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    here’s certain teams I distinctly remember when I first started playing pong. Not because of how good they were, but their team names, their egos, anything that made em out of the ordinary. Two of my favorites always were “The Cocksmen” (Kendon Black & Gary) & “Yugoslavian Pancakes” (Nick Rabbetts & Shawn H). Enough is said when you can go to Google, type in “gary and kendon beerpong” and boom there they are. Kendon was this super fit athletic dude (came close to making ninja warrior) and Gary was some short goofball who managed to pull one hot ass wife (love you Gary) Both could easily pull their own in fact Gary placed third with Mike Wan (gossip girl) couple years back at series. Now Yugoslavian were super cool down to earth guys who could fly under the radar but had a deadly history. Nick and his dad used to play in our othbp league and always made pong a blast. Back when 6 cup rebuttals were unheard of yugo and the cocks faced off. Gary and Kendon went 6 straight and took the round for during a Socal Beer Pong Satellite. It’s YouTube videos like this that always made me love the game even more…what were some teams you may have looked up to or remember when you first started playing?



    For the STL crowd… it was STL’s Smokey and the Bandit (Syrigos and Mike Kearney) believe they got like 17th at the series they went to… Motorboatin SOB’s (Dan Range & Donald Schrader)…. and Purple Gators (Piotr and Tyler Blickhan)… those 3 teams dominated everything…and looking back would probably get smoked by most of the teams from today lol… man has the game progressed.

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