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    13,000+ views in less than 2 wks for this post- that has to be some sort of record!

    Kessler and Deep coulda made me a prophet! Hahah, greatest moment had to be seeing Ron break down after winning and seeing just how much the win meant to these guys. Throughout all their petty BS and pong drama, when it comes down to it they have a sick common bond that can never be taken away. Pong is love

    Sidenote- I’m not quite sure why Piotr was hating so hard on Kessler from the sidelines, maybe a little personal tension? Kess didn’t seem amused 😡

    Yes we could of made you a prophet …. Maybe next year.
    I’m only drinking beer no Vodka next year and no O sheas. Lesson learned.
    As for the Piorti incident I wasnt sure why he was hating either. Never even met the kid. Oh well it worked I guess got me completely off my game and it esp worked when him and my wife got into it.

    Piotr was hating because you were playing me Range from Game Over Boyz ! Im from STL… didnt really hear what was being said between you guys but for sure wasnt even fun to play. Its more of a fuckin circus than playing some pong but whatever. Atleast Deep kept his cool the whole game!

    Fair enough….. As for the circus part. Dam right it was and it was better then Bartles and James very entertaining to many.

    I have no problem with the yelling and screaming or whatever but when your slammin balls down and taking 10 minutes to shoot after walking all over the room, it gets a little stupid. Like i told you after the game i have no beef with you, i just dont like to play pong with no respect at all towards the other team. just my thoughts!

    The same shit is said to Ron and look where it got him $125,000 in a year…..Kess your game against us was by far my funnest and watching you guys out there was hillarious.

    i played ron and pop, i have no problems with them at all, they play with respect. they dont slam balls down on the table and take 10 minutes to shoot the ball, like i said ron screams and yells but thats about it. (which is cool). i have tons of respect the way those guys play.

    bro, please stop whining… there’s a 100% consensus on this site that thought kessler antics were all in fun, your just making your self sound like a sore loser and your letting kessler know that he was maximum in your head during that game. next time he is gonna smash 2x as many balls into cups and take 15 minutes to shoot

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    I think the loser bracket final is still going

    figured.. do you know if ask about us is in finals of losers?

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    verse who?

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    Barn Animal is not doing anymore updates…wtffffffffffffff

    haha now what??

    wait til tomorrow

    is the final game tonight???????

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