Monday, July 1, 2013 at 10:00 AM – Wednesday, July 3, 2013 at 11:00 PM
Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, NV

Event Details brings you the largest beer pong tournament to date and we are just getting started. The tournament is set to take place in early July at a new Las Vegas location. Think BIGGER. This time around we are selling entry without hotel. We will be announcing partner hotels in the coming weeks with specials for event participants. We will also be announcing partner airlines and alternative transportation methods to get you here. We are not limiting how many tickets you buy if you would like to do so to run satellites. The main thing to remember is once the allocation at a specific price point is gone, it is GONE. If you win a Satellite Bid and have already purchased a ticket it will be refunded at the original purchase price. You may only resell tickets back to at the price the ticket was originally purchased for. You guys decide how big you want the event to be. Tickets/Bids may be converted into tournament entries on after April 1. If you would like to run a satellite tournament make sure to purchase Satellite Bids which have an allocation within each round of ticketing (See more Satellite Information below) Rooms at the Event Hotel may be purchased separately through a link on
Here is how the entry tickets work and what the prize pool will be once we hit ticketing benchmarks
Round 1 of Ticketing: 250 tickets/bids for $250 (Players Prize pool $50k – Guaranteed)
Round 2 of Ticketing: 300 tickets/bids for $300 (Players Prize pool $100k – Guaranteed)
Round 3 of Ticketing: 350 tickets/bids for $350 (Players Prize pool $150k – must hit 900 tickets sold)
Round 4 of Ticketing: 400 tickets/bids for $400 (Players Prize pool $200k – must hit 1300 tickets sold)
Round 5 of Ticketing: 450 tickets/bids for $450 (Players Prize pool $250k – must hit 1750 tickets sold)

Once we hit 875 teams (1750 tickets/bids sold) The $250k will be in full effect. Prizes will be distributed out amongst more players for this event similar to a poker tournament structure.

Special Ticketing Pricing for Females (does not count towards tickets/bids sold for increased prize pool)
Round 1 of Ticketing (Female) 50 tickets/bids for $50
Round 2 of Ticketing (Female) 75 tickets/bids for $75
Round 3 of Ticketing (Female) 100 tickets/bids for $100

Bid & Satellite Structure for Major Events

Bid – defined as an entry for one person into a BPONG event.

Satellite – defined as a feeder tournament for a Major BPONG event put on by a registered bar or a registered promoter in which the winner (s) of the tournament receives a bid or multiple bids.

Satellite Type – there are various satellite types.
Standard – 2 player
Co-ed – 1 male, 1 female
Mens Singles – 1 player
Ladies Doubles- 2 female
Ladies Singles – 1 female

Registered Bar – a bar who has contacted and registered their bar/venue at no cost on in order to hold a satellite tournament.

BPONG Bar – may purchase products at cost plus 10% and will benefit from BPONG marketing support and promotions. A BPONG bar uses official BPONG products only for Satellite tournaments as well as regular Beer Pong play.

Registered Promoter – a player/promoter who has been approved by and registered their personal/company information at no cost on

BPONG Ambassador – a player/promoter who has been chosen by to promote the brand and benefits from full marketing and sponsor support.

BPONG Satellite Request Process

The following information must be presented to BPONG for approval
1) Registered Bar or BPONG Bar
2) Registered Promoter or BPONG Ambassador
3) Satellite Type
4) Satellite Dates
5) Proof of Bid/Bids purchased from Eventrbrite

Request will be reviewed within 1 business day. Once your Satellite request has been approved your event will be added to Satellite schedule and one of our Reps will contact you. Reps will assist you with artwork, tournament equipment, and tournament software. BPONG Bar’s and BPONG Ambassador’s will receive additional promotional support and tournament equipment discounts.

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