WSOBP II Satellite Tournaments

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    Sup everyone,

    We’re currently putting together a list of WSOBP II Satelite Tournaments. If you know a bar around where you live that you think would be interested in hosting a satellite tournament, post the bar’s name, address, and phone number here and we’ll try to contact them. If you have a specific contact person there, that is helpful.

    In brief, the deal is that the bars run the tournament and collect an entry fee per team, which pays for the winning team’s entry fee and transportation costs to the WSOBP. We had a number of bars do it last year and everyone went home happy, so we’re looking forward to expanding the program this year. Any questions post them here.




    Im pretty sure the Bayou in Philadelphia, PA (manayunk section) would do it. They have beer pong there every thursday night anyway so it seems they would be the most interested in Manayunk at least.

    Info is as follows :

    Bayou Bar and Grill
    4245 Main Street
    Manayunk, PA, 19127
    [email protected]

    ~ Chris



    Big Daddy’s Import Draft House

    654 W Tennessee St
    Tallahassee, FL 32304
    (850) 561-6449

    email: [email protected]



    Starbusters Bar & Grill
    930 Pappas
    DeKalb, IL 60115




    I work for a corporation that owns some bars and might be interested here is contact information for them:

    Matt Smiley
    Barmuda MMC
    209 Roosevelt St.
    Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613



    R-Ho, i am from ames, so let me know when the satellite in cedar falls is taking place. i know some of us from here will head up. and do you ever play at jokers? i saw they have beer pong on tuesday’s there…



    Yeah I have played in 2 tournys at jokers. I am hoping that is where they will have the satelite if they are interested….my boss hasent contactd me back yet so im not sure on if they are wanting to do it or not…I am pushing it alot! I will let ya know for sure. See ya



    A few people from work want to start playing around the SoCal area. Anyone know of any bars that offer this? I have searched high and low and found nothing!



    Cask ‘n Cleaver
    1333 University Ave
    Riverside, CA 92507
    (951) 682-4580


    1329 University Ave
    Riverside, CA 92507
    (951) 683-3060

    They are basically across from each other. Also, University of California Riverside is right near by so lots of college kids might participate.



    1031 Main St. Evansville
    Evansville, IN 47708

    I’m not sure about their phone number or email address, but here is their myspace page-

    They already have beer pong every sunday, so they should be interested



    Hey guys, Pete of Sloshballers here. Hey guys we’ve been running tournaments at a bar here in our home town every Thursday since March, tryin to get things goin out here on the west coast….last year I think the closest satellite tournament to us was St. Louis, well here’s a chance to get one out here. The bar owner is good with it depending on the circumstances, may need a little convincing from both ends…here’s the info…make it happen guys.

    Winter’s Tavern
    1522 Francisco Blvd. Pacifica, CA 94044
    (650) 355-6162 Ask for Chad

    We will see you guys in Mesquite again this year regardless….and we got somewhere between 6-10 teams comin with us this year….all gamers.



    Sloshballer, count my team in as a team repping Pacifica, although its through The University of Oregon and Oregon St. University. Let me know if you guys are having any games or tournaments outside of the ones at Winters because unfortunately I dont turn 21 until October. Either way, hopefully a team from Pacifica puts on a good showing at this years tournament.



    1718 W University Ave, Gainesville Florida
    352 378 7033



    I have a few spots I could get a tourney going at in Cleveland. Let me know.

    – Joe



    hey sloshballer, I go to school in the east bay here and was wondering about tournaments in the bay area. Thats sick that you found a place in Pacifica that would be willing to host. I know a bunch of people that would be down to play in it and in other locations all the way up to the main event. If anyone else knows of any tournaments in the bay area, let me know. I could get 10 teams at one of these easily.

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