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    I’ve been playing NBPL style Pong for almost two years now.
    Having competed in The WSOBP 6, 7, and in 2 seperate NBPL affiliated tournaments it seemed that in the beginning I (and my partner) performed as expected for the average “amateurs”. Losing to “non-deserving” teams became less common as we progressed. We were getting better – typically only losing to somewhat higher ranking or known players. We decided we needed to play on a more regular basis to continue our growth.

    Two months ago we founded the OVPC: Ohio Valley Pong Corps & started hosting NBPL formatted tournaments out of some local bars. It of course started with us dominating our friends, then dominating our area overall, and then… it happened. We are no longer winning like we used to. Yes, our descendants have gotten better by leaps & bounds, but they still aren’t better than us in the grand scheme. Yes, it is distracting being the “godfather” of this league and I often find myself more concerned about others and the “show” itself. And yes, I do feel like playing so much has resulted in my partner’s dwindling enthusiasm. BLA BLA BLA! Wehh! WEHH!

    No matter the variables the result of the equation is still SUCK! At the end of the table we’ve lost in recent weeks because of our poor performances; primarily mine. Has anyone else faced such a digression in their game? At any point in their career? And… if you defeated it, what happened?

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    In the wise words of Sonomajoe "I dont care if you suck .Get Better" lol


    Das Breechen

    Idk about getting worse but not getting any better is what Im experincing and its killing my drive to play this game but it may also be affecting my game aswell Im a top 15 shooter in Norcal Beer Pong my best advice would be too take a break for a while from the game for a least two weeks or so then if you still feel like you enjoy the game then start particing hard with a partner like every other day maybe change your shot if you feel like its not good enoughetc but in the end sometimes people are just better then others and sometimes there is nothing you can do good luck bro



    My partner & I found ourselves back on top this past week and aside from one off game I played more solidly than I ever have.

    What changed?

    I actually practiced one night last week with my partner, revised my shot a bit, productively shook off all my unrelated stresses (work,shool,etc…) and I stopped thinking about my alcohol intake; I didn’t drink or not-drink in hopes of finding that player’s "sweet spot". I just played, and played well. Doesn’t hurt havin an attractive lady watching ya either lol Play to impress.

    Thanks fellas.

    "Skate better"

    That Guy

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