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WSOBP VIII Day Two Recap and Final Day Preview

Day Two of the World Series of Beer Pong concluded this evening in record-breaking fashion, with “Albuquerque Owes us Handjobs” earning the #1 seed entering the final day of competition.

Teammates Nolan Jones and Grady Hunt earned the top spot in style, breaking the two-year-old cup differential record with a 12-0, +63 margin. Over 12 games, the duo from the West Coast won each game by 5.25 cup games. Team Bangarang, tied for first place after Day One, finished preliminary play in second place with a 12-0, +58 cup differential.

While 372 teams hoped to make the final day and play for $50,000, only 160 were able to move on to tomorrow’s final round. The bottom 64 teams will play in a single-elimination round to advance into double-elimination pool play. The winner of each “pod” will play in two double-elimination brackets in the Sweet 16.

Here are the top seeds from each pod:

Pod 1: Albuquerque Owes us Handjobs (Nolan Jones and Grady Hunt)

Pod 2: Why you Mad? (David Talamantez Jr. and James Alanis)

Pod 3: Bangarang (Thomas Reap and Kris Fraser)

Pod 4: Don’t Crap Out (Mantis and Andre Mirzayan)

Pod 5: Hank&Dank (David Peacock and Brad Mosdell)

Pod 6: DanegeRoss (Ross Hampton and Dane Ellis)

Pod 7: PongZillA (Ben Robelin and Mark Pettitt)

Pod 8: SLEEPYFOX & SANCHEZ (Lenny O’Rourke and David Zajac)

Pod 9: This Ain’t Sea World (Mike Wan and Peter Rusch)

Pod 10: We Invented Swag (Mark Pimental and Arnold Colela)

Pod 11: Substance Over Style (Nick Barbera and James Riebl)

Pod 12: Super Squirrel Swag (Aaron Smith and Zach Johnson)

Pod 13: Indelible Ink (Andy Decaluwe and Scott Frew)

Pod 14: Presents Clinically Proven (Chris Kingsbury and Christopher Cross)

Pod 15: Sunny Side Up (Kevin Kwiatkowski and Michael Kloiber)

Pod 16: Bang Cup (Antonio Ayala and George Garcia)

Be sure to check throughout tomorrow for up-to-the-minute stats and results.

Good luck to all teams playing tomorrow!


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