Eliminate the Bounce….

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    In fact, a miss-make the goes directly into the cup, by your logic, should be even more egregious since there is absolutely no way to defend against it. At least with an air-ball-bounce-in you can conceivably defend if you’re talented.



    no not really because like you guys said there is some luck involved with anything and i agree with that…..

    which is why attempting to say shoot at cup 1 in the air and it deflecting off it or rimming around and it slide into another well you attempted to shoot at the right one and got lucky that happens….

    just like in golf, it will rim in or rim out, part of the game….

    there are some ppl that just throw up prayers no question if it goes in awesome, if not oh well, im not arguing that but at least they are attempting to shoot it at the cups….

    but this also factors to what im saying, this particular shot completely AIRBALLS bounces off the table and not the one where it pops 5 feet in the air where you can defend it, just rolls up the cup into another one…..

    thats not just luck thats a bullshit shot being rewarded….

    take for example, a bball shooter .. fires up a desperation shot, if it hits off the rim or backboard hey there’s a potential for it to go in but if you airball they’re not gonna stop the game and be like hey man sorry we feel bad we’ll give you the bucket anyway…..

    those are just some examples again dont take them out of context, im just trying to make a point….

    if they could somehow put that rule in (which i doubt) that would be fantastic, otherwise this is just me debating a flaw in the rule and you can agree with me or not .. the feedback is good at least people have opinions about it



    i just dont understand how you can reward bad play there….

    this is different than its rolling from one cup to another without touching the table

    how is that not a bad play? had they been spaced or last cup or bounced the other way it would have missed. it’s all luck even if it happens to hit empty cup space then directly into a cup.
    and i love swatting on bounce…makes it funner.

    to bad bounce shots cant be defended



    house rules i mean for swatting

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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