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    So i was playing and i had one cup left my opponent had 2, house rules were if you make the final cup with your first shot you can still make the second shot to secure victory because that would give balls back. What happened was he hit the two cups, got balls back, missed the first and made the second, which means he hit the final cup twice but not back to back in order to get balls back. Hypothetical speaking because i know its not official rules, shouldn’t i get my two shots to redeem?


    It’s house rules… The only person that can give you an official answer is the owner of the house.



    Haha agreed ^^^. But anyways house rules suck stick to WSOBP rules.



    That’s an end of game situation that I’m not sure about. I guess seans is correct in saying it’s up to house rules. Beer pong rules are pretty subjective. I have looked around for official rules all over the place and put together my best set of official rules here: Beer Pong Official Rules. But I am always trying to research and edit this list because as I said, beer pong rules seem to be pretty subjective depending on where you’re playing.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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