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    Anyone ever play 10-cup pong with the Satellite rule?

    We’ve been playing with it over here a lot now and it’s real fun. If a cup is all alone and not touching any other cups then a player can call "Satellite" and if he makes it in the cup then it counts as 2, but if he makes it into another cup then it doesn’t count.

    Anyone every play like this? It’s really fun and very skill-intensive. Most people call for it especially because intoxicated people think they’re amazing while playing.



    we play that rule as well, and if both you and your partner call the satellite cup and you both make it, the other team takes 5 cups, i agree, very skill intensive and can really turn a game around… makes for lots of exciting moments and come backs



    Yeah we play it too, usually at home games, but if you miss the shot you pull one of your own cups, its only fair



    we dont but i have friends that call cups at their games and they are worth two if you make that cup or nothing if you hit a different cup.

    we dont play that rule at our apartment though cuz all the people that play with me are regulars to our weekly tournaments so we all know exactly what cup the other person is aiming for and we usually dont make other cups or atleast arent happy when we do lol

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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