The World Series of Beer Pong V

Bigger, ballsier and better than EVER!!

In 2010 The World Series of Beer Pong again broke it’s size record, with a field of 468 teams, including international competitors hailing from as far as Ireland and Japan. The event saw an unprecedented level of media and celebrity attention, with crews on hand to cover the event from Maxim, G4 and the Jay Leno Show. Bruce Buffer again returned to announce the final game, and DJ Whoo Kid, celebrity DJ to 50 Cent’s G-Unit, was signed to DJ the event.

This year the tournament format was altered to accomodate a “Best of Three” winners bracket schedule on the final day. This modification aimed to help ensure a more skilled team would prevail during the crucial final rounds.

A singles tournament was also added to the event due to popular demand. With significant changes to the tournament structure, the question on everyone’s mind was: Can Smashing Time Win Again?

By the evening of day 1, thirty-three teams were undefeated. Many of those were well known names: HP Puppet Masters, Kick Rocks Platinum, Smashing Time. However a few relative newcomers managed to break the ranks. By Day 2, the undefeated had been narrowed to eleven, and out of these teams, only five would ultimately have a place in the final Top 10.

Day 3 games raged for hours, with seemingly endless best-of-three;s culminating in a final 8-team double elimination showdown in the center square. Against inconceivable odds, Smashing Time had made their WSOBP finals look like a walk in the park, carving their way through such titans as We Own Your Face, Handjobs for the Homeless, Doin Hella Much, and Ask About Us. The final game saw the seemingly unstoppable Long Island duo pitted against Michigan / Illinois mash-up Since Sliced Bread. As Bruce Buffer’s fiery announcing heralded the start of the final round, the crowd held it’s collective breath at the suddenly very real prospect of a back-to-back Smashing Time victory.

For a moment, the tables seemed to have turned as Ron’s shot briefly faltered, allowing Since Sliced Bread to take the first round in the best-of-three. Smashing Time was now under pressure. But despite heroic shooting from newcomer Vince Bolhuis, Since Sliced Bread would submit both second and third games to the indomitable shooting ability of an on-fire Ron and relentless Pop. The collective reaction was disbelief: Smashing Time had just done it again.

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