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Beer Pong Terminology

Most of us have played beer pong long enough that we take a lot of things about the game for granted. We speak a different language to each other. We can debate and come to an agreement on a rules discussion in only a few short moments without explaining a whole lot. We have our own little names and expressions for things.

In beer pong, there are different names for the same things, depending on which region you come from. Just like people who refer to soda as “pop,” players from different areas may refer to things differently. But there are also some standard beer pong terms that almost everyone understands.

Here’s a quick “cheat sheet” for some of the most commonly used beer pong terms:

beer, cups, balls

The size of a regulation World Series of Beer Pong ball

World Series rules
Playing a game while adhering to the World Series of Beer Pong official rules

After you make two shots in WSOBP play, you get one ball back to shoot

A player who doesn’t make a single cup in a game of beer pong and has to sit under the table

A player who shoots a perfect game

“Reap” hundo
When a player boasts of shooting a hundo but actually misses up to 3 shots. Made popular by Thomas Reap

Hitting all corner cups and the middle cup in succession. Considered one of the more disrespectful things to do to someone on the beer pong table, the cups remaining form a “honeycomb” shape

A tournament offering free entry/hotel into a major tournament as a prize for the winners instead of cash

diamond formation
Four cups remaining in a diamond shape

power i/stoplight
Three cups in a straight line

Three cups in a triangle shape

An elite beer pong player

cash games
Beer pong games played with cash on the line

nasty/lights out/sick/dirty
Someone who is describing superior play of someone else or falsely describing himself

Shots taken after the final cup is hit in hopes of sending to overtime

Those are some of the more common beer pong terms you will find in competitive play. What are some of the beer pong terms used in your area?

4 thoughts on “Beer Pong Terminology

  1. I think you guys are doing a great job with this newsletter and bringing the game to a higher level. Keep it up

  2. “Naked Lap” Where I come from, if a team loses a game and has not hit a single cup, (Gets Shut out) that team has to take off their clothes and run a lap around the house before they can put their clothes back on. Naked Lap!!!

  3. “Strohlroll” When shooting at a cup and it hits the rim and continues to roll into another cup.

  4. •Muskrat Vigina/Vigina with a nut=Diamond rack with an extra cup to the right or left of the back cup.
    •Rimjob=Ball hits the rim of the cup and bounces out.
    •Kamikaze=Ponger throws the ball as hard as they can and knocks the cup off the table.If you throw a Kamikaze and it works,that is a one cup penalty for wasting beer.(I only use this move when I get thirsty, and wanna Dis the other team.Its kinda a dick move.)P.S. thanks for coming up with the Bpong plastic Racks, it pretty much put a end to the Kamikaze.
    •the Kome Back Kid= the one and only Big James.
    The KBK. PONG ON!!!

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