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    im all signed up for the masters of beer pong, i was just wondering when can we actually make our team ?



    The current signup system on BPONG.COM allows you to create teams when you register, so I’m assuming you must have signed up before the new system was live. You are going to need to “re-register” directly on BPONG.COM. Our guys were supposed to have sent out promo codes today that allow you to register for free, which mainly allows you to create your team.


    how do i know if my team is registered for the masters of beer pong?


    nevermind i got it to work.. see you guys in vegas


    Where did you see that you were registered for Masters? I never received an email or anything and I signed up last Wednesday. I don’t see any where to see signed up teams, or like where you used to be able to see your tournament signups… Its not like that anymore. Just want to make sure my partner and I are good to go.



    Yeah, when are we going to see a list of teams or get a confirmation e-mail? Not knowing whether or not I’m registered is kinda annoying.



    Last week I registered & joined my partner’s team but the team is still showing available to join and now my name is also showing as a team available to join with (The) as my team name lol.. help?


    Das Breechen

    Sure would be nice to have some sort of confirmation. Owell fingersrossed hope a goes well when we get down there



    I signed up in early april and i never registered my team and me and my partner havent received an email with any promo code to re-register for Masters of Beerpong




Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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