Socal World Series Satellite 3 vs 3

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    Teams signed up:
    1. Nick Leon, Paul Bashaw, Kaitlyn Watson
    2. Kris Loera, Todd Herron, Becca Dorman
    3. Zakary Corsi, Patrick Crosby, Daliah Brown
    4. Ryan De Hoop, Adam Kirk, Megan Kirk
    5. Reggie Malauulu, Terry Cline, Deanna Cline (Awkward Love Triangle)
    6. Daniel Masip, Mark Pimentel, Malerie Mendez
    7. Mike Watt, Mike Wan, Rachel Lopez
    8. Brandon Marx, Vance Anzaldua, Justine Huff (How Many FKFL’s Does It Take To Drop It On A Nub?)
    9. Charles Vess, Jose Gonzalez, Stephanie
    10. Aaron Smith, Scott Powers, Krysten Whittingham
    11. Justin Spurrier, Nathan Lindenbach, Erika Newcomb
    12. Zack Luckey, Brandi Wrathall,……
    13. Mike Seivert, Byron Findley, Cailtyn

    Sign-ups/Practice 2:30pm
    Games begin 4:30pm

    $60/team ($25/guys $10/ladies)

    1st receives entry into the WSOBP + 4 night hotel stay
    2nd/3rd will receive cash prize to be determined
    1st guaranteed with 20+ teams

    3 players per team
    Each team must have at least one lady
    15 cup sets with racks at 10, 6, 3, and 1
    Rollback is open to anyone. If all players make a cup 1 ball is rewarded back
    Overtime rules stay the same. Refer to NBPL rules at
    Normal double elimination bracket

    WS bid restrictions:
    Only one male player on each team may have a WS bid from 2012
    Any ladies who have a bid will not be restricted from any teams

    All NBPL rules and equipment will be used.

    Beer/Drink Specials:
    $5 pitchers of domestic beer
    $5 shots
    $5 wells

    Contact info:
    You can call or message @ 951-258-2719

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