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The day we’ve all been waiting for

As I type this sentence, I am four hours and thirty-one minutes from landing in Las Vegas, Nevada for the World Series of Beer Pong VIII. Thanks to the trusty Wi-Fi from Southwest Airlines, I can tell the rest of the beer pong community is just as excited as I am by looking through my Facebook timeline.

This WSOBP will be a little different for me. For the first time, I will be making the trip out to spectate, not to compete. A veteran of WSOBP III, IV, V, and VI, my flights out to Vegas on the first of January are usually filled with a nervous excitement. Like everyone else, I’ve convinced myself it’s my turn to win the $50,000 grand prize. At this point I’m normally wondering where the cash games will be and who we’ll be facing on Day One.

Unfortunately, last year I could not get off work and had to miss the trip. It was the first WSOBP I had missed in five years. And for the first time, I realized how much it sucked to be stuck at home, living vicariously through my Facebook friends and text message updates. The WSOBP is an event that must be experienced in person to appreciate.

If there’s one thing the WSOBP has lacked over the years, it’s a lack of updates during the tournament. Things start promising enough, but once the ballroom sucks out your cell phone battery, the alcohol starts setting in, and the grind of the tournament starts to take its toll, the updates become few and far between. This year, I’m going to change that.

Later today, I’ll post a list of teams I will be paying particular attention to. While I’m not going to predict a winner at this point, I will highlight the teams I think will go far into the tournament. As the tournament progresses, I will keep you updated on featured matchups, highlights, etc. As there always is, I am sure we will see some sleeper teams play their way into contention. I’ll also do my best to provide updates during the side events as well, beginning with tonight’s East v. West Tournament brought to you by Trudeau’s reusable Red Party Cup.

In the meantime, please feel free to comment below if there are any teams you think I should be following closely.

10 thoughts on “The day we’ve all been waiting for

  1. Would be nice to read about the team “The Italian Shooters”. Why?
    Well, AFAIK, it’s the only italian team that is competing in the World Series… I think the guys deserve a little praise for that, right? 😀
    Oh, and of course… they’re friends of mine.

  2. Keep up the good work Barnes

  3. Barnes, are you creating a whole new blog entry for each event?

  4. Crossing my fingers that Jacksonville’s team “City Pong” will do some serious work tonight. Cheering on my boys from the Sunshine State.

  5. Hey guys i think you also should face the BP Cracks because they are the team from austria and have travelt 16h from austria not australia to the wsobp

  6. You guys have any twitter accounts to follow for updates?

  7. Is there a way to check online to see the standings and when teams are playing?

  8. Thanks in advance for the updates! It’s so depressing not being there

  9. Link to my Modeling Site

    Gonna make it rain $20’s, no way I lose this tourney, sorry haters

  10. cool storIE bro…

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