World Series of Beer Pong 2007 Photos Now Available!!!!!!

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    Hello All- It was such a pleasure to meet and photograph all of you at the tournament this year. The pictures are now available to view and/or purchase on-line at


    When you get to the site just type "Beer Pong" into the "Find your Event" box

    I hope you enjoy the Pictures!

    Claire Corbin Photography



    Thanks for the pictures, I’ve been looking through them.

    Now I’m not trying to complain here – think of it more as constructive criticism, but you guys sent me not one, but FIVE emails in under an hour to let me know about the pictures. One would have been sufficient. 😀



    thanks but no thanks. it’s nice that someone was there taking pro pictures and all, but $12 for a 4×6 print!?! That thing better be 4 feet by 6 feet! I really wanted those pictures too…shitty



    i agree…my theory is that chauffering the fat kid should front the money for a print for each team in the series lol..for now im content with snapping a photo of them with my camera phone and then sending it back to the comp 🙂



    Claire these pictures are amazing! Congratulations you did a phenomenal job.



    i thaught there was gunna be more pics of the big green shocker hand…hahaha…love the pics tho!!!



    Dude, there are some EPIC pics in there.

    Mostly of the IWC. haha.

    I’m buying the one of me on my knees. Man, I just set myself up for some jokes.



    ha.. i took a ton of pics and you guys can dowload anything for free..

    ok so they aren’t professional nor are they of many people other than my md boys.. but..

    they are free

    go to my facebook: Jessica Stud

    i’ll have em up on my myspace tomorrow


    GOod shit on the pics. You still gotta email me at [email protected]!



    ZERO pics of Shred The Gnar?!?! $12 out of your pocket 🙁



    nah I saw you in there Eric, I didn’t see a photo of you playing but you’re in there.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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