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    Bouncers represent!

    Im ready to take the shit-talking

    But a quick question from a long-time bouncer who always plays in direct tournies:

    No doubt there will be some guys with laser shots rimming at high speeds on the back row… Are we allowed to catch a cup before it drops?

    If a cup drops does it count??

    (I understand no rules are being forced on drinking sine this is a sanctioned drinking event… so Ill just assume everyone knows deep down they need to drink a lil somethin somethin for the spill..)


    William Gaines

    We’re still trying to draft the rules for this scenario where a cup gets knocked over. As of now, though, we’re leaning towards it counting as a hit – most of the time (and of course you can catch the cup to save the beer).

    Reasoning: most of the time I’ve personally seen a cup fall, the shot most likely would have hit. Therefore, we’re probably going to count it as a hit UNLESS it is clear that the ball had no shot of going in. For example, if a guy fires one off that hits the bottom of a cup, knocking it off the table, that’s not a hit cup.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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