Rebuttal/Redemption Conundrum

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    While I agree that house rules should ultimately take precedence in any given situation, I am about to impose a question regarding the ruling in a WSOBP game.

    It is about rebuttal/redemption. Again, assuming the following situation is in a WSOBP sanctioned game:

    Team “A” – 5 cups left on their side.
    Team “B”- 1 cup left of their side.

    It is Team “A’s” turn to shoot.
    Team “A” sinks Team “B’s” last cup on their second shot.

    Team “B” now has a chance at rebuttal/redemption.

    (Here is where I get confused, and I have read, word for word, the entire official rules for WSOBP as well as many other places, but it is WSOBP rules I care about in this instance.)

    At this point in the rebuttal/redemption, assume that Team “B” sinks one of Team “A’s” five remaining cups on their first shot, however Team “B” misses their second shot at rebuttal/redemption….Is the game over?

    Or has the shot that Team “B” sank in one of Team “A’s” five remaining cups essentially canceled out Team “A’s” original winning shot?

    I can’t find a definite ruling on this.

    To clarify, Team “A” sunk the last cup. Team “B” sunk only one cup during rebuttal/redemption but missed their second shot.

    It was my understanding that this would end the game because Team “B” would have to continuously sink a cup back, to back, to back until all of Team “A’s” five remaining cups are completely gone to instigate overtime.

    However, I was recently informed that I was incorrect and that by Team “B” sinking one ball on their first shot of rebuttal/redemption, it essentially canceled out the winning shot made by Team “A” into Team “B’s” last cup. And so the game continues as if Team “A” had never made the last cup, making it a cup ratio of 4-1 after Team “B’s” one rebuttal/redemption shot made. And that the only way the game ends during rebuttal/redemption is if Team “B” had simply missed both shots during rebuttal/redemption.

    Let me know your opinion or ruling, I can’t find it outlined anywhere.

    If I am incorrect and Team “B” does get to continue playing the game at 4-1, then when, in this regard, would overtime be played? Solely when both teams have one cup a piece and both teams sink the respective cups in back to back turns?



    Once team A hit the last cup, team B was on rebuttal/redemption. In order to go into overtime team B would need to hit all 5 cups without missing. Team A won when team B missed their second shot. Overtime always starts with 3 cups on each side.



    Awesome, Glad to hear it and thanks for the response. It all started at a game that was being played at a house party last night and I just wondered what the official ruling would have been.

    Team "B" was advocating that the single shot they made in rebuttal was just that, a rebuttal or a redemption of Team "A’s" final shot. And that it cancels it out and game play continues as normal.

    To me, that doesn’t make any sense because what ended up happening was Team "A" conceded to their rule and Team "B" ended up getting it to a 1-1 cup showdown, at which point both teams did sink each respective last cup in back to back turns. At THAT point, I would have assumed it was overtime, however, they continued to play 1-1 regular play again until a last shot was made by Team "A" and uncontested in rebuttal.

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