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Tell Your Story to BPONG!

Are you tired of reading about the same old beer pong players all the time?

Would you like to be profiled on the website?

Are you a rookie training for the Masters of Beer Pong $100,000 Tournament or the World Series of Beer Pong that’s going to shock the world?

Do you have an amazing beer pong story you have to share?

Well, BPONG would love to tell your story!

If you’re interested, please comment below with your name and someone from BPONG will contact you shortly!

Happy Pongin’ this weekend!

4 thoughts on “Tell Your Story to BPONG!

  1. I quit my job to go to my first series back in 2007. I’m sure that’d be a good story.

  2. No1 in Canada… Quite the storIE, Captain Canada, the Dream, Guru, GabbIE david, DookIE, Hulse, Baker. #truestorIE . #pongmadness

  3. My brother David Olivares has been training me to play BP since i was sixteen. My brother has played in 2 Series. I played in my first satellite before i turned 18. i never won one but i got a lot of experience with the BPONG circuit. by the time i turned 21 i already made my first bid in a mater of weeks. i went to vegas for my first time this year and carried my partner to our pod finals where our vegas vacation as over. But as soon as i come back i hear from BPONG that they are making a new tournament for double the money. So i went to a tourney in austin and won. So i won two bids to vegas in under a year!!!!

  4. Here’s the details. Canada is 18+ to play. My first official beer pong satellite was a 2 hour drive and I got picked up by the man himself Captain Canada.( Paul K). Heading to the satty, we already called the final table. Myself and the Captain vs The Dream ( Chris Gravel – WSOBP 6 finalist) and Captains brother Daniel K. Of course, we were the final table… I came out victorious with 2 bogey shots going into overtime and that was the birth of training for my first world series. Then magic happened 100k in July. After attending AC pong championship, I haven’t stopped hosting or playing in Canada and travelling across North America playing the game I love. Virginia, New York, Boston, Jersey, and other provinces in Canada. Tons more. cheers – Cody R #1 in Canada. See you at the Masters ladies and gents.

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