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    Why the fuck are so many people tripping about the rules? If you are a good beer pong player you can win with any variation of the rules. I know I can that’s why I’m not bitching about the fuckin rules. I just bitch about people who bitch about the rules. Billy, it’s your tournament so you can do whatever you want. The number one rule about beer pong is that you play with house rules not your rules. When I learned to play beer pong I learned the house rules of Fleming House at California Institute of Technology which are my house rules and will be the house rules of the tournaments that Nakazato and I will be hosting in the Los Angeles area. Here are those rules.

    -A 2 on 2 game is played with 10 cups.
    -The number of beers you use per side depends on how fucked up you want to get or how much you can spend on beer.
    -A player can shoot direct or bounce (one bounce only).
    -Defense is allowed. Defense consists of smacking the ball after a second bounce on the table or smacking the ball as soon as it hits a cup whether it was with direct or bounce.
    -There is no blowing because blowing is for bitches.
    -Serve is determined by starring at your opponents eyes (not the cups) and on the count of three shooting it and trying to make it in any cup. If both people make it then the other set of teammates shoot. Serve is won when one player makes it and the player on the other team misses it. Defense is allowed during serve determination.
    -A turn consists of players on a team taking one shoot each and ends when one person on the other team shoots.
    -If both players make it on a turn then they are rewarded a BRINGBACK (not rollback) which means they get another turn.
    -Cups are RACKED (not reformed) at 6, 3, and 1 and must be centered.
    -Cups can only be racked at the end of your turn not during.
    -Killing the game is allowed.
    -A kill is when you make the last cup twice on a turn which ends the game.
    -Counters are allowed.
    -A counter is when your opponent has made their last cup once and either you or your teammate hit one of the remaining cups on your turn.
    -If both your teammate and you miss a counter the game is over.
    -There are no bringbacks on a counter.
    -When there are two cups left and your teammate makes the second to last cup and you make the last cup your team gets 2 chances to kill. Each team member gets to shoot one more time and if either player makes it the game is over. If neither one makes it then the other team gets a chance to counter.
    -If a cup falls during the game it counts, but the game continues as normal.
    -If a game ball lands in a live cup during the game out of turn or by accident it counts and you must drink that beer.
    -You cannot shoot during your turn unless you have finished your beer.
    -If you shoot out of turn the opponent has the option of accepting that shoot for your next turn or not.
    -Gestures and shit talking are not allowed they are encouraged.

    There it is. So, if any of you complainers, shit-talkers, or harcore beerpong fanatics ever want to come to Los Angeles and play beer pong those are the rules that we will be playing with. If there is something about LA house rules that you don’t understand please ask in this thread. If there is something that I forgot to talk about or you just have a question or want to talk shit just tell or ask in this thread. I’m sure I forgot to mention something.


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