What I believe is the "perfect" way to play pong

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    I started playing beer pong, and played for a long time in the same way. The parties from my high school all played the same way and it was a great time. In college, I found no one plays this way, and I have never heard of anyone else playing this way so far, granted my exposure is limited but I thought I would throw our way out to see if other people play the same, or what they think of it.

    We play a 10 cup, with all the standard rules, 2 people per team blah blah. We ALWAYS play with table that has holes in it. The holes lock the cups into place and have them touching, with about 3/4 of an inch of the bottom of the cup below the table as evident in the first picture. Also shown is approximately the amount of beer we used, I’d say its filled up about 1/5-1/4 of the way, 2 cans are used for 10 cups evenly.

    As usual, the first team shoots, if the first player makes it in one cup and the second player misses, the back right cup is removed regardless of which cup is made. The progression of how cups are removed is shown in the following picture (this would be assuming only one ball was made each time, if two were made then two steps would be taken). If both players make it in different cups on the same turn, two cups are removed (if all the cups were still there it would be the back corner cups as shown in steps 1 and 2) and the players get the balls back. If on the same turn the two players make it in the SAME cup, you count up that cup and all the cups around it, and all those cups are removed. So if on the first turn both players made it into the middle cup, 7 cups would be removed and the small 3 triangle of step 8 would remain. If both players made it in the front cup in step 4, 3 cups would be removed and the table would look like step 7. Bouncing the ball is allowed and is generally a tactic used when the other team isn’t paying attention becuase as soon as the ball hits the table it can be batted away. If a ball is bounced in, two cups are removed. If the ball is spinning in the cup, the players can attempt to use their fingers to flick the ball out, however if the fingers or the ball touch the beer (beer sprays out) the ball is called "wet" and it is played as if it was made.

    Once the team makes the last cup, the other team has a chance to match. The first player of the opposing team would shoot and the game continues under normal rules until both players miss. If the first player misses, the second player keeps shooting until they miss. If they make their last cup, then the game is tied and goes into an overtime like state. Now, it is important to remember which team is trying to match and when its even. In the game I just described it would be even and the other team would shoot, if they made it, the other team would have to match, and if they did the game would be even again.

    This post may have been a bit confusing at parts but I tried to make it as clear as possible, I’d love to field any questions and I’d like to see everyones input.

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