Become a sponsor or vendor at a major BPONG™ Event

BPONG.COM, the creator of The World Series of Beer Pong, the largest, longest-running, and most respected event in the beer pong world introduces The World Series of Beer Pong IX (9, for the “Roman numeral impaired”). BPONG® will be taking over the Flamingo in Las Vegas January 1 – July 5, 2014 for a tournament unlike anything anyone has seen to date. BPONG is growing via the following channels:

  • 300+ Satellite Tournaments at bars in 40+ U.S. States, and in countries all over the world including Australia, Canada, Denmark, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, South Africa, and Switzerland to name a few
  • Partnerships with big box retailers throughout North America, including Spencer Gifts (600 stores nationwide)
  • Feature length documentary film – Last Cup: Road to The World Series of Beer Pong directed by Oscar winning director Dan Lindsay
  • Social Media presence (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • National Press Coverage (AP, ESPN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, CNN, Maxim,, Wall Street Journal, and more)
  • Dedicated PR + Marketing


The sport of beer pong has transcended the college fraternity arena to become an international sport played by men and women of all ages. And while the game—and Major BPONG Events, continue to become become more and more diverse, the following is an overview of the typical WSOBP player demographic:
Male – 90%
Female – 10%
Age 21-24 – 37%
Age 25-29 – 45%
Age 30-34 – 12%
35 or older – 6%
HHI – $45,000
College graduate – 70% (10% with Master’s or Ph.D)


  • Avid sports fans
  • Watch TV about 10 hours/wk, but prefer to spend time practicing
  • the sport of beer pong and other social activities (e.g., sports)
  • Prefer to drink light beer
  • Have had a friend play in a Major BPONG Event

2 thoughts on “Become a sponsor or vendor at a major BPONG™ Event

  1. My name is Christopher de Leon and I am the owner of The Bro Co. I am interested in becoming a sponsor of BPONG events and becoming a vendor at major events.

  2. Brandon you here of surfside beach south Carolina, I would like my Bar and restaurant to become a satellite bar participant.
    Please advise further on the next steps.
    Thanks in advance.

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