ABQ World Series of Beer Pong VIII Satellite #4 (Coed/40+)


Event Details

  • Start Date/Time Saturday, May. 5, 2012, 05:00 PM Mountain
  • End Date/Time Saturday, May. 5, 2012, 11:45 PM Mountain
  • Registration Process No online registration


Spectators Sports Bar



SWBP is proud to announce the fourth WSOBP satty of the year! This tournament is coed/40+, meaning at least one player on every team must either be female or over the age of 40. The female/40+ player must take all rollbacks. This tournament will be multi-partner, meaning you may play on one or two teams. The only restriction is that there are no "tripods" allowed (meaning you and your first partner may not have the same third person as your second partners). The reason for this is to attempt to keep teams with a common partner from facing each other. Though it is impossible to completely avoid this, banning tripods makes it a rare occurance.

Double Elimination
Two Brackets. If a player plays with two teams, one team will go in bracket 1, the other will go in bracket 2 (whenever possible).
The winners of each double elim bracket will face off in a best-of-3.

No two WSOBP 8 Satellite winners may play on the same team.
Each team must have at least one female or one player over the age of 40 (this player will take all three ball attempts).

Entry Fee:
Guys: $25 per guy per team
Girls: $15 per girl per team

Singles Tournament: 5:00
Satellite Begins: between 7:30 and 8:00

1st: Entry and hotel stay at the WSOBP 8 in Las Vegas, NV ($1000 value).
2nd: Entry into the 2012 $5k SW Championships Main Event ($150 value).

If you preregister you will get $5 off per player per team. Preregister by posting on the facebook event's wall (http://www.facebook.com/events/349174275139888/) with your team name and the full player names. There will not be any exceptions made to this rule. If your team name is not listed below by the night of the 4th (the night before the tournament), you will pay the full price.

Rank Team W L CD
1 Big Ballin' 5 1 +7
2 High Maintenance 5 1 +7
3 We Google You 4 2 +3
3 A.I. 6 2 +15
5 Obnoxious Fools 4 2 0
5 Special Tarter Sauce 2 2 +1
7 You're Good, But We're Tarter 3 2 +7
7 Hot Fries 3 2 +4
9 Suck my wash cup 3 2 +1
9 Beauty and the Bomber 3 2 +5
Game Bracket Teams CD OT
50 Finals Big Ballin' High Maintenance +1 0
49 Bracket B High Maintenance A.I. +1 0
48 Bracket A Big Ballin' We Google You +1 0
47 Bracket A We Google You Big Ballin' +1 0
46 Bracket B A.I. Special Tarter Sauce +1 1
45 Bracket A We Google You Obnoxious Fools +3 0
44 Bracket B High Maintenance Special Tarter Sauce +1 1
43 Bracket A Big Ballin' We Google You +2 0
42 Bracket B A.I. Hot Fries +1 1
41 Bracket A Obnoxious Fools You're Good, But We're Tarter +1 0
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