name GREATEST +4 0
34296 Pool Play Hold My Dick Gypsy Tricks +8 0
34568 Pool Play Gypsy Tricks Universal Rejection +6 0
34767 Pool Play Gypsy Tricks BiCoastal Talent +4 0
34994 Pool Play Gypsy Tricks Sorry for the Win! +1 0
35187 Pool Play "Bottles Down,Blunts Up" Gypsy Tricks +2 0
35425 Pool Play Gypsy Tricks you knew what this was +1 0
35643 Pool Play Gypsy Tricks TOXIC SHOCK SYNDROME +4 0
35839 Pool Play Gypsy Tricks Vanilla Girl and Chocolate Swirl +2 0
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Gypsy Tricks 1