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    Maybe I’m the only one because I don’t think anyone else has mentioned it, but I think having a payout structure rather than winner-take-all would be a better idea. Coming in the top 3 or 5 (or even 10, but that might be a stretch) is a big accomplishment that deserves some reward. I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I’m digging deep into my pockets to enter this tournament and I think I have a damn good chance to win, but I’d be disappointed if I played extremely well and lost in the final game and went home empty-handed. I know people will bring up the point that it’s an experience worth the money, but you must have more money than me. Plus, I’m not sure exactly how many teams were in the tourney last year, but if you’re looking at 500 this year and only doubling the payout, it seems there’s probably some extra money that could go to the runner-up and others. Personally, I’d rather have this than have bands or entertainment provided for us (we are right near Vegas).

    Anyways, just looking to see what people thought.



    Just like a poker tourney, I think that placing in the top 10 should receive some kind of prize.



    Yeah that is definitely something we have planned- it’s very likely that we will give out cash prizes for at least top 3 if not more.




    well if there are cash prizes for 2nd and 3rd or whatever the grand prize is still going to be $20,000 right???


    William Gaines

    Yes, grand prize will be $20,000. Anything else that we pay out all depends on how much money is left over after paying all the expenses. It is fairly likely that there will be other payouts, but then again, don’t count on us announcing it until we are certain we can pay it.

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