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    I am in the process of booking my flight…what time does the WSOBP start on the 1st and when does it end on the 5th? Want to make sure I have enough time to make it to and from the airport…



    William Gaines

    The tournament itself is actually on January 2, 3, and 4. Checkout is just on the 5, so whatever time you want to get up is when you’re out of there.

    On January 1, we will have a check-in, probably along with some pick-up games and such for you guys. I do not yet know what time this will be, but it is not entirely important. We would prefer that people register during this time period (which will probably be late afternoon through 8/9PM), but IF you miss that time, we will have some type of early morning registration for you.

    Summary: try to get there by early evening, but if you get there late at night on January 1, we’ll be able to accomodate you as long as you are there early on the 2nd.



    I’m not missing New Years Eve in Las Vegas.



    neither are we =)

    See you there bro


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