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    Double Door Mexican Grill and Cantina
    60B Congress St, Springfield MA 01104
    (413) 732.5830


    This place hosts beer pong tournaments every Tuesday night. I’ve only been able to make it a couple times (Tuesday is a rough night when you have a job!), but both times I went there were 30+ teams competing. It would be a great place to host a tournament… facility is nice, and they even have a stage on which they usually play the championship game. The location is perfect. Springfield has a killer nightlife, and there are quite a few of colleges in the area. There’s a lot of people in that area that thought Hamden was too far, and that would like to have a tournament nearby (I know 7-8 teams myself that would play)… this would be ideal.

    It’s worth giving them a call. The owner is a nice guy. If he asks how you got his number, tell him the "Enfield kids" sent you. =)

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