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    Hey everyone, myself and the other guys at the D.O.E. movement have compiled a list of our 20 favorite teams competing at the World Series of Beer Pong this year. Through much debate and alcohol we believe that we’ve assembled a great list which in includes the nations top teams, as well as some lesser known teams that we think will make the run at the $65,000 grand prize this year. These are only based on our opinions and pong knowledge so please don’t take it personal if we haven’t included you but, for the most part, we believe we’ve included all major contenders for this years event. Without further ado–

    1. Ask About Us!
    featuring WSOBP veteran Deep and new pong juggernaut on the scene, Kessler, Ask About Us will be a formidable contender for this years prize. D.O.E. predicts the duo goes Deep into the tourney, with their overall success depending on how well Kessler can handle the adversity of a large scale tournament while not letting his emotions overcome him.

    2. Smashing Time
    We might catch alot of flack for not placing the reigning WSOBP champs and WBPT champs at the top of this list, but we feel like the golden boy of pong, Mike Pop, will only go as far as his Jack Daniels and Cinnamon Life Smashing partner decides to take him. Early gossip out of NY says that Ron lost his shot, with several notable poor performances in smaller tourneys. Does this matter? It could be this lack of respect that sparks the duo to achieve something unknown thus far in our sport, back-to-back WSOBP victories, with a 25k win sandwiched in the middle. Throw your money down on Pop to win the singles tourney, but keep the Jack away from Ron if you don’t want to see a repeat.

    3. Getcha Popcorn Ready
    WSOBP vets Twig and Radesco will look to make another strong performance this year after just falling short in the finals at last years World Series. Some critics think this duo should be dropped further down on the favorites list due to their performance at the 2009 WBPT AC Championship where they were knocked out by a relatively unknown team. We see your point but its hard to deny the 2009 East vs West Champs, and WSOBP #2 finishers, a spot at the top of our list. Twig is a top 5 player in the nation and Radesco isn’t too shabby either. Catch these 2 when they’re hot and you’ll be sorry.. Throw on some butter, grab some napkins, and make sure you’re ready for the show.

    4. God Given
    This East Coast powerhouse features 2 of the most solid pong players the East Coast has to offer. WSOBP seasoned vet Nick Manfredo (Schools in Session) looks to improve on last years top 10 finish by upgrading his partner to Outsider Vince Catizone. Both of these players can’t help but be consistent and it’s interesting to see just how far they can go. We give them the 4 seed though because both of these players tend to rise to the challenge, with many great past moments at previous national events. Look for God Given to go the distance and upset some of the nations best teams.

    5. West Fuckin’ Coast
    We didn’t forget about the West Coast, and we also aren’t trying to disrespect Doin Hella Much and their recent victory at the SCBP open but we believe Castro and Mike have a great chance to crack the top 10 this year. As Castro emerges as one of the best players out of California, SonomaJoe has also continued to make a name for himself, with a strong finish for his team Hood Fresh Paint Job at the SCBP open. With both Castro and Mike making partner upgrades, the only question here will be chemistry.

    6. Designated Drinkers
    Strong finishers at last years WSOBP, DD has proved to be consistent with their strong finish in this summers WBPT Championship. We’re giving the duo their due respect and expecting another top 10 finish out of them, although will all of the moonlighting Dane’s been said to be doing with Vince affect the chemistry on the team? Only time will well..

    7. Doin Hella Much
    It’s hard to ignore their victory at the SCBP Open. In what was dubbed " The Players Championship" because of the depth in the playing field, Tiny and Hersh made their way through Smashing Time and many other tough opponents in making a name for themselves. Critics will claim the duo received a light prelim schedule, but when it came time to put up or shutup, the 2 had no problem in doing work on the table. Look for them to still be searching for respect, and follow up their major victory with a strong performance at the big show.

    8. Since Sliced Bread
    Throughout the SCBP Open, Vince and Andy played the role of spoiler in taking out Smashing time twice, and playing tough against some of the best competition the West Coast had to offer. This newly formed midwest team has gained respect of some of the nations best teams throughout the bid season with multiple bids won, and strong individual performances at national events. We look for this team to be consistent throughout the series, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty and the pressures on the line, they’ll need to prove that they’re no fluke.

    9. Pongtracker STL
    The #2 finishers at the summers WBPT Champtionship, Pongtracker STL surely made a name for themselves with many tough games that they refused to lose. Through clutch rebutalling and the overwhelming consistency of Piotr, look for this overlooked pair to make a solid run. As long as they play as well against top talent as they do against the mediocre players, these 2 shouldn’t have a problem hanging with the big boys.

    10. Projectile Dysfunction

    Maryland’s dreamtime composed of Austin and Foster look for retribution after their BRUTAL loss in their first national event played together in AC this past summer. Individually the 2 make up 2 of the top 3 players in Maryland Beer Pong history. Together they have the potential to bring Maryland home their first WSOBP championship. If Austin doesn’t play defense at inopportune times, knocking over cups in crucial situations, look for these 2 guys to get some retribution for all those jokes about their matching red shirts and Foster’s continuous hair flips.

    11. HP Puppet Masters
    Colorado’s best team cannot be overlooked. With their solid performances the last 2 years, 5th and 13th, it’s stupid to think these 2 wont come ready to play. If you know whats good for you, you wont play these guys at O’Sheas as soon as you hear they’re from Colorado.

    12. Wet Ballz
    Arguably the best team in Maryland Beer Pong history, Wet Ballz looks to prove something on the national stage after taking down back-to-back State Championships. Will Wet Ballz dominance in Maryland translate to their best World Series finish this year? We aren’t sure, but look for Jamie "Big Cup" Behrens to be a factor. Running through mediocre competition wont be a problem, but lining up against the nations best competition deep in the tourney will separate the men from the boys.

    13. We Started This Thug Shit
    We didn’t want to rank this California team much higher than 13 because we’re not sure how top player Peter Rusch will fair not having his wife to rely on in making a big push at top 10. In all seriousness, Peter is one of the nations best players, and this year he teams up with co-founded of SCBP, Tyler as they hope to show the rest of the country what the west coast is all about. Peter’s victory at the West Coast Classic, and hot shooting streaks at the SCBP open are just proof that he has what it takes to be a contender. Will Tyler be blinded by the bright lights? Or will Peter slack because he doesn’t have his significant other there threatening to make him sleep on the couch if he doesn’t hit his rebutall shots? Only time will tell.

    14. Not Even Close
    Last years #3 finisher, with reigning WSOBP IV "MVP" Kris Fraser, Not Even Close is definitely a team to be reckoned with. We think last year Fraser played out of his mind, and its hard to replicate the same consistency two years in a row. That being said, Jimbo has only gotten better, and while we rank these guys lower than maybe deserved, we look for them to get knocked out by another powerhouse in the field. Note to spectators: The more you call him homeless and make fun of his tie-dye shirt, the more cups Fraser will hit.

    15. Veritas Aequitas
    A newly formed team comprised of the best player in Massachusettes, Shane Shep, and Florida contender Ryan McAndrew, we project these two guys to give any great team a run for their money. The pair exemplifies consistency, and by upgrading from his WBPT AC partner, Shane has ensured himself a great chance at making a run for the money this year. In a recent video, its become apparent that Shane has a lovechild with pong bloggest Jeff Barnes, so look for Shane to be hungry to feed his little boy so he’s no longer forced to sing Christmas songs on YouTube.

    16. 50%
    This solid Cali squad of seasoned WSOBP vets will be back this year to try to duplicate last years finish. However, the field has only gotten more difficult and they will have a tough time making it to the next level this year, but we look for them to have a fighting chance.

    17. ‘Game Over’ Boyz
    2 top midwest players, Zach and Dan look to find lightning in a bottle as they hope to build off of their 3rd place finish at the recent DrunkenBear 2500 tourney where they stacked up well against some solid competition. Rumor has it these 2 are one of the biggest darkhorses in the tourney, look for it to come down to how well they play against the big dogs.. If they’re starstruck, look for it to be ‘Game Over’.

    18. Chaufeurring the Fat Kid
    No one can forget the best WSOBP finals in history and how CFTK defied the odds by going rebuttal crazy and securing victory against IWC. It seems like that’s all the respect people are willing to give them though, and we look for this to spark a deep finish this year, but will they have enough rebuttals in them to stay in contention with an even stronger field than ever before?

    19. McAllister
    A top Marlyand team, the brothers of McAllister look to gain respect this year and prove that they’re the best Maryland team that shows up to national events. When Jordan is on, there’s not much you can do – but look for the x factor here to be how well Ryan is able to keep up with his brothers hot shooting.

    20. Yeah, that was easy
    WSOBP vets Farley and Defo join together in a NY/NJ alliance that is sure to make you wet your pants. If you can get past Farley screaming in your face about how disgusting your shots are, you’ll have to deal with Defo looking to get back to the final table that has eluded him since WSOBP I. Just don’t let Farley get in your head or else you’ll be in for a realllllly long game, and probably want to strangle him afterwards. Yeah…..That was easy..

    Darkhorses: Norcals Finest, Kick Rocks, Saddams French Alliance, Gossip Girl, Mexicali, Iron Wizard Coalition, Jacked and Tan, (Your Team Name Here)



    I don’t understand how kessler and deep made #1
    Have they ever even won a real tournament together as a team?

    Making the list is definitely reasonable, but putting them over teams like smashing time or getcha popcorn ready seems a bit premature



    I don’t understand how kessler and deep made #1
    Have they ever even won a real tournament together as a team?

    Making the list is definitely reasonable, but putting them over teams like smashing time or getcha popcorn ready seems a bit premature

    Foster, going out on a limb and just making an educated "out of the box" pick. Both are arguable top 5-10 as individuals. Interestingly enough they also took down the east coast practice tourney with Pop, Fraser, fredo, Vince, Radesco and others in the building. Also it’s hard to repeat in any national type of event, especially with such a deep field. Think it wouldve
    been a little more presumptuous and boring to just give the teams rankings last year and predicting they’d do the same. Only time will tell..



    I think you forgot Handjobs for the Homeless. Jason and Dee will be tough to beat. What other teams just missed your rankings?



    Barry make a list of all the teams 1-445 teams registered as of right now!



    Handjobs for Homeless was literally at our 21 spot. Wasn’t too familiar with Jasons partner but clearly Jasons a top talent. Other notables/darkhorses included Saddams French Alliance(altho Nick has recently injured his hand), Mexicali, Norcals Finest,F’in it up, Jacked and Tan, Risky Mormon and many others. We focused more on a top 25 but cut it down to 20. Alot of solid teams coming out this year and it’s just gonna come down to who’s hot when it matters most.

    That being said, we think this list is solid but we prob missed some teams, no disrespect to anyone, we might have just not known too much about them so feel free to respond with your own dark horses or teams who will be contending for top spots



    I love that I was in consideration…but it should’ve been my team NorCal’s Finest not just Byron from Cali…lol. Don’t think I can be top 25 all by myself, even though that is how some people view it. Everyone who was at the WCC knows Daniel can shoot, matter of fact I’m the reason we only got third, he played for first….



    True Byron, just didn’t know your team name but thanks for learning me!



    haha no worries. Maybe we can make next years list if we improve on last years top 25 finish…which we plan to do….cant wait for this weekend!



    Great job Barry
    I got Ask about us as well.

    Not only does Kessler give Pop and Twig run for best in the world Deep in my opinion is the best #2 player out of the entire field.

    I would ‘ve moved Since Slice bread up a couple spots though.

    4 more days


    ”Early gossip out of NY says that Ron lost his shot, with several notable poor performances in smaller tourneys”

    where did this information come from….pop? a compulsive liar….ive played in about 5 tournys in 3-4 months and won everyone of them…ask the people i beat if i shot poorly…



    i got beat by ron. he shot poorly.



    i got beat by ron. he shot poorly.


    No kick rocks teams? (/sarcasm)



    Great list guys.

    As for my team, Nick has upped his game substantially since AC and I would have absolutely 0 problems passing him the rock when it matters.

    In the end it will all come down to who gets hot on day 3. All the teams on the list are capable of shooting perfect games.



    "Game Over Boys" This is my first World Series and were comin to play watch for us

    -Zach G

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