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Let’s Bounce?

We’ve all been there. It’s the World Series of Beer Pong and months of practice and preparation have culminated into a chance to play for the $50,000 grand prize. You know you’re likely to get every team’s best shot (no pun intended) and you will need to bring your “A” game. You shake hands with the opposition and start your game. And then it happens.

The other team bounces a ball into your cup. Then, they bounce two more. You think to yourself, “Are you shitting me?”

I mean, it’s not illegal to bounce. According to the Item 3 in the “Grabbing” section of the official WSOBP rules, “Bounce Shots: Players ARE allowed to let their shots bounce off of the table before making it to the cup. In accordance with B(2) above, bounce-shots may not be interfered with until they have made contact with a cup. It should be noted that bounce-shots do NOT count for two cups.”

I just don’t understand why people bounce. Back in my house party days, bouncing was a great way to catch the opposing team while they were napping and knock off two cups at once. But when the shot only counts for one cup, why would you want to do it? I can understand the argument that bouncing into a 10-rack is a high-percentage shot, but at the same time, if you can’t make a 10-rack shooting the traditional way, why are you playing in the World Series of Beer Pong?

I’ll admit, sometimes when I am trying to be a dick I will repeatedly bounce my shots. Sometimes, I’ll only bounce at last cup. But while I consider myself a decent bouncer, I also believe that someone has much more control over their shot by shooting in the traditional way rather than bouncing. As tournaments progress, there are a variety of factors that can affect one’s bounce shot. Do you really want to bounce a ball onto a wet table when one game can separate you from making Day 3? I know I wouldn’t.

In BPONG’s storied history, I can’t remember a team that made a deep run by bounce shooting. What do you guys think about bouncing? Is it time to retire the bounce shot?

7 thoughts on “Let’s Bounce?

  1. i bounce a lot. dont get rid of it

  2. My opinion would be to just get rid of the bounce completely, but I don’t think it makes or breaks the game either way when it comes to the WSOBP.

    The problem with the bounce in the WSOBP is that its worth only one cup, and you can’t block it. Like you pointed out, when there are alot of cups on the board and grouped, the bounce usually has a good chance of going in. The advantage of normal games is you can block it, but in WSOBP you can’t. Or the trickster way of you shoot normal, and your partner bounces was always fun.

    However, I wouldn’t ever recommend changing the rule to allow blocking or two cup reward in the WSOBP. My old partner used to “snipe bounce”, where the ball is so low that you have almost a zero chance to block it, and end up knocking your cups over more times then not.

  3. I bounce consistently and effectively. Normally hit 5-6 cups per game using nothing but a bounce. I think removing the bounce from the game would (obviously because of my bias) be wrong. I use it to get in the head of the other team because it pisses people off immensely. It’s my strategy, bounce should stay!

  4. Get rid of it. . . Only if you are afraid of it muahahah

    i love bouncing better not get rid of it

  5. Leave the bounce! allow the block and two cup rule!!

  6. leave it as is. if you dont want to bounce dont do it. if you want to bounce then bounce it.

  7. I think the bounce is great for regular play. If you have ever been to one of these large events, these guys are good enough as it is. They do not need anything that will give them an advantage. I have no issues with people bouncing when we play on a Friday or Saturday night as it spices up the game. Fortunately, all of the world series beer pong tables from have a surface that is conducive for bouncing. Any thoughts?

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