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    Does anyone know how the events listed on the map work that are marked as nbpl league events?

    The one in particular I’m talking about says Nbpl weekly tournament. Is there payouts for these? Are there entry costs? There are 5 dates listed is it an on running tournament?

    I missed the announcement on this stuff day one so don’t know much about the rules thanks!



    If it’s the nbpl bar package, then it should work as free-to-play weekly tournaments that give winners entry into a monthly satellite. Not sure if that’s the case with this one specifically, though.



    Can someone give more info on these weeklys that are listed on the map as nbpl Weekly tournaments.
    I went one that was scheduled for feb 18 th but when I showed up there was no pong.
    Don’t want to waste another night driving to an event if their not going to be holding tournaments.



    If it shows up as an NBPL Venue then Jeremy is correct. There are no cash prizes in those tournaments….it’s basically a satellite for a satellite that the bar runs. From the venues we have in Arizona it’s not something ran by a current organizer, the bar has become the organizer. But I do know that Ryan in California runs one of these at Racks since that has become an NBPL Venue.



    That is part right. These are qualifiers into satty’s, and the ‘bar’ can be the organizer, but most of those are ran by tournament organizers. At Nor Cal events there is an optional prize pool to buy into at the qualifier. http://norcalbpong.com/tournamentguidlines ….If you go there thats what we got going on. It has been very successful out here working with NBPL bar program.


    Little late on this post but yes everyone is correct. What I do differently is incorporate my weekly $200 with it. 1st usually takes $200, 2nd-$40 and 3rd gets the satellite entry. Just wouldn’t have the same crowd with the entry alone. Can’t beat all that for $10/team

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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