Satellite and Bar Program

Thank you for your interest in running a Satellite™ for a Major BPONG.COM™ tournament. For 2013 we are focusing on making sure we show you the support you need to run a successful event. Take a look at the information below and please reach out to us with any questions.

Benefits to Bars

The BPONG brand attracts beer pong players and fans who travel to play in Satellite events. Your bar will also get website and social media attention from us in promoting the Satellite tournament.

Bid & Satellite Structure for Major BPONG.COM Events

Bid – defined as an entry for one person into a Major BPONG event.

Satellite tournament – defined as a feeder tournament for a Major BPONG event put on by a registered bar or a registered promoter in which the winner (s) of the tournament receives a bid or multiple bids. Satellites must follow all WSOBP Official Rules, which includes using official BPONG equipment. A satellite is typically a 1-day event.

Satellite Tournament Type – there are various Satellite tournament types.
Standard – 2 player
Co-ed – 1 male, 1 female
Mens Singles – 1 player
Ladies Doubles- 2 female
Ladies Singles – 1 female

Registered Bar – a bar who has contacted and registered their bar/venue at no cost on in order to hold a Satellite tournament.

BPONG Bar – may purchase products at a 30% discount and will benefit from BPONG marketing support and promotions. A BPONG bar uses official BPONG products only for Satellite tournaments as well as regular Beer Pong play.

Request will be reviewed within 1-3 business days. Once your Satellite request has been approved your event will be added to BPONG.COM Satellite schedule and one of our Reps will contact you. Reps will assist you with tournament equipment and bracketology. BPONG Bars and BPONG Ambassadors will receive additional promotional support and tournament equipment discounts.

Please Contact Us for more information.

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