The World Series of Beer Pong II

More people, from more countries, and LOADS more unhinged fun!

Following the success of WSOBP l. planning for WSOBP II began almost immediately. By the time sign-ups opened in late July, word had spread across the US, and before the close of aign»ups in December, almost 250 teams – nearly triple the attendance of the previous year-had signed up to take a shot at being Baer Pong World Champions. The decision was made to double the prize money to $20,000. and the event was moved to a large tent just outside the Oasis grounds.

A film producer by the nerne of Josh Otten approached BPONG.COM with the idea of producing a documentary film about The WSOBP. After a brief discussion, Josh and director Dan Lindsay were invited to Chicago to discuss ideas for the film. After several rounds of drinks and at least as many rounds of pong,
the foundations for the film were laid and the deal was all but sealed. The film would follow the lives
of notable figures from the then-fledgling world of ‘professional’ beer pong players. culminating in their performance at WSOBP II. Billy and Duncan furnished the producers a list of notable figures, the budget was secured, and production on the first-ever beer pong documentary began.

Day 1 of WSOBP II was the most intense competition the WSOBP had ever seen, with almost 500 players and hundreds of spectators vying for the title. The end of Day 1 saw a total of ten teams go undefeated, but not one of than teams would ultimately break the top three. Notably absent was We Own Your Face, who had lost their first match of the day.

By Dey 3, than-newcomers team Smashing Time had taken pole position with 12 wins and zero losses, and the field had been narrowed to just 80 teams. in a significant upset, WSOBP I Champions Team France were eliminated by newcomers The New England Steelers, who tore through the final bracket before being ousted by
SoCal favorites Team Kobe to take 3rd. Prelim favorites Smashing Time lasted through two winner’s bracket rounds before being eliminated by newcomers Chauffeuring The Fat Kid, who took 5th, leaving Smashing with 9th. This left WSOBP I favorites We Own Your Face in the winner`s bracket with relative unknowns Team Pwntrain (Ranked 42nd altar Day 1). True to their name, We Own Your Face owned the competition. taking first place with Neil shooting 100% on the final game. The torch had now been officially passed.

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