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Recognized internationally as the leader in professional beer pong, BPONG™ sets the standard for both world-class organized competition and the manufacture of high-quality tables and equipment. Founded in 2001 by collegiate athlete Billy Gaines, BPONG™ brought a once underground sport to the forefront of mainstream America by hosting the first comprehensive online resource for the beer pong community as well as the premiere professional beer pong tournament series, The World Series of Beer Pong.

Establishing precedents for rules of play and standardized equipment, BPONG™ answered the requests of legions of dedicated beer pong players with the first line of tournament-grade cups, racks, tables, and balls– ensuring athletes across the globe can compete on a fair playfield. Taking their commitment to promoting the sport a step further, official BPONG™ equipment and products are now sold in hundreds of stores across the United States. However, staying true to their roots and keeping in touch with the online community, the BPONG.COM store features more official beer pong items than any other retailer.

As beer pong’s popularity continues to surge, scores of talented players practice and compete in BPONG™-sponsored Satellite tournaments with one goal: entering The World Series of Beer Pong. The original major international beer pong tournament, The WSOBP has served as the premier showcase for beer pong’s top competitors since 2006. The WSOBP has served as the premier showcase for beer pong’s top competitors since 2006, now held annually at The Flamingo in Las Vegas. In 2013 former Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman opened the competition by declaring beer pong the city’s official sport. In less than a decade, The WSOBP has awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money to distinguished players from across North America. Representing both the best athletes in the sport and the official governing body of the sport itself, The WSOBP Champion is indisputably beer pong’s most sought-after title and revered institution.

Sink it. Drink it. Pong Happy.

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  1. BEER PONG IS THE ONE!!!!!!!!!!

  2. when can we sign up?

  3. I host a beer pong tournament every thursday night at local bar In Omaha, NE in the Old Market District. The turnouts are always great as we have been averaging around 14 teams (10$ entry) every Thursday night. I would like some more information on how I can get a satellite tournament in the bar I work at. I think it will be very successful.

    1. Email [email protected]. We can get you hooked up!!!

  4. […] has since become the quintessential party activity in frat and house parties. The organization, BPONG, founded by Billy Gaines in 2001, has since become the official nationwide authority on the game, […]

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