The World Series of Beer Pong III

More people, from more countries, and LOADS more unhinged fun!

Immediately after WSOBP II, a decision needed to be made concerning where to hold the WSOBP in the future. While Mesquite had been a perfect launching ground for the burgeoning sport of beer pong, the future of the game was bright, and there is no brighter place in the world than Las Vegas. Billy and Duncan began searching for venues in Las Vegas, and decided that for their first venture into Sin City, the stakes needed to be raised once again. For WSOBP III, the grand prize would be a stunning $50,000.

With the help of some Vegas friends, Billy and Duncan were able to secure a contract with South Point Casino, a large venue just a short drive South of the central Las Vegas strip. Finally the event had made it to Vegas.

By this time, almost 100 bars a year were participating in the Satellite tournament program feeding teams into the WSOBP. Party-goers across the world were starting to hear of the WSOBP, with interested teams emailing BPONG.COM, calling it “The Ultimate Beer Pong Challenge”. A total of two teams ultimately registered.

Day 1 of WSOBP III saw 16 teams go undefeated, with Smashing Time again leading the pack, along with a slew of veteran teams including Dixie Normous, Chauffeuring The Fat Kid, and We Own Your Face, side-by-side with newcomers The Octagon, Side Bets Encouraged, and Stormin’ Mormons. By Day 3, only three teams remained undefeated: Smashing Time, The Octogan, and Team Kobe.

Ranked 101st were WSOBP veterans The Iron Wizard Coalition, who had suffered early defeats and had been mostly written off by the rest of the competition. However, the team did manage to qualify for the semifinals, which they tore through in a gruelling five-game series, qualifying them for the final double-elimination bracket. There they streaked through a series of veteran teams, knocking five including Chauffeuring The Fat Kid, into the losers bracket, before facing them again in the final round – a round which no one present will ever forget. Up by four, Baker hit Chauffeur’s last cup, forcing a redemption shot. Chauffeuring The Fat Kid then brought the crowd to their feet, shooting four for four and sending the game into overtime, which they won. A final game was played, and Chauffeuring came out victorious. The day would go down in Beer Pong history as one of the greatest final series’ the game has ever witnessed.

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