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    OGP has decided to end the year right giving away two WS team bids plus cash!!!

    Event link: https://bpong.com/event/920/ogp-s-mega-satellite-finale

    Team currently signed up:
    1. Ryan D & David G (Fuck that! We are winning a game!)
    2. Ryan D & Buddy Y (Green Coast)
    3. Ryan & Amber (Team Stroganoff)
    4. Zak C & Byron F (He kissed my mom and she liked it)
    5. Zak C & Mark P (S4P)
    6. Kenny J & Johnny S (Black & Mild)
    7. Kenny J & Daniel M (Mr. Bucket)
    8. Corey S & Patrick C (Cup sinking sex tornados)
    9. Zack J & Daniel B
    10. Ryan D & Eddie C (Usual Suspects)
    11. Ryan D & Angelo R (Balls Deep)
    12. David E & Todd H
    13. David E & Josh H
    14. Sean C & Chris B (Team Shit Show)
    15. Mike W & Daniel M (Y’all don’t say that)
    16. Carlos & Dee (Ying & Yang)
    17. Tiff A & Robert F (Her little poop monster)
    18. Tiff A & Amber M (2 girls 1 cup)
    19. Jay Jay & Primo (We haven’t played)
    20. Adam K & Jose C
    21. Adam K & Reggie M (Team Yuppp)
    22. Allen R & Jose C (AJ Balls)
    23. Allen R & Pierre K (Suck my balls)
    24. Mark P & Dboe (Throw the pu$$y like Elway)
    25. Buddy Y & Mike W
    26. Oscar V & Pierre K
    27. Oscar V & Todd H (Fake that)
    28. Mike Z & Kris L (MTB’s Finest)

    All girls will not be effected by the WS bid rule!! If any two would like to play with each other they may both have a bid and still be eligible. This only counts for ALL GIRL TEAMS!

    Sign-ups: 2:30 Gametime: 3:30

    Price: $50 all guys, $40 coed, $30 all girls. This is for a full team price. For a guy to play on two teams it would cost himself $50 and so on. (Bids are guaranteed)

    Prize: 1st- receives a cash payout based on number of teams…Each bracket winner will receive a team entry into the World Series of Beer Pong and a four night hotel in Vegas Jan 1st-5th 2012.

    Structure: This a multi-partner tournament which means you are able to play on two different teams. We will be creating two groups with each of your teams being split up. Each team will play 4 pool plays games. After pool play has ended we will take the top 16 teams of each group and seed them accordingly in their bracket. The winners of each bracket will then face off for the cash prize. Finals will be best 2 of 3

    Rules/Equipment: All bpong rules and equpiment will be used. Yes there will be 10 open tables for play all with racks lol

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