Splatter Edition Beer Pong Table by BPONG® – 8-FT, Aluminum

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Official BPONG beer pong table, Splatter edition. High Quality. Portable and foldable. When setup, measures 8 feet long by 2 feet wide.

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The Official Beer Pong Table of The World Series of Beer Pong®

You are about to experience beer pong on a professional level—the official beer pong table and tailgate table of The World Series of Beer Pong.® The BPONG® WSOBP I® Beer Pong Table is a replica of the actual tables used at The World Series of Beer Pong I. It also includes six BPONG® Game Balls to start your game out right.

Portability and “Foldability”

You can’t use your beer pong table or tailgate table if you need a crane to transport it to the party, tailgate event, or random street corner. Two handles make transportation simple. When folded, a small latch keeps the table in a briefcase form throughout transit. Recognized as the one and only Table of Champions™ by beer pong players around the world, the BPONG® Table is the only way the pro’s play.

Vital Stats and Dimensions of this Beer Pong Table

-8 feet long – 2 feet wide – about 27.5 inches tall when setup

-Folds down into a portable beer pong table measuring approximately 2 feet x 2 feet x 5 inches

-Weighs in at 21 pounds (unboxed)

High Quality Beer Pong Tables

We’ve been making beer pong tables longer than most anyone. We do not take shortcuts when it comes to quality. While we considered using different factories to save costs, we have never been satisfied with the quality of our current factory. A casual observer may think all portable beer pong tables and tailgate tables look the same, but the subtle things make all the difference, including the following:

  • Hinges are high quality.

    Compare our hinges to other tables, which are often made of breakable plastic or thinner, cheaper metal. Cheap hinges often break, especially with repeated opening and closing of the table.

  • Legs easily retract.

    You will find that our table legs easily retract compared to many other tables on the market. The high quality polished aluminum will make it easy to retract the legs. And quick and easy retraction means you can quickly move on to the next party location.

Additional information

Weight 400 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 6 in

6 reviews for Splatter Edition Beer Pong Table by BPONG® – 8-FT, Aluminum

  1. Derick Ramirez

    Hands down best beer pong table. I bring this to every single party I go to!

  2. Jesse Segreto

    Just picked 3 of these up for the house. Best decision I’ve ever made

  3. bladerunner516 (verified owner)

    Two words. Bad. Ass. The only thing I was worried about was it’s height, but 27 and a half inches is deceptively tall. All in all, the perfect pong table.

  4. Phil A

    I was surprised at how easily they fold down and easy to move. Perfect for parties

  5. eriksterling2 (verified owner)

    First table arrived with damage likely sustained in transit. Customer service responded in minutes and had a replacement out the door within the day. A great table, portable, solid, and a great look. Their responsiveness coupled with the high quality of product has ensured I’ll buy many more over the years as gifts!

  6. RickyBobby1991

    I’ve had one of these tables for over 5 years and never had an issue with them. Great for bouncing. Table height and distance are just right. Everyone who has used my table has never had anything negative to say about these tables. Easy cleanup and storage is great since the table can be folded up and carried like a suitcase.

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