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The young and the restless Date Created: 9.14.10


  • Win Percentage 82.86%
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  • Wins 29
  • Losses 6
  • Avg. CD +1.91


2011 is the year Jon Basile solidifys himself as the top player in the world. Painfully, hours upon hours of practice and development of his god given abilities, Basile is finally ready to conquer the title at the World Series of Beer Pong VI. Witness history, and join Basile in a 3 day journey nobody on the face of this earth will ever forget. Las Vegas January 5th, 2011, you will remember where you were when you heard at that time, in that moment, your hero, crowned champion, for you to serve out of respect and your king you live to obey.    Oh yeah FUCK SMASHING TIME

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