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    Looking for good locations to play. So far the only place I know of in NYC is the big easy on the UES.

    RAXX IN w. hempstead is mentioned on here and a tourney in upstate..

    anyone know of any others?



    here are places i have played in the past….

    – obviously big easy, UES, 4+ tables
    – big city bar and grille, UES (have played trnys there)
    – calico jacks, midtown east (only on slow nights ie mon, tues, etc)
    – time out, UWS, 3 tables
    – down the hatch, village, 2 tables
    – mad river, UES (trnys last sat/month)
    – aces and eights, UES, 4 tables
    – village lantern (?), village

    thats all i can think of now, there are definitly more.



    u ready to wipe the floor………



    I play weekly game in Danbury, ct….. so not NYC…. like an hour from…. but maybe some of u guys r close. its honestly easy to win if ur good. like 40 teams….. 3 tables….. 2 players each… only $2 each player….. knock out tourney…. so like 6 wins in row to win it all…… sounds lame… but winners split well over $120 every week…… personally ive prob won it 30 times over 4 yrs…. but its also cheap as hell for a night of a good time. Bar name is Tuxedo Junction, Danbury CT 06810 if anyone close

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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