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    This was my first time at the world series of beer pong, and I had an awesome time, but I was just wondering if you guys think the site should be doing a better job of putting up pics or videos from the event? I mean there is like a one paragraph article saying that Smashing Time won again and other than that not much. I just think there should already be a lot clips up already for people to see while the event is still fairly recent, and to get more people interested.

    What do you guys think?



    I’m sure we would all like that, but you have to understand these guys are so busy still from the world series plus the photography part will take time also Im from So Cal and we havent seen our final Pic yet but we know its coming.



    Yea I was more talking about for people who weren’t at the tourny. Especially with the spot on the Leno show Im sure a lot of people saw that and went on the website to see more and there wasn’t anything. By the time it goes up all of the people who wanted to find out and see more won’t be visiting the site anymore. But yea you are right, anyone who was there will be able to wait for the photos, I just was talking more from a standpoint of growing the game.


    William Gaines

    Yes, we need to be doing more and have more on the site. The problem is that we are so overwhelmed with everything and stretched so thin, we have not had time. There are things we have been wanting to do on the site for *8+ years* that are still not done.

    Unfortunately, we probably won’t be able to do a lot fast enough to really benefit during this media surge. However, we are working on things that will begin to become apparent later this year, which will hopefully put us in a much better position to more quickly get stuff up on the site after The WSOBP VI.



    I’m sure you have probably already thought of this but a video Archive would be nice, just for the higher quality video’s. It would be nice to have a generalized location to watch the glorious beer pong footage.



    Hire me im ready to join the Bpong family



    Valid points made all round, especially the archive idea. Youtube has some awesome footage. If people want to learn more about WSOBP, im sure they’ll check it out there.

    And the buzz around BPONG at the moment is huge. Im new to the game, but i imagine the lads awill ride the crest of this wave as far as they can.
    They should, they created it!

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