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Beer Pong for Newbies


Beer Pong is considered a drinking game that’s mostly popular on college campuses. The game’s played with cups and balls. The cups are half filled with beer and are arranged in a triangle shape starting with 3 cups at the farthest edge of the table, descending to the one cup ascending closer to the center of the table. It’s usually played 1 on 1, 2 on 2, or sometimes even 3 on 3. There’s usually a small ritual to determine which team will go first, such as rock paper scissors, a coin flip, etc.

The object of the game is for one person to throw two of their balls into a cup at the other end of the table. If the balls go into the cups of the opposite team, the cup is removed from the game, often with the team drinking the beer in the cups. The balls are thrown until there is a miss of both balls, then it’s the other team’s turn. Most people have a bucket to clean splashes off the table and to keep the cups drinkable.

There are different ways the game can be played. The balls can be bounced into the cups, the balls can bounce once inside the cups, or the balls cannot bounce once inside the cups. Creativity and imagination have possibly spawned other derivations of how the game can be played.

Sometimes the teams are allowed to reshape the cups to make them easier to throw the balls into.

2 Major Rules to Live By in BPONG:

  • “Sink cups”. No matter what version of the game you play, you’ll almost never win unless you know how to put balls into cups with precision. Again and again and again.”
  • Don’t let your parents win often. You spent their hard earned money to attend college and get good at this game. Maybe let Grandma win every so often so she thinks she still has it, but don’t make your parents start to doubt that they spent good money only to produce a subpar pong player.”

The game stands to get more complicated, and just as in playing games of cards, there are different names for the different challenges the game offers. There are names for the shots that it is possible to make with the balls. These names coincide with which game of the many in beer pong is being played.

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Best Distraction Techniques in Beer Pong

Best Distraction Tech.

Most experienced players of Beer Pong know that in order to win, besides skills, you need to come up with creative ways to distract your opponent, especially if they’re in the lead. Here are some creative techniques that both guys and girls alike can utilize to beat their opponent.

1) Awkward Stare
Nothing is more awkward and creepy to a female than a guy that seems as if he’s looking into the depths of her soul. By staring at a female opponent with that Friday the 13th look’, she’ll be trying to figure out what you’re thinking rather than making the shot.

2) Taking A Picture Of Your Opponent
Another great technique guys can use is the ‘taking a picture technique’. This is very effective because people are more self-conscious when they drink. They’ll be more concerned about not looking horrible on Facebook than aiming for the cups.

3) Confessions Time
Guys are expected to be very masculine and aggressive, by making a false confession that contradicts this belief you can effectively get into the mind of your opponent. Confessing something like “I still sleep with my teddy bear”, or saying something like “I miss doing ballet, it made me feel pretty inside and special” is a great way to get your opponent cracking up enough for them to lose all accuracy whatsoever. For added effects, ensure that you say it with a mean and aggressive stance.

1) Fake out Session
Who doesn’t like to see two girls making out. In this case you will be doing what’s known as a ‘fake out.’ Simply grab another female from the crowd and hold your hand between you and the other females jaw to hide the fact that you’re not actually making out at all.

2) Time For A Selfie
This technique is based on the law of attraction. Guys are known to lose focus on whatever they’re doing and allocating that focus on a female whenever they take a selfie while within close proximity of them. So strike one of your most flirtatious poses and watch as the drool falls just like the ball will instead of going into the cups.

3) Twerk, Twerk, Twerk
Another creative way girls can distract their opponent is to twerk. Even if you don’t know how, your opponent won’t care, if you’re lucky he might just lose his balance trying to keep up with your moves. Warning! This may lead to your opponent asking you for your number after the game.


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Five All-Time Awesome Beer Pong Tricks

Beer Pong Tricks

Many moves in beer pong can be described as “tricks”, such as the twirling 360 and the acrobatic Under the Leg, as well as the lazy blindfold. (“Look, Ma! No Eyes!”) But the finest beer pong tricks take more imagination. The best beer pong performances involve props–other objects other than ball and cup, intermediaries, if you will, in the communion between player and cup. In no particular order, here are the five best beer pong tricks:

Number 5: The Skipping Rock: Place at least two small tables between you and the cup. Gently toss the ball in a soft overhand arc, and watch the happy bouncing and sinking. Drink.

Number 4: The Tiger Woods: This is a variation on the Skipping Rock, except using a golf club. Use irons or wedges for maximum loft. Tee optional. Drink.

Number 3: The William Tell: Place a clipboard or similar object at a 45-degree angle on a chair. Stand ten feet across the room from the chair and place the cup on top of your head. Close your eyes and toss the ball with a zippy overhand arc. Wait for the ball to land in the cup. Drink.

Number 2: The Happy Camper: Find a triple-decker bunk bed. If you don’t have one in your dormitory, dive in the largest dumpsters in your neighborhood. Place the cup at one end of the lowest bunk, making sure that that the end of the bunk is flush with a wall. Stand at the other end of the bunk and energetically bounce the ball on the middle bunk and the bottom of the top bunk until it hits the wall and lands in the cup. Drink.

Number 1: The Traveling Punk: Place the cup on a skateboard. Place the skateboard at one end of a gauntlet of three clipboards or similar flat objects arranged on chairs. Gently push the skateboard so it sails down the middle of the gauntlet. Bounce the ball hard off the nearest clipboard at an angle so it hits the next clipboard and the next, bouncing off all three on its way to meeting the cup at the gauntlet’s end. Drink.